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  1. Great ! The best il2 based videos I’ve ever seen
  2. To Tiger : 👍 Hi Sandor. unzip these files in the game folder « missions » or « campaigns». You retrieve them in the game as missions (and not quick missions) or together with other campaigns.
  3. tribal50


    Really nice !
  4. Videos based on the book « Le grand cirque » (« the big show ») written by Pierre Clostermann, RAF french pilot. Check « clan des officiers » youtube Channel (currently, 14 videos corresponding to 14 chapters of the book) :
  5. Smoke should red on left hand and Green for right hand ☺️
  6. TC is quite well designed. Maps are fine. Not so many bugs. And in term of contains, many missions and campaigns for free! Multiplayer is running. In total, means hours and hours of fun.
  7. Yep, am talking about user made. Most of them are very interesting and well made. And for free! Am not 100% sure but I think that Jason is preparing some « official « contains for tank crew solo mode.
  8. One campaign more! Thks a lot!
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