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  1. Once again Jason great Job! Enjoy your drive. Stop by and see Hooves if you can in FT.Worth.
  2. Steamvr Oculus Rift: When running IL-2 from the Steam store version: IL-2 update v3.101 No User UI? no escape key unable to exit, used ALT-F4 to quit to Desktop. Fixed Forced integrity check and the Steam updated the Steam Version. When run from SteamVR, Oculus Application: PC version works no problem. Fixed forced an integrity check on Steam version, now working.
  3. Lol upon closer inspection yes. I don’t know but all those colors look the same to me.
  4. more like nothing until probably May, remember they are only working on their off hours; so it quadruples the time for Development.
  5. how do I get this skin its amazing!!!
  6. Mission ran fine equipment on water. full zip of what I could find to help out. Let me know if you need anything else. Desktop.zip
  7. Hi, Pat fixed mine too had a PSU failure and the new one they sent was DOA. had to wait another week. testing out v513.
  8. Lol the 20 years experience of installing nvidias drivers and experiencing the improvements and impact of the performance gains on the verious games and flight sims I personally fly in. IL2, DCS. I7:8700k 4.3ghz, rtx 2080, liquid cooled, optane drives ssd. 32gb pc 3200 ram. The FPS counter I use is shadow play,
  9. well, not for me, but unless you know how to to use the GUI NVCP, and set your own Profile for the games you play. well you won't get the performances. Im seeing 20 to 30 more FPS in games, and VR Im getting 45 to 50fps with ASW off. in IL-2.
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