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  1. TheSNAFU

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    I’n my Stalingrad campaign I had run into problems where I couldn’t assign the skins I wanted because the g2’s most of my guys are flying wasn’t a choice in skin mgmt. only g4’s showed and we had just 2. Now after two mission with the new pwcg version we received more g4’s and the g2’s were available in skin mgmt. Thanks for taking care of that one Pat. I havent tried the Bodenplatte campaign. Can’t seem to get into flying P47’s on the Stalingrad map with no English speaking pilots. Nonetheless it a great way to enjoy the new planes till the actual Bodenplatte is here. Pretty darn creative!
  2. TheSNAFU

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Hi Pat, not sure if you saw my report at the end of the previous page but I’d like your thoughts on it when you have a moment. Thanks.
  3. TheSNAFU

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I’m playing a campaign with jg3 in early November 42 at Stalingrad. My squadron has 2 g4’s and the rest g2’s. In skin management pwcg shows each pilot with g4’s and doesn’t show the g2’s so I can’t assign skins to most of the squadron since they’re flying g2’s. Earlier in the campaign both models were available. It seems pwcg thinks the unit has all g4’s. Any solution to this or is it a bug?
  4. TheSNAFU

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Very impressive gents!
  5. TheSNAFU


    Unbelievable! Pat, what you create in relative short time is a tribute to your skill. Thank you!
  6. lol. Yep today’s cutting edge is tomorrow’s boat anchor! That coal burning cpu must have made your space a bit smokey huh.
  7. Man your results makes me want to accelerate my upgrade plans! My rig is good but even at the 4.6 overclock the i7 3820 struggles some when I crank up pwcg activity. So if you don’t mind my asking, about how much did that beast set you back?
  8. TheSNAFU

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Very quiet in here so I thought I would share a few highlights of a mission from today. 10 September 1942 supporting 6th Army and 4th Panzer Army flying G2's with JG 52. The mission was a penetration taking the flight directly over Stalingrad. According to the map the front lines have not reached the city. Before we reached Stalingrad a battle developed with some Russian Pe2's. I damaged 2 ( 1 later crashed) and a mate took down 1. The last one got away. Afterward we flew a few circles around and over the city which was wrecked but not burning. Some mg's fired at low level planes. The city and the Volga were under artillery fire. The return to base was uneventful. I was the last to be cleared to land and as I came in I was jumped by 3 Laag's. I literally ducked, it surprised me so much. I buried the throttle, pulled up the gear and flaps and began flying for my life. We had done well in our mission and I wasn't expecting any trouble over our field. After some crazy flying i finally landed safely ending a most intense mission. I flew 2 additional missions the last being my 30th, an intercept and an escort and both were excellent. Great great fun! The only bad part was the AI in the fight above my field. I took out all three Russians by diving away from them and pulling up at the last second. I watched each of my 3 enemies lawn dart into the ground over the course of 3 or 4 dives The AI does a better job of evading now but they still crash far far too often and are way to inclined to turn fight. It gets frustrating sometimes for a game of this calibur.
  9. TheSNAFU


    Pat, you have set a pretty challenging path for PWCG. Once complete what you will have done takes the program to another level offering unsurpassed flexibility for SP and MP players. Good luck and thank you! Still the only way I play the game.
  10. Funny you mentioned how nice the case is, When I saw your pic I thought it was very attractive and by your comments it is also well appointed. EVGA is doing some nice stuff. Oh and dont forget to change your signature to all your cool new hardware!
  11. TheSNAFU

    Tips flying P-47

    Thanks for the response. I will try those things although I dont think dropping flaps 100% is going to help me... It feels like I'm flying with the brakes on. Closing the oil cooler is the only thing I hadnt tried but I doubt that alone would change performance all that much. What is the relationship between manifold pressure and rpm other than as RPM increases so does MP? Does something other than the throttle setting control the RPM's and MP?
  12. Wow, that beast looks nice! Thanks dburne, I think I'll have to consider that board when I get to putting together a new rig at some point.
  13. Very glad to hear your build went successfully. With the parts you put in that thing it should provide years of great gaming in VR for you! If I may ask, you were very patient in waiting for the EVGA board, what about it do you like so much?
  14. TheSNAFU

    Tips flying P-47

    Ok I have to ask for some assistance with this flying bulldozer. I have not flown the 47 in any other sim so I have no reference. I've read over these pages, watched the Req video and read over some other stuff from the manual etc. With the help of the video I can get the beast off the ground and land ok but once in the air I feel clueless. I bind the throtte, turbo and prop after takeoff and it remains so mostly since I haven't come close to the height or speed where unbinding those controls are called for. Seems no matter what I have tried I cant get speed up or climb with any authority. I'm not flying it properly but I'm not sure what I should be doing. For instance should the intercooler and oil cooler be neutral or should they be closed for normal flight or combat? I'm closing or reducing cowl flaps, trims in neutral after takeoff. At say 5000 ft my understanding is the 47 can do 350 mph or better. I cant get it over 300 at that altitude or any altitude unless I dive it. Any help with how to fly this thing are appreciated.
  15. TheSNAFU

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    If it's safe I shoot em till they are most certainly dead 😏 And if I just damage one and dont see him go down I dont count it (in PWCG).