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  1. tried and failed, AVAST deletes them as soon as I start the install setup.
  2. looks great on average should be with in the bubble, say 6km, should be sufficient.
  3. please please please be the Hurricane!!! and its variants!!!!
  4. I had no issues with failed update, various reasons for failed update, could be AVAST blocking, Windows defender blocking, overlays i.e. Precision X1 or such. MSI..ect....
  5. I wonder if you can do ships and subs sims in this engine and water?
  6. I do find it ironic; I get kicked out of beta, because I called it on a cheater and they find out he was actually cheating. go figure...
  7. Once again Jason great Job! Enjoy your drive. Stop by and see Hooves if you can in FT.Worth.
  8. Steamvr Oculus Rift: When running IL-2 from the Steam store version: IL-2 update v3.101 No User UI? no escape key unable to exit, used ALT-F4 to quit to Desktop. Fixed Forced integrity check and the Steam updated the Steam Version. When run from SteamVR, Oculus Application: PC version works no problem. Fixed forced an integrity check on Steam version, now working.
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