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  1. Yes, i think so, BTW i am not new to sim, i have been flying for a decade at least, i have original sturmovik, BOB, ROF, and some others, i dont fly so much these day as i would wish. What iam trying to say, some mid season players will have issue as well. Come on dev, you dont see it? I just watched video on you tube, some new guy just tryied his first quick mission, he was cool, he was trying to shoot fighter then bomber but not much luck, i saw the rubber band effect he thought he sucked but he flew ok, do we need some special skills or we have to use some basic physics setting?That would be pity.
  2. Thank you, and others too, i was very frustrated when i try to hit anything, the rubber feeling is bad, i love the sim and what they try to do, but i cant enjoy it at all, after while i get pissed and my arm hurt from constant tension how iam trying to do little corrections all the time when i try to level the wobble. I did made a lot of corrections in sensitivity settings but it doesnt help much. PLS dev try to fix it.
  3. I watched yours youtube videos, very cool with nice choice of music! Nice flying too. thx I am personally having trouble to fly strait, especially strafing attacks, where the plane feels like flouting on water, swinging from side to side while i am trying to corrected with a rudder. Any advice i could get? True is i have old joystick where i manage rudder with twisting the stick, but it makes the plane wobble too much.
  4. huraaa, well i didnt make to fly the BF, well twice...i think it swimmed a bit but i didnt check my control maybe dead zones were off or sensitivity.thanks anyway cant wait for next weekend.cheers
  5. i caaaaant wait to shadow some planes,cooolio.THANKS!New explosions yes yes give more eye candy.....plus some nice physics
  6. Thank you! it was very nice surprise, i think i will try next time expert and play with engine,till you add ammo. Is the break damage system alfa too?Just wonder when i crash the effect is still kinda basic right? i love when i black out, nicely done.anyway thanks again and looking forward for next week!
  7. Brilliant, i cant wait, wery realistic movement and graphics. Thanks
  8. Mazec!i cant wait :-) to flyyyyyy.
  9. Hi, thanks for video, nice, looks neat with all the details of manual pitch and so....i will enjoy it when i cruise but in combat i might need help from auto Anyway i hope you show next time some cool physics and effects which iam sure will be spectaculars.Maybe to shoot down a bomber...
  10. wow and wow, looks amazing and the animation of the pilot is life like, very natural, awsome reflection of glasses, well iam happy, thank you.
  11. I agree i hope the developers are aware of the trouble to spot ground stuff from far, and i think there is many little neat aids to make them visible, like dust,smoke,glittering and so on. hope not some huge icons covering the object when u try to line up shots
  12. i think we should be more patient, later if things go well they add more life on ground, this had been said before by the developers that they have to find balance between the power of regular PC and objects rendered in real time. Of course in flight sim there is a stress on air objects then ground. Personally i would love to see soldiers running for cover or from cars or jumping of trains, even if they were just simplified entities without physics and shadows, to save rendering resources. But i have no idea how is the engine coded so its just wish. have a nice day
  13. Sounds and looks amazing!i also agree with pilotpierre and Juri_JS thx
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