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  1. IL-2 developers are mentioned here: 😄
  2. Wiki: Further increase in power output, which was believed to have exhausted the potential of the M-105 design for greater performance. The "PF2" was installed in the Yak-3.
  3. I guess the 3.008 DM model is still active and its not historical. the DEVs should do something....
  4. It will be battle of Normandy, not battle of sicily. It will be a G-6 with Erla Canopy(maybe tall tail)+AS engine+MW-50. MW-50 was already in use in early 1944.
  5. -[HRAF]Roland_HUNter + BoN PS:Honestly, I hope the game will be in a good place!!! Sincerely, Roland_HUNter
  6. He can pull after you when your wing is stalling, he can pull more in turns. And it has better glider characteristics.
  7. So the LA-5 Fn has more than CLmax 2? Nice... ANd the AoA topic says " The critical or stalling angle of attack is typically around 15° - 20° for many airfoils. " So the LA-5 FN is "hold my beer" and I ll be better than avarage? Pretty funny...: Fig. Shows the cross section of a wing of a plane. The axis of the wing shown by dotted line is called chord. The angle between chord and wind direction is called angle of attack. The figure also shows the air- stream lines. The pressure force arising according to Bernoulli's principle is denoted by P. For a given wind speed, the lift ,P cos ( theta) increases with the angle of attack up to certain limit. Beyond this it starts decreasing . This limiting value of angle is called stalling angle and it's value varies from about 15 to 20 degree. Note that L= P cos ( theta) is lift and D=P sin (theta) is drag. The ratio lift/ drag is maximum when the angle of attack is about 4 degree. Therefore , we have maximum efficiency of flight at this angle of attack. Normally, the angle of attack is adjusted between 3 to 6 degree. So it would be awesome to see the historical sources for tha LA-5 FN.
  8. Bf-109 is lighter and has leading-edge slats aswell, but it has only 19.8° MAX.
  9. Hello everyone! Can somebody explain me, why the LA-5 FN has Stall angle of attack in flight configuration: 22.2 ° ? Better than Po-2 or anything else in the game. What kind of thing give this attribute for the LA-5 FN?
  10. Can we have a tutorial video or something how to update the stats when new version released? Example 1.2.38?
  11. Then now we should quote when the Bf.-109 did the same? Or shot down any Cobra? When ppl talking about tech its useless quoting dogfights when the P-39 won. That is based on pilot vs pilot, tactic vs tactic and after then tech vs tech.
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