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  1. Same thing is possible with MG17, true the engine need a lots of hit from 7.92 AP but that is realistic. So I guess the MG-131 really don't have AP in the game at the moment.
  2. I aimed directly on the engine holder, so I don't understand what kind of aim improvment are u talking about.
  3. Ok. So if there is a chance to engage him from 6 because of dead gunner, you SHOULDN'T because the damage modell is not made for that. O k. Please do not say nonsenses like this. And I tested in SP mission there is no netcode error.
  4. So you think an MG 131 what coud penetrate 17 mm of armor at 100 meter, will not enough to penetrate the whole thing into the engine? 😄 Naah. It was 6 mm thick. MG 131 could penetrate it from 500 meter. the MG 151 from 1000m. Mg-151 APHE could pen 19-17 mm at 100 meter. API could pen 24 mm at 100 meter.
  5. Sry sir, but what do you think, what is dropping from the engine at 0:12, bomb? You are right, its hitting the wheel, but when its gone, it should hit the engine. And I don't think the wheel should stop many -many 13 mm rounds.
  6. I don't know. There was oil leak from many AP, but very hard to achieve it. I let it to decide for the devs its normal or not. PS. the under hitbox - when hitting the nothing - is interesting aswell.
  7. If all the nose MG131 are HE at the moment in the game, that is a bug aswell. If you check the ammo logo for the MG131 in the weaponry menu, you ll see blue and orange. I don't know how the IL-2 radiator was damaged, but it was a well known weakspot in the WW2.
  8. You are right, but there was many 20 mm hit,and I think 1-3 20mm AP should be enough for the oil leak effect. And the MG 131 has AP/HE in the weaponry menu. I checked the mission file:
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