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  1. Such as? Well VR is just an api. So implementation wouldn’t be that hard.
  2. Who knows? Maybe it’s being culled to take over all the up coming theaters?! If I was a betting man I would convert all Il2 to this engine and add pacific theater, reason being the water mechanics and the fact the engine support is already there. The damage models are more detailed as well as the clouds structure more optimization in this engine could really up the combat flight simulator for Il2 industry.
  3. Would help with screen shot of map and location. Just telling us doesn’t help us.
  4. i bet it was one hot drivers cab. image 2 engines up front during summer.
  5. Everything works great on my side Question? Are we ever going to see indirect projectile fire collision with aircraft? I.e. rocket rounds, tank rounds, and artillery rounds.
  6. off topic** this is for female pilots not up for discussion on race pilots, and yes there is black pilots in DCS. go look in you're mod section; Since you brought it up ask DCS where are the Black pilots for the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group? from P40, P47, P51? oh wait there mods for that. Well there was mods for that can't seem to find them now I used one 5 or 6 years ago.
  7. I believe this is the first company to ever make a female pilot for a combat sim?
  8. well were still keeping at it so might have some more optimizations in the next update. I turned Gama back on and this helped with better color and 3D objects but yes AA will smooth it out but the contacts distance will decrease.
  9. MSAA x4 NVCPL, FXAA off GAMA off. I have noticed using this setting is good, but very blurry on a VR, When I use FXAA very bad aliasing occurs. even when the FXAA and GAMA is off in NVCPL.
  10. in the game there is an IPD setting while sittings in the cockpit, also you'll probably need to go into the 2-D mode and set your FOV again. yes as Rowdyb00t states you'll need to run you're native monitor resolution, it's better as you get better performance any ways.
  11. you need to readjust you're FOV setting in 2-D mode then you'll should be ok.
  12. SAO off SSAO On AA in distance now even worse for me. at 150 km. distance with SSAO on. AA issue are better with SSAO off.
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