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  1. What the hell is Nvidia doing. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to wreck the biggest advance they’ve had in performance maybe ever. It’s crazy. First time I’ve ever even thought about buying an AMD gpu. So if Nvidia is trying to commit suicide it’s working... As dburne said why they released 3080 with just 10gb memory is beyond any degree of sensibility. Just dumb. I gotta think some heads are gonna roll over there.
  2. I guess I’m surprised the game taxed a 3080 that much. In any case any feedback on FPS, smoothness, overall performance improvements along with system specs would be appreciated.
  3. I agree. Many unknowns for now including just how these cards perform. Need to see some independent reviews and see what variants are going to be coming. Love to see a 3080 with 16 gigs of memory. Seems pretty likely the cards will rock but no need to rush into the fray. Aside from the 3090 pricing is fairly reasonable.
  4. I am using the R10 version and must say with the improvements made to the AI I am really enjoying Cliffs for the first time ever in SP. I have had the game almost since it’s original release, put it away until Blitz came then put it away again because the AI was still so bad it just wasn’t any fun. Now the AI is better and not much crazy behavior at all. Very challenging dogfights and they stay on their mission pretty well. The missions began during the Battle for France and now I’m flying convoy protection and intercepts. Plenty of action and flak. Quite fun. Wish there was a PWCG for CLOD but this still works pretty well. Just not very deep. Very cool to enjoy the game. Nice work TF! Will be getting Tobruk shortly.
  5. If Nvidia is expecting 3080 to go for 1,000 they are out of their freaking minds. No way I’m paying that. I was afraid the talk of more reasonable pricing than the last generation was going to turn out to be bs. And the size of the 3090 is absurd. I hope this info is wrong. If its accurate I hope they choke on unsold stock.
  6. Can’t think of a better way to spend time than fighting great battles in the sky and on the links! I think I’m a better pilot than golfer but I work equally hard at both! Enjoy!!
  7. Well I am not yet retired but we share at least two passions err I mean hobbies! And by the way golf does not suck, players suck 😂
  8. I can’t say without a doubt but I have never noticed any difference between the game graphics in pwcg vs any other mode of play.
  9. Ok I would like to get into the skins game but honestly don’t understand it all. By adding all the skin packs to the skins folder in the game will PWCG assign skins for the ai squadrons in the game so the squadrons are wearing the actual historical skins for each squadron? If that isn’t it can someone outline how the skin packs affect the game? I have the blue nosed bastard skins that I like assigned to my entire squadron from 352 fg via the loose feature and will want to retain those. Any clarity on this is most appreciated.
  10. Man that brings back fond memories. WOV 2 is in my opinion the best WWII CFS ever. Buddeye’s ai was the best hands down. From take off to landing there was rarely any “you gotta be kidding” moment as related to ai behavior. If the graphics hadn’t become so dated it would still be my go to sim. The campaign was awesome. So deep and full of control points. The atmosphere was rich with fighter command direction and great radio comms. That was how to make a sim. If Buddeye was involved in a major way in this project it would be great but I’ve seen no indication he was. I will continue to have faith in this project and soon we will all know.
  11. I will probably buy this to support the devs who did so well just bringing CLOD back from the dead. I would like to hear some feedback on how it runs and whether the AI has been fixed because it’s still not much good in Blitz. Is there anything out speaking to performance and AI in detail?
  12. Man those radio comms! If only... The campaign looks fun. Although I’m not a big P47 fan I will buy this.
  13. Ok is it me or has some of the voice coms been changed/improved? Is this the case and if so did I miss mention of it in the recent updates?
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