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  1. Im having this issue as well, I can host and he can see me but it says he can't connect to me?
  2. wow, thank you for this raffle! I'd like to sign up for a chance at a BoK key please! Thanks!
  3. My dreams have come true! Nemesis Squadron shall return!
  4. Mastiff gets a cookie as well as Shamrock, I've moved IL-2 to my SSD and it's definitely the D; taking the piss, poor thing was doing so well. Time to get a new drive...
  5. hmmm... I have noticed the D drive going to 100% usage when it freezes.
  6. Driver doesn't seem to be the issue, reinstalled it, didn't work. Went to the common redist_ folder and reinstalled DirectX, still no change.
  7. I've noticed that in BoS it doesn't just drop to a single digit of FPS because the particle effects like smoke from a bonfire, the flames themselves and the dust from a plane on the runway still render smoothly, it's just that everything else just stops. I will try reinstalling the latest AMD driver.
  8. Does anyone have an issue where their game pauses and continues like an internet video. This issue occurs for me in singleplayer and multiplayer and I've done everything I can think of to try to fix this but no results. Update: I went to fly some IL-2 1946 and I'm getting the issue in that game too. Is it possible this has a connection to the newest AMD driver?
  9. Hi, IL-2 magically lets me log in now so that issue is fixed, however now I have this performance issue to where the game will pause then resume like a video buffering. When in a light fighter like the Bf109, when my game freezes it still receives input and outputs sound, when it resumes everything is speed up to get to where I actually am, exactly like how a buffered video on YouTube acts. i7-4770 3.50 GHz XFX r9 390x 8GB ram 32GB ram IL-2 is installed on a 3TB 7000 RPM HDD which is not reporting fragmentation
  10. It's been almost a month, please, any help would be greatly welcome.
  11. Hi, months ago when the patch with mouse control and tanks was released I began to experience this aggravating issue to where I haven't been able to log in. I get a two part message; #1: No connection with authorization server. #2: Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection. I was given a list by support and did all of the following (bolded) Before authorizing: - check the settings of the Security (antivirus, firewall, UAC ...) Make sure that they are not blocking the exchange of data with the server - make sure that the update is successfully completed - make sure you have Administrator privileges for your Windows account - make all the game ports in the exceptions your router and security tools Authorization requires ports 80 and 443. Multiplayer mode uses TCP – 28000, UDP – 28000, Downloader Port (TCP) – 28100. - try to use direct cable connection to PC - perhaps it makes sense to update the router firmware I've even gone as far as getting a new router and service. I've let two friends log into the account and they were able to log in. On Steam, I can't find where to check what version the game is on. I've reinstalled this game at-least 15 times over the course of the year. I've got 135 hours logged so clearly I really liked the game. Is there anyone out there experiencing this issue?
  12. March 20th and I'm still experiencing this issue, I've checked my AV, Firewall and Router and none of them are blocking it.........................
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