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  1. I will probably buy this to support the devs who did so well just bringing CLOD back from the dead. I would like to hear some feedback on how it runs and whether the AI has been fixed because it’s still not much good in Blitz. Is there anything out speaking to performance and AI in detail?
  2. Man those radio comms! If only... The campaign looks fun. Although I’m not a big P47 fan I will buy this.
  3. Ok is it me or has some of the voice coms been changed/improved? Is this the case and if so did I miss mention of it in the recent updates?
  4. Reading your issues I cannot think of what may be amiss. But I can say I use the CH stick, throttle and pedals with Control Manager in this game ( on win 10) and they work flawlessly. I hope you get it sorted out.
  5. I have had the same problem at this airfield. Two of the flight start to taxi but one crashes into the other after one does a u turn to begin toward the runway. I was flying #4 each time. I was flying in 352 fg and we transfered to this base after some number of missions at the original airfield. It’s pretty much a showstopper at that field.
  6. I really like the new features. Nice to be able to stay away from being flight leader if desired along with the other briefing options. The ability to eliminate planes not available historically is also a cool addition. And the Briefings and missions I played seem to load faster. Fine work Pat, thank you!!
  7. Very nice update. I like the work on the clouds and the AI improvements. Thanks to the Devs for all the work. Much appreciated.
  8. This brings up something I’ve wondered. Do we have to put a + or - in front of the number to improve or decrease ai level?
  9. Only played a mission with the latest version but I really like the new looks. No problems so far and the one mission, a low cap was great. One of the rare times that my entire flight went back to base together and all landed and taxied to a stop. We got 3 190’s (1 each for 3 out of 4 of us) and a few ground targets. Lovely sunrise environment. Great fun!
  10. Is there a benefit to updating the common textures where there hasn’t been an update to a pit? For instance the p51 hasn’t been updated since May 20. Does the new common file do anything in that situation? Thanks.
  11. One thing you could do is let the ai as flight leader taxi to the runway on a test run to see where it goes along the way and follow that path when you lead. I have yet to have any issues with flight mates not taxiing properly to their runway positions.
  12. Great mission accounts gents! Enjoyed both. This version of PWCG is really good. Varied missions, good action, flak and bandits not chasing me under my bunk. Having much fun!
  13. Flown a few missions and all is good so far. Had a scramble mission where ju88’s attacked our field. Plenty of time given to get in the air from a cold start and the mission was excellent. Tons of flak from the base and the bombers acted like bombers. Great fun!
  14. Thanks Pat! Appreciate the fix of the pilot pic issue and the other nice fixes and improvements. Going to get some stick time in tonight.
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