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  1. Some of the artwork is done by Antonis Karidis (https://www.artstation.com/roen911).
  2. And....we're back to "failed to update" 😆
  3. It's working now! I was under the impression it was updating but I'm still on 3.201C
  4. I tried a few options found in these Forums but nothing works. I guess it's a server side problem. We will have to wait 'till they fix it.
  5. Thanks for the info. We will have to be patient I guess.
  6. All day now I get "Failed to update" when I try to launch the game. Something on my end? I'm on version 3.201C.
  7. I'm sure we finally get the Ju 88 C-6 we're all hoping for.
  8. How weird it may sound but pulling a piece of pantyhose over the camera helps 😁
  9. 5.0 will be an instant buy when it comes out. I own DCS and BoX but keep returning to CLoD.
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