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  1. Nice vid, very close to the book, and to the spirit in which Pierre Clostermann wrote it. Nice job.
  2. Hi Kamron. can’t remember if i had troubles or not. if it can help : check my location behind the trees during the first fight. If i remember well, only 4 panzers survive
  3. Good opportunity for me to test the elephant 👍
  4. Last vid I did is a little bit special because Pierre Clostermann wrote a chapter of his book dedicated to Walter Nowotny, ace of the Luftwaffe, his ennemy. This vid is also special because I made a big effort to create a version with English comments 😁 Enjoy French : English :
  5. I thought you wanted to shoot down a sturmovik with a panzer... you posted in tank crew folder 🤪
  6. Yep, interesting. It’s so difficult to stay close together with wingman during a fight. The way you communicate is so important. Your vid shows this
  7. the "Big Show" starts again, with new chapters on YouTube, numbers 18 to 23. Pierre Clostermann is back, forgetting his Spitfire and flying a Tempest. Chapter #23 : Rat hunting (Nota : Comments from the book are in French; sorry for that) Le "grand cirque" recommence, avec la publications des chapitres 18 à 23. Pierre Clostermann est de retour, oubliant son Sptifire pour un Tempest. Chapitre 23 : La chasse au rat
  8. Great ! The best il2 based videos I’ve ever seen
  9. To Tiger : 👍 Hi Sandor. unzip these files in the game folder « missions » or « campaigns». You retrieve them in the game as missions (and not quick missions) or together with other campaigns.
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