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  1. Bit click baity but I'll bite anyway! I've had that think I'm awesome only to discover I've been playing with bots thing too raid hehe!
  2. If it is really blurry, just wondering what dynamic resolution setting you are playing the game on?
  3. Nah thanks for the thanks man! That game does look like something I would like as I am always on the look out for realistic strategy/war games. Would prefer WW2 though as usual! The only trouble is just finding the time to do games like that justice. I liked gary grigsbys war in the east and I've always wanted a game that improves upon that because frankly its biggest failing for me was an unresponsive UI, and the game itself was somehow sluggish. Still have added it to my wishlist and will watch a few vids.
  4. Nah I was talking about 2 different games. I'll just edit the last comment out cause it is kinda confusing... Oh wait! lol Now I have realized that neither games are the one you were talking about. Mine is called brigador up armoured edition. I'll see myself out...
  5. Oh yeah I just got this game. Didn't refund it anyway so that's a start. Haven't fallen in love with it yet but the game is only just starting to get challenging which admittedly does mean fighting through quite alot of pointless missions. Nice satisfying combat, though I have to use both my mouse and gamepad for best results. Mouse is far superior for aiming, but controlling the mechs/tanks is way better with a pad. I like the graphics myself though ymmv. No story whatsoever. Missions are basically just shoot shit and blow stuff up though I went in expecting that. It's a bit like helldivers though so far not as good or interesting, as I really liked the monsters/aliens in that game and the combat felt more badass (though that got old too rather quickly...
  6. Sorry for the bold black font thing. I think it's because it was copied and pasted from steam! If you drag the mouse over the writing and highlight it, it goes away! This is my MOWAS2 review! Men of War Assault squad 2 (or just MOW) is in mine and many other Men Of War fans opinion the best RTS ever made, and especially in comparison to games that got much greater acclaim (company of heroes) -criminally underrated. It is very much a realistic RTS in that tactics are very similar to how they were on a real WW2 battlefield. I have 520 hours on the game and bear in mind I have been playing this game since the first Men of War was released. MOW is at least compared to games such as company of heroes very realistic. On tanks for example there are no silly health bars to pound away at, and if you want to destroy a tank that is too powerful there are a number of options. Get behind him, flank him, or send in a commando with a rocket or grenade. That one man slowly crawling towards your hated online enemy (and in MOW while playing and especially losing you will despise your enemy!) can decide the whole outcome of the battle. Winning a battle especially against, a smug but accomplished friend, can leave you on a high all day, and losing make you feel terribly bitter! Infantry is realistic too each soldier will have his strengths, and weaknesses but all soldiers caught out in the open will be obliterated if they come up against an enemy who is well dug in. In MOW it pays to be patient, and keep calm but as the anger rises when things go wrong, people tend to lose their heads and just charge their enemies neck, throwing every unit they possibly can at their opponent without waiting patiently for an effective counter (suitible unit/s) to what ever tactics (units) the enemy is using. This is a sure-fire way to lose and although fortune does indeed very often favour the brave, and daring initiative you still really do have to carefully think about what you are doing and surprise your enemy. Fortune favours the brave, but not the stupid, and MOWAS2 is most definately a game of tactics and even strategy. Very much as in real war, a good commander will have a good temperament, and not be irritated or angered by his opponent when things dont go according to plan, and will keep calm, and react well to his enemie's choices. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep calm, and actually think, and take it from me, this requires discipline, and is easier said than done. The times I have won in MOWAS2 (against a freind with a similar number of games to me) I have done so because I resisted the urge to be lazy. I thought ahead, had a plan, and took extra time to micromange my troops down to an almost individual level, rather than simply pushing blobs of units towards the general direction of gunfire! One of the most important things in MOWAS2 is to control the map, and have eyes everywhere therefore knowing in advance everything your enemy is up to. Recon is the key to success, knowing what your enemy is doing, without him knowing that you know. That is when mistakes happen, and he will lose a Tiger tank or some other big unit which may well end up costing him the game. A good opponent though will also know the importance of recon, and controling territory too, and so although the main battle is focused upon the flags, against a good player, you will probably end up in a bitter, bloody struggle for every inch of earth! When you start up an MP game you will know very quickly the sort of opponent you are up against. Noobs will stay in their one precious flag attempting to turn it into their own personal Maginot line (intending to move only after it is secure) but good players will attack seemingly everywhere all at once. Playing a truly good player can be soul destroying, and you will think back lovingly to the last noob you crushed belatedly realizing how hollow your own sense of omnipotence had been. In MOW there are some seriously good players and a thousand different strategies. MOW is a game in which you must make choices and react appropriately to your enemies’ choices. There are countless variations of playstyles -aggressive and defensive- and online you will encounter many different people and nationalities who will employ many different styles of play and battle tactics. For example Chinese players play very well, and very defensively. Defensive tactics work terribly for many of us MOW veterans but the Chinese can make it work. They have a system of which each step seems to have been meticulously worked out before hand, and they don’t tend to deviate from the plan seeming to have a fastidious understanding of the tank positioning they are using as well as the armour and penetration statistics etc. MOWAS2 is the best RTS ever made in my opinion, but online it’s also one of the most white knuckle, and tensest gaming experiences I have ever had. A real heart in the mouth experience especially when playing a close friend it can often actually be a little bit too tense, but when you want to relax and have fun you can play 2v2 or 3v3 with other people. The AI can be a bit frustrating at times, and the graphics are perhaps a little dated for 2019. The game itself (WW2 version) as a whole is seriously in need of a proper revamp, hopefully with some better SP content, which is lacking from the main campaign. But it isn't better graphics that is badly needed, but improved upon gameplay elements. As good as this game is, I can never quite understand why other, richer and more powerful developers, haven' t taken the concept and bettered it. Probably because all the money these days is in PUBG knock offs.
