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  1. Recently I am seeing almost no parked planes or AAA on my base. Looking from the ground or from above these seem to be missing all over the map, at least the parts I’ve flown over. I don’t know of any option related to this. The bases are generally empty. Anyone experiencing this or have any ideas on how to fix it?
  2. Hmm maybe my hopes for much better with a new gpu are misguided. What you describe is pretty much spot on what I see. Great cockpits and planes around me look good close but further they are not sharp and the terrain has a lot of flickering aliasing the further away I look and there is warping or ghosting when aircraft pass by. i really haven’t used it much for other games but some of the standalone stuff I’ve tried looked great. I’m going to hold on to it till I get that dang 3080 and then decide it’s fate.
  3. I dont understand all else equal how the rift s has better visuals than what the q2 is capable of. I get there is the question of compression with link but the specs are significantly better on the q2. My hope is when I get a 3080 (if ever) and I can crank up the resolution and ss further the visuals will improve a lot on the q2. If that doesn’t do it I will sell it and move to the G2. One things for sure, I doubt I could ever fly without vr. I’m hooked!!
  4. I have resolution in the oculus hone app at the lowest 1.0 setting with ss in the tray tool set to 1.4. This gives me decent visuals and performance. With the low resolution setting I’m using there is still way to much flickering and aliasing but any higher causes the game not to run smooth enough for me. I also recently switched to Opencomposite which allowed me to increase ss from 1.2 to 1.4. Definitely better performance vs SteamVR
  5. Thanks for this. I too have the q2 and have the game running about the same as you described in terms of FPS. It runs smoothly most of the time. My settings are pretty close to yours. I am limited by my gtx 1080 while I wait to get a 30 series card if they ever become available at a fair price. I am curious about what resolution you have set in the oculus software.
  6. I’ve played 6 missions using the current version and it has been very solid. The intercepts feel like we’re actually targeting an enemy flight, patrols have been exciting and the one scramble played out great. The formation flying in the scramble was a little surprising with our leader flying treetop level a lot of the mission. But there was great combat and we chased the raiders away and knocked several down. looking real nice Pat. Thank you for your never ceasing improvements!!
  7. I have seen this on patrol missions in Bodenplatte. Also not seeing parked aircraft and AA at various fields.
  8. LOL. I do much of my best thinking when I’m asleep!
  9. That is certainly true in my case. I built a nice beefy machine a year ago but opted to put my aged 1080 gtx in it because the 2000 series cards at the higher end were so ridiculously priced. I decided to wait for the new generation and now due to Nvidia’s bs I can’t get what I want AND when I can get one the price has been jacked up. Monopolies or close to that result in irresponsible behavior and puts the customer last in their considerations. That’s what we’re seeing from Nvidia. And sadly AMD can’t supply the products that could be reasonable alternatives. I was close to deciding
  10. So sick of Nvidia and their antics. Really ...they can’t come close to keeping up with demand for the 30 series cards, then they introduce more versions they can’t supply, they play games with whether potential additional options like 3080ti are real or not and now they may be reintroducing a past generation card for what purpose who knows. They suck but know they can basically do whatever they want because there is not enough competition to keep them truly honest. We who need a new card are left with settling for older cards, getting gouged by resellers or living with what we hav
  11. I have Q2 and it has grown on me. At first I had trouble getting good clarity. This is my first experience with vr so I read a ton on graphic settings in Oculus and Steamvr and how to improve the Q2 visuals. I am currently limited by my 1080 gpu as I wait on a 3080 but I have it dialed in now and it runs surprisingly well using 90 hz and ASW. Considering the gpu it runs smooth in PWCG even during dogfights. The visuals are now darn good with sharp gauges. Il2 at Ultra with shadows and a few other thinks a bit lower. Overall I conclude the q2 is well worth the money and it is very rea
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