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  1. It will be battle of Normandy, not battle of sicily. It will be a G-6 with Erla Canopy(maybe tall tail)+AS engine+MW-50. MW-50 was already in use in early 1944.
  2. -[HRAF]Roland_HUNter + BoN PS:Honestly, I hope the game will be in a good place!!! Sincerely, Roland_HUNter
  3. He can pull after you when your wing is stalling, he can pull more in turns. And it has better glider characteristics.
  4. So the LA-5 Fn has more than CLmax 2? Nice... ANd the AoA topic says " The critical or stalling angle of attack is typically around 15° - 20° for many airfoils. " So the LA-5 FN is "hold my beer" and I ll be better than avarage? Pretty funny...: Fig. Shows the cross section of a wing of a plane. The axis of the wing shown by dotted line is called chord. The angle between chord and wind direction is called angle of attack. The figure also shows the air- stream lines. The pressure force arising according to Bernoulli's principle is denoted by P. For a given wind speed, the lift ,P cos ( theta) increases with the angle of attack up to certain limit. Beyond this it starts decreasing . This limiting value of angle is called stalling angle and it's value varies from about 15 to 20 degree. Note that L= P cos ( theta) is lift and D=P sin (theta) is drag. The ratio lift/ drag is maximum when the angle of attack is about 4 degree. Therefore , we have maximum efficiency of flight at this angle of attack. Normally, the angle of attack is adjusted between 3 to 6 degree. So it would be awesome to see the historical sources for tha LA-5 FN.
  5. Bf-109 is lighter and has leading-edge slats aswell, but it has only 19.8° MAX.
  6. Hello everyone! Can somebody explain me, why the LA-5 FN has Stall angle of attack in flight configuration: 22.2 ° ? Better than Po-2 or anything else in the game. What kind of thing give this attribute for the LA-5 FN?
  7. Can we have a tutorial video or something how to update the stats when new version released? Example 1.2.38?
  8. Then now we should quote when the Bf.-109 did the same? Or shot down any Cobra? When ppl talking about tech its useless quoting dogfights when the P-39 won. That is based on pilot vs pilot, tactic vs tactic and after then tech vs tech.
  9. I treid this plane nowadays but on military power (5min limit) with 100% opened radiators always got overheated....what am I doing wrong?
  10. He wrote his book for novice pilots not for himself. But okay, stay historical: MG 151 belt was: AP(I)/HE-M/HE-M/HE-M/Incendiary(often tracer) (source:Horrido-Des_Jagers_Schiessfibel page 32. -Gallands book) not AP/HE like in the game. (Source: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AO9ZOPYCMfSXNT4&cid=0C55F4D92D028C46&id=C55F4D92D028C46!2930&parId=C55F4D92D028C46!1156&o=OneUp page 32. as I said)
  11. You could adjust your guns if you asked your maintence helpers. Galland separately describe in his fighter book: DO NOT change it.(So you could )
  12. Hello everybody! I guess in the past somebody mentioned this before me, but I would like to ask it again: -In the future there will be separately horizontal and vertical convergence for the planes? -In the future there will be custom ammunition belts for the Mgs and Cannons? I miss this 2 options from the game, very much. Sincerely, Roland_HUNter
  13. Hello all! I just edited my startup.cfg for Tacview and I saw new lines in the cfg, but I don't know what are they: [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 0 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 1024 draw_distance = 0.27400 far_blocks = 1 fps_counter = 0 fps_limit = 0 full_height = 768 full_width = 1280 fullscreen = 0 gamma = 1.00000 grass_distance = 100.00000 hdr_enable = 0 land_anisotropy = 1 land_tex_lods = 3 max_cache_res = 1 max_clouds_quality = 3 mgpu_compatible = 0 mirrors = 1 multisampling = 2 or_ca = 0.00000 <----What is this? or_enable = 0 <----What is this?
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