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  1. It’s the only way I play the game. Aside from the career and mission enjoyment it is the unparalleled flexibility of PWCG that makes it for me. The decisions available in deciding who fly’s and what plane they fly and what mission types we fly. Using the historical skins for my squadron. And so many more choices. Just the best!
  2. Set throttle about an inch forward, prop pitch to full ( all the way forward), press E to start the engine. As it begins to catch move mixture lever to run. Should fire right up. To shut it down press E.
  3. I first have to say I don’t have a lot of time with the update but so far it runs smoothly at 60 FPS constantly, ingame vsynch on in SP. Settings are ultra with distant buildings on. Did a few 8 on 8 in the P51D near Brussels and I’d swear it runs better than before the update. The only stutter was when I flew rooftop high over Brussels and there it did have some short stutters as I crossed the city. At higher up all was smooth as I flew over the city. Still very early for me but so far it has run great.
  4. Man the P51D is a thing of beauty. Great skin work so far gents. Looking forward to seeing full squadrons of em for PWCG. 😉
  5. I should also say the voice work is darn good. Nicely done by you all.
  6. It should sound out of place. The radio traffic shouldn’t sound like it’s coming from an HD radio...
  7. So sorry this happened. Everyone and everything is irreplaceable.
  8. Worthless is pretty harsh... in my campaign with jg52 at Stalingrad in September 42 my commander has 53 missions and 31 victories. The # 2 has 22 victories in 47 missions. The newest of us have 0-3 and the rest of the squadron has 5-9. Seems pretty reasonable to me.
  9. The excitement around here for Bodenplatte is amazing and great to see. The entire team deserves a lot of credit for what has already been accomplished and what we are soon to get. And all this while also doing a tank sim and redue of WWI. I honestly felt too much was being taken on at once but incredibly all their great work is progressing at a fast pace. With out caveats or qualifiers I thank you for what you all are doing.
  10. Looking forward to giving the revision a go Pat. Happy to provide feedback. Thanks for all your work and for this great program. It remains the only way I play the game.
  11. Thanks for taking a look Pat. I certainly cant speak to what is causing this but it does seem to me it was introduced at some point after you began developing the Coop feature. I think it's great that you added a coop component to PWCG. It gives this fine program an even wider appeal. But I do think the SP side may have been inadvertently impacted.
  12. I continue to have issues with the way missions are generating. I'm now on 6.1.5. My campaign began with IIJG52 on the Stalingrad map in August 42. I started based at Kumovka and encountered enemies immediately after takeoff in every one of 11 missions. I saw someone say to transfer so I did moving to 1JG52 at Gachi. There Im not getting any enemies at all. I flew 4 missions, 2 patrols a low alt cap and a penetration. No enemies at all. I don't know if there is something with my install or what but there seems to be something wrong with the way PWCG is producing SP missions. Any thoughts or ideas on this are appreciated.
  13. I too am on 6.1.3. I flew 3 more missions and experienced the same thing. Enemy planes spotted and engaged directly after takeoff and no others thru the rest of the missions. Still at the same base.
  14. Pat, I have to retract what I said earlier in this thread. I haven't had time to play for sometime until today. After flying 6 missions I am getting the same issue as runsilent reported. Every mission began with enemy planes spotted almost immediately after takeoff. The missions were patrols, penetrations and Low CAP and in all of them my flight called out and soon engaged enemy planes right after takeoff. In each case we engaged the enemies and once they were shot down or driven off, the flight ( I was not leader in any of them) resumes flying the mission from the active WP which is often far from where we end up after the engagement. By then I have expended much or all of my ammo in the initial fight. This happened in every one of the 6 missions. In the past, missions went many waypoints before seeing enemy planes or in some never encountering enemies at all (which is a good thing). I am flying in JG52 on the Stalingrad map in August 42. We're based at Kumovka which is far behind the lines. Additional climb WP's is off. I have not had this problem in the past. . I would expect that in some cases we would encounter enemies close to our base deep in our occupied territory but not every time. There are no early WP's anywhere near the front. Something seems to have changed but I don't know which version introduced this Hope you can take a closer look at this as it really messes with the way missions go. Thanks
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