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  1. One campaign more! Thks a lot!
  2. Oh! I did the same mistake as you. Type of shell loaded is not clearly displayed
  3. As far as i remember, no big trouble. After the contact, you have to move before sturmoviks come and drop their eggs. For second contact panzers at the right flank do their best to stop the red. at the end many losses but I survived 😉 https://youtu.be/2cjqVLmV-CU
  4. Switch to commander’s seat, open the hatch, press enter. You should see the repairs needed. Wait for x minutes. X is depending on the repair. For a track, engine , gun, it can be different. It also depends on the mission. All missions don’t allow a repair
  5. Using internal view only (hard core mode), that’s the right way to play. Much more immersive indeed ! but i must admit that sometimes... but main reason is to create videos 😉 it remains me what O. carius wrote in his book. Russians fight with all hatches closed. At the opposite, germain tank commanders have a look from outside to get a better view of the environnement and the location of ennemi forces and defences
  6. "A bridge too far" downloaded! Many thanks 😉
  7. What I learned after years and years playing with il2, is that a good pilot is still a good pilot even when he flies a washing-machine. It’s not against you. Myself, i Learned to stop crying and to send congratulations to the winner 😌
  8. Yep. Same for me. In addition, don’t try to push a destroyed tank with yours, you will explode
  9. Many many thanks, Tigre. Don’t sorry because of the updates! By the way, next patch includes binoculars for tank commanders and a rework regarding orders management. Maybe you will have to review some missions again 😉
  10. Don't want to spoil the excellent work done by Tigre but for whom doesn't have the game yet, here under the first mission of this campaign
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