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  1. Hi all, I bought this game in Alpha but didn't have a PC powerful enough to play it once it came out. I now have funds for a new gaming machine and want to play at high resolution on a 4k monitor. Could some techy types out there tell me what sort a hardware I will need to run this game smoothly at high resolutions? Please don't just quote the best stuff out there! I am still on a tight budget and want to only spend just enough to get the game running smoothly. I am using a 4k monitor for other work so already have that before I have built the PC to go with it. Thanks!
  2. I'm really looking forward to multiplayer beginning next week. Use of voice comms adds a lot to fun and teamwork for me. Does anyone already have plans to use teamspeak or other voice comms? I'd like to feel in on the action and being on TS or mumble with others flying alongside me would be great. If anyone could post TC channels for open play here...
  3. The control surfaces of your aircraft (wings, elevator, rudder..) all work by air passing over them and react to other forces too (load, alt, temp,etc). So for instance, when you fly fast more air passes over the wing and makes more lift than flying slow. So, trim is usually set for flying at a certain speed in certain conditions. Yes, you should set trim to level out on a cruise but also better pilots will adjust trim during combat. Most of my experience is in il-2 and I can say that having sliders/wheels set on your joystick for trim (particularly elevator) makes quite a lot of difference in combat. Imagine going from a 450kmh level flight where you are trimmed in balance through a hard turn in combat that leaves you at 225kmh. Now your aircraft has only half the air passing over it to making half the lift it had before. Unless you trim the elevator up you will naturally nose down. This is a simple explanation and there are other changes as well, but the pitch change is the largest normally and the most noticeable.
  4. barndoor

    The motion blur effect

    I voted that " I don't like it". I would like to see it turned off by default and turned on as an option. Having the motion blur on/off in the external camera options isn't clear. The box should say "motion blur" on it as well as "cinematic camera". It also affects internal cockpit views so shouldn't be on the external camera dialogue. I would also like to make the point that I think motion blur might be different for each user. For me, I am on probably one of the slowest machines from what I can tell of other peoples specs. I have a Core2 6700@2.66Ghz, 8gb RAM and just a GeForce GTS 250. I have to say that with my relatively slow system the motion blurring is way over the top. I understand that user of quicker machines won't get as much blurring and that I'm under spec'ed for the game but I'm having plenty of fun playing at 1280x720 until some money comes along for a faster pc. Maybe once I have a quicker machine I will try it again.
  5. Good stuff! How about posting up some profiles for BOS and the G940? Does anyone have anything they are happy with that works nicely with BOS yet? I have mapped a lot of my key presses to settings but I'd like to see what other users have for settings..
  6. what Bongo says is correct for the current version (and HSFX) in il-2 1946 and I believe is historically correct. There's much less work to do in the F4 and G2 compared to some Allied aircraft of the same production times. (I drive a Bongo too - Great motors!)
  7. Hellcatz, For your $50-$80 price range I would really recommend a Saitek X52. There are usually a few on ebay used for around this price. Look- http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_nkw=saitek+x52&_frs=1 What your getting with this system is a twist rudder and stick + throttle but also plenty of sliders/wheels. These sliders are really gonna help you once your flying - particularly with trim. I have a Logitech G940 with wheels (sliders) on and have them set for il-2 right now but once BoS is fully working I imagine I'll have similar settings. I have prop pitch, fuel mixture, radiator cowl opening, rudder trim, aileron trim and elevator trim all on sliders. I'd be lost without these settings. Particularly the elevator trim which I need to keep my aircraft in level flight. Lots of buttons - great. A few sliders - much better Also, if your budget goes up - a trackIR is great fun , adds immersion and advantage in cockpit only/ no padlock flight. Good luck in your search! Jay
  8. Hi, I just joined recently on the Silver access and have a question about key settings. In Il-2 I could use double key presses for actions such as "OC" for open cockpit or "MA" for map. I have a Logitech G940 and could then match these double presses in the logitech software. It worked great for il-2. I had everything on a double press after a while as it meant there was no way I could make a mistake with fat-fingers on the keyboard and it gave me plenty of options to have exactly what I wanted. It seems so far in BoS that apart from adding control , shift or alt to a key I cannot set the game up to allow double presses. An example would be setting "FU" for flaps up and "FD" for flaps down. The G940 has a mode switch on it that gives 3 different settings on the throttle for everything there. BoS doesn't recognise the mode shifting so I only have 1/3 buttons mapable in game than in the logitech software. Has anyone found a way to teach BoS a double key press like this? If not, is there a chance it will be implemented in future? Thanks, Jay (I'm really enjoying learning the two current aircraft)
  9. I have one of these systems too. I get the same probs others have with the throttle not settling steady sometimes. However, I have tried and owned others and if you shop around you can pick the whole system up at a good price. Having 5 sliders/wheels allows for such things as aileron, rudder, elevator trims, radiator, prop pitch etc. The profiling software is excellent and the force feedback is fantastic. I like the way the stick responds when flying the aircraft close to stall in il-2 for instance. Mine was ?
  10. Hi all, I posted in the thread off the weekly updates about the possibility of having control of the parachute. But my post is swamped out by people talking about unlockable stuff. So, I thought I'd post here. Posted 07 July 2013 - 18:18 BlackSix, on 05 Jul 2013 - 10:35, said: I love the development updates. Great work. A question- Will the parachute be flyable? Would simple steering controls be available to aim the parachute towards friendly territory? Will the wind blow it off course? I've played Il-2 a LOT online and offline and always thought that not being able to control the parachute after bailing out was something missing. It was in Fighter Ace 3 onwards and in the Territorial Combat arenas it was sometimes possible to steer towards friendly territory after the canopy was opened. I think being able to look around and have a little control over the chute wouldn't be a hard thing to model and would add a fun element to surviving a mission perhaps? Meanwhile, thanks for the updates. Progress looks great and I eagerly await release of this game!
  11. I love the development updates. Great work. A question- Will the parachute be flyable? Would simple steering controls be available to aim the parachute towards friendly territory? Will the wind blow it off course?
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