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  1. Same issue where roll is inverted when looking rearward. Latest version of trackIR, had no issues pre patch
  2. Had no issues like this pre 3.0 I will however respond to your post in the correct forum. Aside from this, loving the patch and the new planes! Lot's of hard work went into this version, and it shows
  3. Just managed to recreate what you did in the video. Same issue. when looking behind and i roll my head, the roll is inverted. Just inverting the roll does not fix this. (it'll just shift the problem to when i'm looking forward)
  4. If you go into the local files, steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game Click on Il2.exe Game should work. Flying p39 now!!
  5. Same issue here. Downloaded and installed via Steam
  6. I fly it at least 20 percent of my playtime. 100kg bombs and rockets, and ap 23's makes for fun ground attack missions. Other 20 percent is peshka, rest are fighters
  7. BoK is slated for winter 2018 BoB was always at the earliest 2019
  8. Stuck in Login screen and keep getting the Can't connect to Master Server error
  9. I have a similar issue on certain maps. It seems some airfield spawns where you can take the 110, you start in deep snow and have to do some funky stuff to get out of it
  10. with the 2 ubs modification you wind up with 3 guns. It replaces the 2 shkas in the nose for a total of 3 ubs does it not? EDIT: On second look you are right. Regardless, point still stands. those 2 ubs do serious work for the guns that they are
  11. Doubt it. Unless you limit the teams so there are like 3 262's available, and germans can only queue for half the number of allies.
  12. Quite aware. Talking about with the modification.
  13. Loving the plane. The new shvak sounds are awesome, and the 3 ubs in the nose does a massive amount of damage for what they are.
  14. MMMM SEXY. Got a stream going just dicking around in free flight trying it out if anyone wants to have a look at it http://www.twitch.tv/ripsterstreex
  15. Think i can get a link to said sound pack?
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