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  1. Chili, thanks for taking a look at my rigs scores and helping me understand the results. I ran the benchmark 3 times with high clouds and 3 with low clouds. Scores are below. It doesn't look like there is much difference between low and high, in fact max fps looks faster at high. Seems weird to me that this pc is doing these scores. I verified all game and Nvidia settings are as you instruct. Game and monitor resolution is 1920x1080 native for the HDTV. High Clouds 2019-12-06 20:12:24 - Il-2 Frames: 23187 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 128.817 - Min: 75 - Max: 261 2019-12-06 20:19:08 - Il-2 Frames: 21492 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 119.400 - Min: 79 - Max: 256 2019-12-06 20:29:22 - Il-2 Frames: 21983 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 122.128 - Min: 79 - Max: 260 Low Clouds 2019-12-06 20:38:22 - Il-2 Frames: 22660 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 125.889 - Min: 81 - Max: 257 2019-12-06 20:47:27 - Il-2 Frames: 22156 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 123.089 - Min: 75 - Max: 255 2019-12-06 20:51:45 - Il-2 Frames: 22390 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 124.389 - Min: 79 - Max: 252
  2. I ran the benchmarks exactly as Chili instructed (clouds high) and these were the results. Specs in my sig CPU Mark: 2496 2019-12-04 22:10:04 - Il-2 Frames: 21582 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 119.900 - Min: 80 - Max: 259 These results seem pretty competitive based on the scores I see from others. The max fps was one of the fastest I've seen here which really surprised me. I have been considering an upgrade to a 9700k based rig because my current setup on Ultra with a few settings backed down a bit seems to struggle some when things get busy. Im looking at trying vr (probably Rift S) and I thought I'd need to upgrade to really enjoy it. How should I interpret these results in terms of my current components? Do they suggest any issue with CPU, RAM etc?
  3. More atmosphere could be added without too much work or impact to performance. And it’s something this series lacks. I hope they spend some time on it but there isn’t much of a track record for doing so.
  4. Along with this it would be nice if they’d fix the wind sounds in the p51 when leaning to either side of the cockpit. It shouldn’t sound like the canopy is open... Seems like it would have been an easy fix as part of the last patch and I was surprised it wasn’t corrected.
  5. I haven’t been able to get that new feature to work either. Hadn’t given it much thought but when I tried it I couldn’t get any change in voice volume.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all! I am happy to report that I am now more stuffed than the turkey was!! My favorite day of the year. Great food, family and of course football!
  7. That’s great news Pat. Thanks very much!!
  8. Thanks Skud, I’ll do that and see what I can learn from it. Much appreciate your thoughts. Thanks also WW. Odd thing is when things aren’t smooth and seem to slow down the FPS per the game FPS counter remains solidly at 60. My rig may be having brief frame time and FPS drops that the game counter isn’t showing.
  9. Thx WW. Interesting that your old rig ran IL2 easily. But that seems to support the view that these older overclocked I7’s are still powerful enough. My interest is mostly with IL2 and CLOD. I run IL2 at Ultra with a few things at lower settings. I’m on a 60hz hdtv and per the game counter it runs at a solid 60 FPS with vsync on. But when there’s a lot of aircraft and ground activity it slows down and is noticeably less smooth still at 60 FPS. I take that as due to CPU/RAM. As I understand it the 1080 isn’t fully pushed by my CPU. Those issues are what I’m trying to address with the upgrades. I may also venture into VR one day but that is not a prime reason for looking at an upgrade. Just not sure if the upgrade is worth it. If it is I’m definitely doing it.
  10. Would greatly appreciate other opinions on this. I have seen somewhat conflicting views on this with some testing suggesting an upgrade as I outlined in the OP would not do much since CPU's havent advanced enough to warrant the change. Others have said the 7 year old CPU is no longer up to the task and while it can maintain good fps particularly at 1080p a 9700k is far more powerful and would help a lot when things get busy and for VR which I may want to try at some point. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for taking a look. I have version 7.30 installed with the binary mission set to 1 which was the default. When I accept the mission it takes a while to finish which Pat indicates is normal. The mission in game starts much faster as a result. I have no idea why some of my mission files don’t look right. I set the binary mission setting to 0. No difference the controller voices are still Russian. Perhaps my mission file and your findings will help Pat figure out what is going on.
  12. What are opinions on whether it's time to retire my aged base components for a rig based on a 9700K 3200 cas14 RAM? Currently I'm still on a I7 3820 overclocked to 4.625 (See sig). I would likely keep my 1080 for now. Would appreciate some thoughts on whether IL2 performance at 1440 would be improved significantly. I currently run the game at Ultra with SSAO and HDR off and distance at 70k. In PWCG I have to reduce the number of planes to 8 or 9 a side and no random ground activity to keep things relatively smooth. Kuban and Bodenplatte don't run as well as Stalingrad and Moscow. In the game career I have to reduce to scattered and it still doesn't run smoothly when things get busy. FPS is constant at 60. So would I benefit a lot from a 9700k set up? Thanks in advance for opinions
  13. Just to be sure I deleted all versions of PWCG and all related missions in game and I am still getting Russian voices for the controllers. Pilot voices are correct as far as I can tell. If others are getting the proper voices from the controllers/tower I must be doin something wrong. Attached is the mission file. Bodenplatte 1944-09-01.zip
  14. Thanks Pat, as always and since it first arrived to ROF I appreciate your work and dedication to PWCG. Regards the Russian voices in the tower maybe the English voice mod would help you determine how to address the issue. Just a thought, I really dont know if it would be useful or not. I have to laugh when I'm on the runway in my trusty P51 and the Russians start barking out directions. I feel like I've been interned at a Red air force base! 😊 I should have been more clear concerning the taxi feature. I meant on the Bodenplatte map. It is a very cool enhancement but that said I realize how time consuming it will be to program it for all the fields on the map.
  15. Pat, very nice update. Will you be able to get the Russian controllers voices in English speaking careers straightened out soon? Kind of an immersion killer. Also wondering if the taxi feature will be restored. That was a great enhancement. Thanks
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