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  1. Who said this? Good enough=equal? I don't think so.
  2. Germans counted that 2x MG-131 good enough. They postponed the belly 20mm because of the G-6 with 2 new MG-131.
  3. They had very good testers. Ask the devs.
  4. As I said in the past, lads u have to choose. You want realistic .50? Okey, but then accept this, aswell: https://imgur.com/gallery/HkGqW Because at this point, I can shot the spit wing with mk108, it will have surface damage, but the wing will be still there. Then make all the guns realistic. And please don't wish the 13mm HE-I should damage the same as an AP round. And please don't bring up that, how germans not used HE-I in 1944 Western front...With HE-I you can shoot the bomber until forever, but with API, you gonna ignite the engine or fuel tank. And yes the a
  5. "99% KAPUT" Have a good reading: https://easyupload.io/8ff02s
  6. Based on that film, those german planes (if not exploded/caught fire or lost wing) could suffer many hits from .50s.
  7. There is many-many rare gun camera footage from the timed part.
  8. So original reports = Troll. O k. To be persistent don't gonna make u right. And if something is said by more ppl, doesn't mean they are right. "The Germans had high hopes for the design of their new 'Tiger B' or 'Königstiger' battle tank, as they called it. Long before it was put into service, German propaganda manipulated its soldiers, praising their invulnerability and announcing that the appearance of this battle tank was going to influence the course of this war. The hopes placed on him have not been fulfilled. The 'hideous technique' in which
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