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  1. Alot of variables to consider to be honest, not just steam VR and game settings but also your system comparative to mine. I don't really play GB as much either as I prefer the other sim. I negated to mention also that I just upgraded to 32 G of Ram recently so I'm not sure if that may be playing a part. Do you have motion smoothing on? I have set mine to off as there was alot of warping. Steam SS is about 100 and PD in DCS is about normal I think or maybe 1 or 2. Shadows are all on. Do you have a 4 k monitor as well? Make sure you're are not running MSFS itself in 4k as you are flying! Set PC settings to the lowest possible in the game menu and I think turning off Gsync and reducing screen res can help too though like I said there are so many variables that its hard to keep up!
  2. I found in the other sim that a fixed FR of 30 gives a poor performance. 40 much better than it used to be (with higher graphics wettings) but still far from perfect. 60 however gives an almost flawless performance and I've even got things like shadows and terrain shadows on which for me used to be unthinkable. I might take terrain shadows off though and crank up the PD. Its almost like playing a normal game now and I can't quite work out how they've managed it! It's going to significantly reduce the entry price of VR. Even missions like the bigshow that used to be pretty bad seem to run fine now. In MSFS however performance was merely acceptable. I put it on a Fixed 30 though so maybe I'll try putting it up a bit later as I expected DCS would work better on a lower fixed FR when this doesn't seem to be the case. But I don't really know what I'm doing so I'd be interested to hear how others are using it especially the 'additional prediction' setting.
  3. Yes but to paraphrase Trainspottings Mark Renton: It's easy to be philosophical when it's some other poor cu*t who has been downloading the same game for over 48 hours inside of one week! 🙂
  4. My third re-installation (each take 12 hours)! Started getting long loading times and black screens. Might avoid mods in future but this is really just a consequence of not being on steam and not having (verify gaming cache) the luxury of repairing files quickly nor being able to download the game itself in a similarly rapid manner. Good thing about the other sim in this regard is the skatezillar application (although downloads are still painfully slow) that enables one to quickly repair corrupted files. Still I've never known that sim to behave in the way MSFS does. Ridiculously unstable for me, and it seems like for many others as well judging by reviews. Will probably give it one more try now, and try to resist using mods (My mods were set up correctly though I think) but if I have any more problems I'm just going to wait till stability improves. Performance will probably be better by then too. Fantastic game and VR experience but its got a lot of issues for me. The loading times were like waiting for a ZX spectrum to fire up a game! Might be tempted to buy a physical copy.
  5. Ah so other people are experiencing this? To be honest though couldn't get it working before the new update! Got this new terrain mod I paid 15 pounds for and embarrassed to say I don't even know if it's working! That too goes in the community folder!
  6. Anyone any idea why I can't get this prop mod working? I've tried installing it to both community folders (not at the same time) and it refuses to work. I've tried it every which way. I've followed videos and I've used Mod tools and it just won't work. Is there possibly another community folder... F:\MSFS\Community C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community
  7. Edit -Should move to the official off topic thread
  8. It's painful somtimes to crank up the graphics and see how incredible the sim looks but find that the performance means it could just never be!
  9. EDIT- never mind got it all worked out!
  10. Oh great thanks I gotta buy that as its exactly what I'm looking for I think!
  11. Thanks for the offer, but don't worry about it. As a northerner I'm not that familiar with London anyway so am not really in any hurry yet! Really I think the addons would be worth it if it means they will download a significant portion of a terrain/city scape without me having to do it by hand (which is a pain). But if it's just a bunch of landmarks then I'm not so sure. As you say one trouble is detemining exactly what you have downloaded yourself and which is paid content! I think I really need to get a real map out and start learning navigation as I never know where I actually am. Thanks for the kind offer though! 👍
  12. Well that update defo made the sim go haywire for me but with a fresh installation it also seems to have vastly improved stablity. I'd like to say it was the RAM and I am indeed getting no crashes, with very good performance using a fixed framerate, but more likely it was the update and a fresh install that did it. Can't be sure though, how's your (and everyones) performance recently after the update? I think moving my installation drive might also have helped as well though as that was something I've seen recommended.
  13. Does anyone know what the city/landmark packs would include. I'd like to get the London one but only if it has a significant portion of the city and will save me from painting terrain myself for hours on end! And the airports? Do they include a significant portion of the surrounding areas of the airports? Would kind of make sense, as once you get up high and away from the airport the quality of the data need not be as high. So how about these packs, worth it or not?
  14. I'm thinking maybe one of my axes was double set for mixture. But then mixture and other engine settings should have been automated anyway so... But as I'm doing a reinstall (going on 12 hours now) anyway I guess I'll have to wait and see now!
  15. Is there an easier way to check if controls are double mapped? I find the control scheme to be rather annoying in that respect as I haven't been able to find a page where it shows what each and every input is mapped to. If I do have a double mapped bind for example MSFS simply tells me "you have mapped this to another device" without telling me what this device is! So I would have to check every controller individually until I find it, when it could be my mouse or steering wheel for all I know!
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