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  1. Dburne, it’s a setting the devs added to the game that changes visibility so things appear a bit larger so they can be seen better. It has some impacts such as when zooming in planes at certain distances disappear. It’s in one of the game setting menus but I don’t recall which.
  2. Same thing happened to me a couple weeks back. Decided to wait to see what the new sets have to offer. Also waiting for new nvidia cards.
  3. Thanks for the great detail on your work rowdyb00t. I don’t quite understand the preset file though. In any case I’ll check out a few combinations and see what works best for me. Very impressive stuff!
  4. So many versions and various optional add on’s. So what to do for the a good experience without much or any FPS impact?
  5. Hopefully this is what you're asking for. Rhineland202005291305691.zip
  6. Pat. I'm not sure what to do here. I press the report error and it generates a errorlog text file in the PWCG main folder but doesn't zip it. I have seen it zip a report in the past and put it on my desktop but that is when there was actually an error in PWCG. Here I have no error messages. Do I just zip the error log text file the report error button created in the main folder?
  7. Pat, here is a screen on my campaign main menu. Derrick Smith is on the chalkboard but not in the pilot roster nor the skin management pilot list. As you can see he is not an ace with zero victories. George Preddy is an ace and shows on the chalkboard and pilot roster but not skin management which as you noted is correct. I also attached the error log if its helpful. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  8. Thanks for the reply Pat. I’m sorry to keep dragging this dead horse around but the issue seems to go beyond skins. I now understand why a pilot or more are not available in skin management. But Pilots on the chalkboard are not showing up in the pilot roster on the right side of the main screen. In my tests 1 pilot on the chalkboard is missing in the pilot roster. Is that what you would expect?
  9. I did some tests and found German campaigns (JG26) work properly with all 12 pilots showing on the chalkboard, in the pilot roster and in skin management. I can change the pilot pictures on the main menu. I then set up an RAF campaign (66 squadron) and found the same problem I have with US campaigns (352 FG) accept with the RAF campaign there were 12 pilots on the chalkboard, 11 on the pilot roster and 11 pilots showing in Skin Management. In the US campaign 12 pilots show on the chalkboard, 11 in the pilot roster and only 10 pilots in Skin Management. All campaigns were on the Bodenplatte Map, 9/1/44 start date. Doesn't seem like this is a resolution or font issue since the German campaign was correct but IDK.
  10. Thanks very much Murleen. By the way thanks for the work you do on PWCG. The features you’ve contributed to it have been very impactful in a positive way!!
  11. So it looks like this is setup for jsgme. If I install it via jsgme and want to remove it does it leave anything behind or will it leave all files the same as before? Thanks in advance.
  12. I previously reported this and I don’t know if it’s screen or font sizing but in I cannot see the commanding officer in skin management in my p51 campaigns. I also can’t change his photo. He shows in the pilot roster but not on the roster in skin management. I’ve changed various font sizes like pilot and others but the commander doesn’t show up in skin management. Lastly I get instances when the main campaign screen gets weird with portions of the menus duplicating or even more on the screen. Could my Java install be borked or do others have this?
  13. I believe PWCG is superior for what I want from a dynamic campaign. I feel like it’s deeper and far more flexible in terms of letting me play the way I want to play. It gets incredible support from the creator, Pat Wilson and just gets better and better. The career mode is good, darn good in fact. It is probably a little more polished in some respects such as the GUI. But speaking for me only, PWCG is the only way I play the game.
  14. One thing I do recall was I couldn’t give my commander a skin in skin management. He didn’t show in the pilot list in skin management. All others did and no problem assigning them skins.
  15. I was able to get in 2 missions in the beta and was very impressed with the results. A penetration and low cap mission flying p51’s with 352 FG early September. The missions were action packed and varied. They really went nicely with encounters outside the flight path and enemy showing up from several directions. A ground battle was going on below. More AAA than I’ve ever seen before in a PWCG mission. A lot more!! It was lovely. AA set at medium in simple config. Only thing I noted was 2 109’s chased me all the way home and stayed there till one shot me down. Lots of AAA but they didnt turn and leave. Very fun missions. I’ll play more when I can and update further. Looks good so far Pat!
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