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  1. SteamVR Beta Updated - 1.10.2 this latest update lost me 20 FPS CV1rift
  2. Hi, what happened to the explosion concuss waves?
  3. More experiments, I tried this change and while the clouds at extreme look very nice and sharp, the LOD and plane models get hard to see when they turn straight into you the silhouette is great but when low profile is turned into you you can lose them easy, (Heavy Extreme clouds in and out) FPS at 10000 Meters is above 70's, at 5000 Meters 52 and above, and down ground low 45 and above. in game is at 2x, NVIDIA enhanced at 8x. in MP I can see very far with decent results. the LOD on the planes I was picking them up out at 7km.
  4. click on the red circle add steam games, it works for this customization for non steam games where I place Betatest as example for IL 2 Greatest Battles. VR customization after adding a none steam games, go to Steam Vr Settings, Video and customization. Good Luck.
  5. the new Steamvr update make sure your Im set a 130% SS on the Steam VR. latest beta update from steam. is they turned of composite SS if your game already has it to help make it more sharper in the VR images. https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791435040972/announcements/detail/1714113379461314416
  6. VR is set at Steam 130%. I now lowered to 2x on Antialiasing. see what that does for distance spotting.
  7. I'm now getting issues in Multiplayer games when the rudder will stick to the left, and sometimes my trim will not work its intermittent. other reporting the same issues. I have the crosswind pedal no issues in other games this just started to happen this week.
  8. new setting works in VR. Vsync is off for the monitor is over 120hrz. SteamVR Beta version v197 STEAM VR custom setting with OTT hope this helps out some,. I'm still having issues with seeing ground targets. seems to be a visibility circle issue with FOV; I hope the DEVS will increase this.
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