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  1. Like getting a complete new game. And I get to fly over my home town.
  2. I'm sure we finally get the Ju 88 C-6 we're all hoping for.
  3. How weird it may sound but pulling a piece of pantyhose over the camera helps 😁
  4. 5.0 will be an instant buy when it comes out. I own DCS and BoX but keep returning to CLoD.
  5. Just flew first mission. Downed a Pe-2 and even managed to find my home base. Promptly crashed on landing. Great to see the search light hunt for bombers and going after them when they are lit. I even found one in the dark but lost it again in the clouds. Loved every minute of it. This is best played in a dark room with no reflections on your screen.
  6. Thanks for all the work! Looking forward to this!!
  7. The idea reminds me of https://store.steampowered.com/app/65730/Take_On_Helicopters/
  8. Thanks for your time and effort, Semor. Very much appreciated!
  9. Great! Scripted campaigns are always welcome. And the time and effort that goes in making them is well appreciated!
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