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  1. Everything what is usefull, and thank you very much for your time and for your help!
  2. If u are in a spit vs Bf 109, u can ez win with turning.
  3. I tried it! It is AWESOME! But what if somebody suprise u and u have to do hard turn or hard elevator manouver? It's almost makea stall for the plane 😮
  4. Hello all! I was just curious about others opinions what are they think, advice about the sens settings in IL-2. I'm using a T-16000M, and I used it with 0% sens. It is better for dogfight, but it is messed up my aim. But the example 60% sens or more can make your plane into a stall when in sharper turn the virtual joy is catching up. SO I'm curious, what are u saying, which are the better or its about the personal preference. Thank you for the answers.
  5. You are right! I missed that one! Thank you, Sir!
  6. Hello! I noticed it yesterday: G-6 is 166 kg lighter than G-14, and 261 kg lighter than K-4. But: G-14 engine is 1800(DB605AM) HP, K-4 1850(605DB) and 2000(605DC) HP, G-6 "only" 1480 HP(DB605A). With this small weight difference, is this real the G-14 and K-4 can climb worse than G-6? Is this not an "error"? PS:K-4 0.4 m/s better than G-6 at low alt. ((with 605DB engine, but with 605DC, the G-6 win on low alt as well)) But above than 3k alt G-6 wins. G6: G-14: K-4:
  7. Hi all! I'm just curious what are others do, when they had a bad situation with BF.109. I mean: Bf-109 is a BnZ fighter, but what if: somebody is in your 6 and u already dived down to deck and u cant lose him, and there is no friendly forces. Then what?! Because In turnfight the Bf-109 is so f*cking useless. I mean against Yak,Spits.
  8. xD Btw: Yenks ez kill BF-109s/Fw-190s with 50 cal, then what the 20mm could do with planes....
  9. Yes I saw that, on Vade youtuber, right?
  10. I don't think, it's was happened in real life:
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