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  1. seem to have media folder errors in the new version, KG27.
  2. The change is more in common with i.e for example if you ever played a first person shooter and spam the default jump button and you could effectively keep jumping with out getting shot, and suffering fatigue from jumping. This is what’s needed to change for the pilot in game. Don’t quote me on this because I’m not sure what all is changed. Or going to be changed.
  3. It’s like the jumping in FPS shooters it shouldn’t be possible to keep jumping 3 feet with out fatigue. I suggest the same for push pull +,- g maneuvers. With a recovery time also.
  4. Visual improvements 23. Aircraft and ships are visible much farther than before - theoretically, they can be spotted as far as 100 km away if there are fire, contrails or a ship wake; 24. New 'Distant buildings' option added; 25. Object markers can be blocked by landscape and objects, including own aircraft or vehicle; 26. Static objects rendering has been optimized to increase performance; 27. Sun glare from distant aircraft is visible better; Im on Ultra setting and yet do not see this,
  5. not distance we don't, only with in 3,5 km.
  6. I think adding reflective surface would help a lot.
  7. well play on a CRT and this would fix all issues.
  8. hes in tank mode On line. if you look down at the bottom, so might want to try running a MP with tanks. in the prohvoka map.
  9. turned off Steam Overlay seems to have worked for me.
  10. I think this is the result of the amps being pulled to fire the guns electrically there for causing a load on the engines?
  11. damage models low resolution, I see no bullet hits any longer from the test mission JU88 v 6 spitfires VB I took hits on this right side and canons and gun stopped working no indication as to why?
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