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  1. Good point, Lemsip! Clostermann was not as fluent as Cdt Mouchotte 😉 anyway, just ask if needed. You know how much I appreciate your work. By the way, my own voice in this video. I use a VHF radio to simulate radio communication
  2. Arghhhhh.... unfortunayely am a f...g froggy ! It could fit if your canadians are from Québec 😁
  3. Nice video. a lot of improvements done since I started to play this game one year ago...
  4. One of the best I’d never seen. Really great!
  5. tribal50


    wouahhhhh! Terrific !
  6. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Many thanks No more than for previous chapters😀 some effort, yes, but a lot of pleasure. Our game is just fantastic
  7. Very magnifique indeed ! 😁
  8. Very Nice indeed. nothing bad, for sure. Just one comment regarding the story-telling. At the beginning at the airfield, seems to have 2 Me and then a third one appears. same with 190. They meet the 262 and then? by the way one ME loose a bomb. A mistake ? for the rest, technicaly nice. Does other planes AIs or players? i noticed that in game, gun bursts from AI are too long.
  9. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    December 1941. Winter is there. Axis forces are stopped nearby Moscow. Rudel's squadron is based close to the frontline. Maybe too close...
  10. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    2 more episodes, with a little bit more action ! Unfortunately no english release for episod 5, due to a technical issue. A chance to improve your french ? 😁 Thanks for your comments/remarks/all things to improve my work (let's say hobby...)
  11. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Here it is. The 3 first episodes, to describe the situation when the book starts. Hope you will appreciate these vids.
  12. This audio book integrated into the vid is really a plus ! very idea, very well done
  13. One more time, nice and smart. I would say better and better 😉 Is it your voice ? Fits perfectly. Much more better than texts !
  14. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    coming soon... 😉
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