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  1. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    The last movie, #13, before a "post-quarantine" break 😏
  2. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Chapter 12. for this video, 90% of the « work » spent to manage the ground items and close to 100 rushes for a 12 minutes movie. A lot of fun 😉
  3. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Nr 10 is one of the chapters concerning Stalingrad. Stay tuned !
  4. Very Nice work! this story reminds me something. The « rat hunting ». Is it? https://youtu.be/7wWS1LYfW6w
  5. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Last chapter of the book standing in Crimea. This time it concerns the port of Tuapse and Tuaspse river. It was very interesting to create this mission (In fact these missions) by using the map of Kuban and the exact location of the valley and the port. The next chapter is exciting too cause it stands at Stalingrad during winter 42... See you at Stalingrad !
  6. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Summer 42. After a short break, Rudel and his group move to Crimea. Enjoy!
  7. Good point, Lemsip! Clostermann was not as fluent as Cdt Mouchotte 😉 anyway, just ask if needed. You know how much I appreciate your work. By the way, my own voice in this video. I use a VHF radio to simulate radio communication
  8. Arghhhhh.... unfortunayely am a f...g froggy ! It could fit if your canadians are from Québec 😁
  9. Nice video. a lot of improvements done since I started to play this game one year ago...
  10. One of the best I’d never seen. Really great!
  11. tribal50


    wouahhhhh! Terrific !
  12. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Many thanks No more than for previous chapters😀 some effort, yes, but a lot of pleasure. Our game is just fantastic
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