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  1. fix your security question, for password recover as I keep getting the same canned incorrect answer. the last name of the IL2 developer was Maddox. AND IT TELLS ME INCORRECT EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  2. I use that new tool put out by someone on redit, and I turned off some regedit and seems to keep that from happening.
  3. fixed, it was a Steam-works redistribute update and had to redo the boundary on the WMR.
  4. my G2 vr center will not work its like theres a limitation settings is on but Its off.
  5. Try running terrain roughness from low to medium.
  6. I'm confused I already have Steam VR, and WMR installed, from Steam. so what is this exactly doing? for me? when I downloaded this it stated I already have openxr running?
  7. Yes for now, I believe they will remove that eventually. But for now people with low end systems they probably need it. FYI: just a wild guess.
  8. It’s not advisable to put the link cable display cable on usb, it works best on the display ports of the graphics card. also FPS issue may be caused by legacy 32 bit WMR, This is from a redit post. All graphics problems FIXED! HP REVERB G2! No more stuttering! I can't explain to you all how much I despised windows before this, but now? INFINITELY MORE. TLDR below. I stream, and using a program called OVR toolkit to see my chat, and it was TANKING my fps just looking at it. My gaming rig is a i9-9900k 3.6Ghz, EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra, 64 gb of ram, AS
  9. sorry to who ever it took wing off didn't know I flew that far south.
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