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  1. Ah I’m sorry. I have trouble sometimes with alt tab with box and forgot about that. Thanks Pat.
  2. I don’t have a warthog but I think you’d get an answer over at the tech or hardware threads. Although there are pwcg players that use it.
  3. lol! Whoever wrote that should get a medal!! Sign of the times...sadly
  4. Thank you for the update Pat. Your work is so appreciated. I look forward to the next release.
  5. Merry Christmas to all here. The best community ever! We’re all very fortunate to have this great game series to enjoy our passion.
  6. Now that I’ve had several flights in the update today it seems the enemy ai is back to flying mostly endless circles. Mates making it back to base is more miss than hit. More often all or most of them get wiped out or wipe themselves out. The good thing is there is a focus on getting the ai right so patience is called for. I’m trying!
  7. Nice update. The AI is making really good progress. I hope the wind blowing around inside a closed canopy when leaning to either side is fixed soon. It’s pretty annoying.
  8. I think Pat suggested taking a few days leave to allow resupply. Not sure if that worked or not. Haven’t run into this yet but I’m early in my current campaign.
  9. I thought I read somewhere that AWS won’t be activated unless the FPS drop under 80 for some period of time. Is that true? What happens when AWS is turned off and FPS drop below 80?
  10. Dburne, I knew I could count on you for a detailed review of Rift S. I very much appreciate and value your views on it. The sound and mic issues are not concerns for me as I have nice headphones with mic I would continue to use. As far as how it all looks, the SDE and picture degradation at distance I think I’ll just have to see it to determine if or how much it’s an issue for me. Admittedly I am pretty particular about graphics. I have prime and think the best thing will be to just buy the damn thing and see if I like it. The lure of the “being there” immersion is strong for me. I consider you as the foremost expert in Rift so your opinions carry a lot of weight with me. Thanks!!
  11. I am thinking about trying vr and most likely a Rift S. I’m interested as to what I can expect in terms of picture quality/clarity. I play the game at 1920x1080 on an hdtv with ultra settings with a few FPS hungry settings toned down a little. How would the Rift S picture look in comparison to 1920x1080 as far as overall graphics and clarity of gauges? Are there negatives such as SDE and if so how noticeable is it and how much do you feel it impacts the picture quality. I know there are HMD’s that have better resolution but I think Rift S offers the best value for me to enter vr and has somewhat less system demands. I would particularly appreciate feedback from S users (enter dburne here...) 😉 Thanks!
  12. Alonzo, so with your stout rig you have times when ASW is needed? If that’s the case my rig doesn’t have a prayer lol. I take it planes get blurry when they cross your path in ASW. That kind of thing is why I hesitate to get into vr.
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