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  1. 71st_AH_Mastiff


    after update I'm unable to stay connected to the WOL server..
  2. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    Ju-87 D3 skins

    the skins have red background, in the career there green? so can you do the unit that has green horse?
  3. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    Career Single player skins.

    has anyone taken on the task of making unit decals skins for the units that are on the career maps? i.e Kuban II/STG2. JU87D-3? and so on? Stalingrad Career units the designation units decals are on the airfields I was just wondering why no skins for those units in country same for the Allied? I know someone made the red II./STG2 one but the one in Russian front is green.
  4. can not launch in VR crashes to desktop when starting. nevermind worked after 3rd attempt.
  5. Im crashing to desktop when I try to join a server MP. zip file included. nothing unusual in the files. Dogfight.zip
  6. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    Why the servers are limited to 84 players?

    more ping latency the harder it is for the servers CPU process to keep up, now if we ever get quantum computing maby.
  7. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    U-2VS or Not?

    just ask Kermi!
  8. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    so why people prefer to turn left?

    as Raid points out it's the torque of engine and the way your hand lays in your lap. For some german planes they have a hard time going right like the FW190's
  9. can not connect to the expert server keep getting kicked.
  10. the game updated no problem I even started it once and then after I rebooted come back and now I get this?
  11. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    all IL-2 BOX version 3.006

    yea the cards DPC and latency issue where really horrendous, so I would wait until they get this stuff worked out.
  12. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    all IL-2 BOX version 3.006

    ok VR is working now, so when switching out the video cards probably caused the setting to get whacked, so un clicking ultra and start from scratch resetting all fixed the issue.
  13. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    all IL-2 BOX version 3.006

    yes , all the other games run no issues VR DCS World and 2D ok I went in and cleared all the setting in graphics restarted and up and running again, I reapplied the ultra setting 1 by 1 and all is working for 2D, now to test the VR.
  14. 71st_AH_Mastiff

    all IL-2 BOX version 3.006

    No I don't use that Geforce experience to run my games I manually set mine. I did however pull out a dead RTX 2080 and put my GTX 1080 back in, and the games were working fine, until like I said turned off the computer and turned it on the next day and now it dont work, the game that is, yes I reinstalled the new drivers nvidia v416.81 so not sure if anyone else has and is experiencing this?