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  1. Boi you are 100% wrong: https://ag53gqdegnlrcb7vmmwpeuxigi--www-panzer-elmito-org.translate.goog/tanques/tiger_ii/informes/Speer_01-12-1944_E.html Original document for the first link: https://ag53gqdegnlrcb7vmmwpeuxigi--www-panzer-elmito-org.translate.goog/tanques/tiger_ii/informes/Speer_01-12-1944_D.html Translated text and original document: https://ag53gqdegnlrcb7vmmwpeuxigi--www-panzer-elmito-org.translate.goog/tanques/tiger_ii/informes/Tiger-II_Suggestivname Königstiger_E.html In 1944 november, Speer adopted the soviet, and allies name: Kingtiger into the german concepts.
  2. You said that not me. I guess. As now in the game, if enough AP going through, u cut the wing. U should make surface damage example when u hit the wing from under-behind and the bullets coming out from the upper part of the wing. That should make a lots of surface damage.(the bullets should tear the surface like the m16 doing in the human body-->Entrance just a hole, outlet teared wound)
  3. Yep, now its fixed. Easy to give: PK, to ignite fuel tank, very easy to cut the outer wing and even easy to wing cut(around half of the wing) a 109. 1 problem is still in the game: the uranium thick 109 tail 😄
  4. New source:(saying the same)Heinkel He 111 in action by George Punka, John Lowe, Don Greer page 34. and 46.:
  5. You are right but: Source:Heinkel He 111 in action by George Punka, John Lowe, Don Greer page 34. and 46.
  6. Then check out the battle of britain propaganda videos, when He 111 dropping 8x250 kg bomb. Even wikipedia says it: The He 111 H-1 was fitted with a standard set of three 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 15 machine guns and eight SC 250 250 kg (550 lb) or 32 SC 50 50 kg (110 lb) bombs. The same armament was used in the H-2 which started production in August 1939 Janowicz, Krzysztof (2004), Heinkel He 111: Volume 1, Lublin, Poland: Kagero, ISBN 978-83-89088-26-0 I don't understand why its impossible for u, its just 4 more bomb holder in the plane. Check out the book, there are good pictures about the bomb holders in the factory. That was a very simple thing.
  7. I tested it myself. And oh boi. You were right ladies and gentlemen. I achieved this damage.....with ONLY 9000 bullets from 50 cal. And I recognised an another bug: If you hit the tail fuselage "to many times" the game stop registering the hits, the bullets are just going through. Oh and no radiator or oil damage, no fuel tank on fire or engine, only pilot kill if I concentrated on the upper fuselage from the tail.
  8. Boi there is a video on that link, when 1 30mm it the fully operational wing and destroy it. Are u missed that?! same on the fuselage: https://i.imgur.com/7hiQvJq.mp4
  9. Did u see any tail loss or wing cut from 1 hit from the 30mm in the game? No. Its realistic? No.https://imgur.com/gallery/HkGqW The devs choosed this kind of damge modell this time, they ll improve it, I'm sure of it.
  10. Hmmmm new patch, 1. All player-controlled aircraft got 4K quality cockpit textures created by Chiawei = Oyster_KAI = Liang; Easter egg: 3 min for 1.42 Ata 😂😂
  11. MG-131 has HEI shells, 50 cal has not. HEI shell ll damage the plane surface more. Its cannot be equal.
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