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  1. This is not a instrument from more humble time it is still used in almost all planes ! A320 uses pitot sonde in the same way than the 109. Of course GPS can give you your ground speed now !
  2. Any pilot would want to know its real speed but how do you achieve that? The idea of the pitot sonde its to measure the dynamic pressure of air on the wing. This pressure can be linked to speed if you also know the static pressure via Bernoulli equation. All planes, even now measure speed this way. What you have is your speed in regard to the air mass (not the ground) plus some error (density of air change with altitude, measurement error, etc...). Now the order of magnitude of the error is small and it's definitely not the reason why your yak is lacking 200kmh ! Are you sure that you are not in a i16?
  3. If I remember correctly stat tracks the number of disco and compute a FairPlay index that can be used to add a penalty to your score. Anyway I played quite a lot online and disco rarely happen. It's more likely you just lost the guy in the landscape
  4. Challenge accepted. I'll will kindly ask 109s to aim for the wing when I fly the P-40. Nice screenshot !
  5. Well, the P40 is crappy... but it can fly with with one wing
  6. Hi pilots, What I especially enjoy in aerial combat is the growing tension between two pilots fighting till the end in what looks like a "gentlemen" duel in the sky. In an attempt to capture the epic feelings that grap us in the heat of a fight, I gave it a go at editing. The result : short videos of a duels that happened during a multiplayer session, with comments and western music in the background. Enjoy ( hopefully ) ! Mig 3 vs Bf 109 : Fw 190 vs LA-5 : Thanks for watching and see you all in the Stalingrad sky Alky
  7. This is ridiculous. If there is something easy to compute in a physical engine its the effect of gravity. Just add in your equation computing the movement a force directed to the ground with a norm of m.g (mass multiplicated by 9.18). Subtility in fm comes more from how to model the lift. And the 109 is basically a leaf with a huge engine. Someone once noticed that the power divide by the mass of the 109 is higher than a extra 300. I'll check once home
  8. Is there a remaining yak? If so I'm in Or a 109, whatever balance teams
  9. Can you still lower your landing flap to gain an advantage ?
  10. Best flight dynamic explanation about plane stability I've read in a long time. You should be in charge of the FM team
  11. Eliptic wings give a theoretical lift advantage as it reduces undesired turbulence.However the advantage was so small that it could not really be observed and elliptic wings ended up just being a nightmare for engineers in charge of the production. I don't think it made the spitfire superior (superior in beauty?). But if you do the Maths it's there I'm pretty confident it mean they changed the drag of flaps. Finesse ratio is part of the basic aerodynamic engineer vocabulary, I don't think they would missuse it
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