  7. To be fair though MOWAS is not really supposed to be focused upon SP, and although I also agree it does get boring after a while, I still really enjoyed the challenge of the capture the flag SP experience in MOWAS. I certainly got my moneys worth and spent more time on that than I did most games I buy these days. As oppose to the first game which had a primary focus upon SP, and was the better game (SP) on the whole, I still thought the later versions of MOW SP were a much more realistic representation of what real WW2 combat was supposed to be like. Pushing quickly, while giving the enemy as little time as possible to dig in and reinforce his position, taking key areas, outflanking his positions, and then breaking through, and eventually surrounding. It certainly felt alot more blizkreig, than the game blizkreig ever did! As lacking in story and variation as it was, I still feel that compared to most RTS games, it felt very convincing.
  8. Yeah I have all the most famous racing games except I racing (no way I’m paying for a game that I will never own) AC to PC2, grid one and 2, F1 15, and finally Rfactor2. My personal favorite is is Rfactor 2. It actually looks better than the others in VR even though it looks worse in 2D, but where it really shines is the cars themselves. Grid was great fun though, a little more of an arcade game, and you cant go wrong the F1 series but it’s a no deal for me until they add VR support.
  9. It’s among one of the best games I have ever played is men of war assault squad. Best RTS hands down, far better than COH which got way more acclaim. I will post my steam review on it later if I remember. I think it’s best as a 1v1 game though most play 3-3 or 2-2 which is a whole new dynamic that I never enjoyed as much. 1v1 is intense especially against a close friend you know and cannot bear to lose against!
  10. Yeah perhaps. But I found that with the ones I have they seem to envelop my whole ear more, creating the impression that I am surrounded at at all sides by the sounds of the engine. Another factor is, earbuds at least with me, tend to have a very short life span! Always end up standing on, or crushing them somehow! With these I only tend to drop, or trip over them, although even these have taken some damage!
  11. I used to do the same thing with the Vive. But it wasn't until I got a good pair of headphones did I realize how much I'd been missing out. Trouble is they add alot of extra weight! But they are still much superior to using earbuds bud.
  12. I think those complaints mainly come from people big into MP who want to stay ontop of the leaderboards or whatever. I think it's mainly due to the zoom function in VR not being as good as 2D. If everyone was in VR it would be a different story, but I think the situational awareness VR affords one, more than makes up for it. When I first got VR, I noticed I started getting alot more kills. DCS has real problems with spotting (though I think it has improved) that are detrimental to the experience but I use a mod anyhow these days. BOS I never had any problems spotting whatsoever really,f the planes are very clearly visible to me.
  13. VR still hasn't lost it's magic for me. I got back from a month vacation visiting my homeland the other day, and fired up DCS. If anything I somehow forgot how amazing it is! I took off from the airport at sunset, and flew up into dense clouds in torrential weather. Pure atmosphere! It's really quite a wonderful feeling! I was just amazed by how realistic it feels, how truly immersive it is, and how exhilarating it is when you maneuver perfectly onto a bandits tail and obliterate him (I love those perfect kills were every little decision and move you make is correct). Feel thankful to have been born in an age of such technological advancement, that affords one the opportunity to enjoy such an experience! It kinda trancends mere computer gaming! OP, check out some helicopters and jets in DCS, definately an experience not to be missed, though I really need to actually learn one of the many jets I own properly! Best racing game in VR I have tried is Rfactor 2. Feels way better than the others PC/PC2/Asseto corsa etc) in my opinion, feels really fast. But then Iove F1! Weirdly as well although the graphics are crap on a monitor I actually think it looks better in VR than in 2D. I think simple graphics work in VR's favor because the more graphical eye candy there is in 2D, tends to mean more shimmering, or poor aliasing in VR. You can also get a jetseat FFB seat, and buy the simshaker software for increased immersion.
  14. 1-1 haha with the ability to climb inside and turn it on! Nah seriously just something for a mantle peice really! Or a bedside table. Do you have any recommendations. I dont mind wood, but really I would like something that doesn't look or feel flimsy.
  15. I shall get right on it! Edit- Oh yes see what you mean. Funny cause my best friend is a die hard metal fan, and I have always disliked and disparaged it, but I have to say it goes well with dog fighting!
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