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  1. Definitely excited about cold start being added to 6.0. Thank you both for your amazing work!
  2. Nope problem not solved. I dont like to play as the commander and set the option to never be the commander. But thanks for the suggestion.
  3. As a result of this thread I have invested some more time in the Career. Overall I like it but... there are some big buts. Firstly I'm flying with JG52 at Stalingrad in August 42. The inability to pass (scrub) on a mission as in PWCG starts to bother me a bunch because the mission variety has not been good. Of 9 missions I have had to fly 7 escorts and just 1 bridge crossing and one ground attack on artillery. I like escort missions as much as the next fellow but not almost 80% of total missions. Gets old quick! Secondly I did a campaign at Stalingrad and one at Kuban. In both, even on Scattered the game often runs slower and I get short stutters and just overall less smooth play. The Career is taxing my rig and there isnt much in the way of adjustments like with PWCG where there are many options to help with performance. I also dont like that I cant give my squadron historically correct skins as is possible with PWCG. I like the polish of the Career and many other aspects but the things Ive outlined here are major issues for me and keep me from spending much time in it.
  4. Good job sniffing this out Dburne. Flying from the Gernan side I dont see many great Soviet pilots but that makes sense particularly in my 1942 Stalingrad campaigns. Thanks for looking into it Pat!
  5. Outstanding! From a different perspective is a good description. I haven’t enjoyed many as much as this one.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts Pat. I have seen the threads on damage and was aware of the changes in one or more recent patches. I mentioned it to confirm I have the same as dburne’s experience. IMO thedevs need to rethink that. With respect to contacts it must be driven by the unit, location etc. In Stalingrad campaigns flying with jg3 and jg52 I almost never fly a mission without contact with Russian fighters and or bombers. In Kuban it is probably 40-50% of the time I don’t get contacts primarily on penetration and patrol missions. Intercepts don’t seem to be a problem in terms of contacts. Im flying a Kuban fighter campaign, June 42 with II jg52 in F4’s and G2’s. That is very different than what dburne reported which was that he almost always has contacts in Kuban campaign flying spits for Russia. Thank you so much for what you do. Pwcg is the best way to enjoy the game in SP.
  7. I too have seen some of the behavior dburne. Most notably is the resistance to damage of enemy aircraft. There seems times when I pour a ton of cannon and machine gun hits into them and while they spew all sorts of smoke they fly on. Often they do eventually go down but from the amount of damage I would expect them to come apart. In terms of AI I can’t say the enemy is ace like at all. Many opponents are not that good. Occasionally I run into AI that is quite challenging using the sun, clouds and tactics well to their advantage. Fighter And Bomber AI is set to 2. I am currently flying a Kuban campaign with jg52 in June 42. I am experiencing ( which is the opposite of what dburne has reported,) too many missions devoid of any action save for a bit of AAA. Not sure what I can do to get more contacts particularly on penetration and patrol missions. I definitely don’t have the knowledge to say whether any of what I’ve noted here is pwcg, the game or some combination of them. Pwcg is the only way I play the game and I too am excited about the future. Can’t wait for Bodenplatte and pwcg for the actual release. It should be amazing. Particularly looking forward to flying for my country in the p51.
  8. I’n my Stalingrad campaign I had run into problems where I couldn’t assign the skins I wanted because the g2’s most of my guys are flying wasn’t a choice in skin mgmt. only g4’s showed and we had just 2. Now after two mission with the new pwcg version we received more g4’s and the g2’s were available in skin mgmt. Thanks for taking care of that one Pat. I havent tried the Bodenplatte campaign. Can’t seem to get into flying P47’s on the Stalingrad map with no English speaking pilots. Nonetheless it a great way to enjoy the new planes till the actual Bodenplatte is here. Pretty darn creative!
  9. Hi Pat, not sure if you saw my report at the end of the previous page but I’d like your thoughts on it when you have a moment. Thanks.
  10. I’m playing a campaign with jg3 in early November 42 at Stalingrad. My squadron has 2 g4’s and the rest g2’s. In skin management pwcg shows each pilot with g4’s and doesn’t show the g2’s so I can’t assign skins to most of the squadron since they’re flying g2’s. Earlier in the campaign both models were available. It seems pwcg thinks the unit has all g4’s. Any solution to this or is it a bug?
  11. Unbelievable! Pat, what you create in relative short time is a tribute to your skill. Thank you!
  12. lol. Yep today’s cutting edge is tomorrow’s boat anchor! That coal burning cpu must have made your space a bit smokey huh.
  13. Man your results makes me want to accelerate my upgrade plans! My rig is good but even at the 4.6 overclock the i7 3820 struggles some when I crank up pwcg activity. So if you don’t mind my asking, about how much did that beast set you back?
  14. Very quiet in here so I thought I would share a few highlights of a mission from today. 10 September 1942 supporting 6th Army and 4th Panzer Army flying G2's with JG 52. The mission was a penetration taking the flight directly over Stalingrad. According to the map the front lines have not reached the city. Before we reached Stalingrad a battle developed with some Russian Pe2's. I damaged 2 ( 1 later crashed) and a mate took down 1. The last one got away. Afterward we flew a few circles around and over the city which was wrecked but not burning. Some mg's fired at low level planes. The city and the Volga were under artillery fire. The return to base was uneventful. I was the last to be cleared to land and as I came in I was jumped by 3 Laag's. I literally ducked, it surprised me so much. I buried the throttle, pulled up the gear and flaps and began flying for my life. We had done well in our mission and I wasn't expecting any trouble over our field. After some crazy flying i finally landed safely ending a most intense mission. I flew 2 additional missions the last being my 30th, an intercept and an escort and both were excellent. Great great fun! The only bad part was the AI in the fight above my field. I took out all three Russians by diving away from them and pulling up at the last second. I watched each of my 3 enemies lawn dart into the ground over the course of 3 or 4 dives The AI does a better job of evading now but they still crash far far too often and are way to inclined to turn fight. It gets frustrating sometimes for a game of this calibur.
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