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  1. S! We would like to thank you for all your condolences, prayers, poetry and art! Yestreday, there was Marcin's funeral. Two community wreaths were successfully dropped. This was one of the thoughest 'missions' we ever had. Thank you again for being such a great community!
  2. Bristol was Rahon's all time favourite WW1 plane. Another was P38 Lightning. However, his 'love' was the Mi-24 Hind and he was waiting for the dedicated DCS module for this helicopter. He was a very talented person. When he joined our unit, we were developing own mod on the Targetware engine. As he wanted Bristol in game, he sat down, learned a 3d soft and... just made it in two versions (RR Falcon and Hisso). I made the textures, animations, fm and the plane was ready. Next he made Breguet 14 and Ilya Muromets He also made paint schemes for the 1.PL while we were flying in RoF, by carefully checking the ground colors from the textures and then applied them onto planes. The current Bristol Fighter project was supposed to apply a great improvement on the old 2009 model. Rahon reworked almost whole geometry and then started working on textures and gauges. His wish was to import Bristol into DCS engine as a free module which was supposed to be used during the virtual airshow in 2020 hosted by the Polish community of the DCS.
  3. S! While still being in a deep shock, I wanted to let you know that our brother, 1PL-Rahon, has passed away today. He was a member of 1.Pułk Lotniczy from March 2008, CO of virtual helicopter unit in the DCS and cooperated with the virtual "Biało - Czerwone Iskry" aerobatic team. During his service in the 1.PL, he was a Training Officer and one of the most dedicated members of the unit. Rest in Peace, Marcin. You will be missed!
  4. S! Baeumer, Matthias, I had a blast, flying on the J5 server! Can you double check the coalition occupation zones, please? After I landed on my home field in Bristol, I got a "captured" status. Btw, since the Devs finally implemented the repair/refuel/rearm features, can you confirm that they are available on the J5 server? Thanks, Lucas
  5. I'd love to have everything completed for the FC1, including ground units and maybe a couple of SP missions or some scripted campaign. I'd also go for some additional, "collector" planes, such as DFW C.V, Airco DH4, Fokker D.VIII or Pfalz D.XII. Not to mention the big bombers It would be great to have some more default historical squadron skins included in the core game. In the RoF we had some very nice mods some of which were included into the original game. Maybe some community expansions to the game could be possible, too. And finally, it would be nice to have some season's variations, including Winter, Spring and Fall textures.
  6. Detonation should be possible when flying a 200HP Halb on full throttle on a low altitude, as this engine had higher Manifold Pressure on 0 alt than the atmosphere press. I think that some engines would need some "tuning". When running a Brisfit engine on ground, I could actually overcool it, when running on idle. Flying the D.VIIF on the ground level with the alt throttle applied can damage your engine. BTW: The Oeffag-made Albatroses had an engine cover used for the winter conditions in the Alps
  7. Perhaps the current AI is sharing some WW2 code which does no suit the WW1 planes. Just my guessing. PS: In the very first versions of RoF, the AI flying N.28 and S.13 could retreat, and when you disengaged, it was turning towards you and attacking.
  8. I'd use RoF system, which worked fine, I think WW1 planename_unit_pilot.dds post WW1, still historical y_planename_unit_pilot.dds non historical z_planename_unit_pilot.dds I'd keep the names as short as possible, so no "No. 8 RNAS sqn", but "RNAS8" instead For the Flying Circus we can have the following abbreviations: - FD7 - FD7F - AD5a - PD3a - FDr1 - HCL2 - HCL2a - S13 - SD - SC - SE5a - F2BF2 - F2BF3 I'd also prefer a forum where the skins could be posted. One topic per one plane model. Also, it would be great to have some more official skins - mostly default squadron skins of the units which participated in the Kaiserschlacht and more. Maybe the Devs could include some of such schemes developed by the community artists?
  9. Lol, looks like I am the only one who prefers to fly Entente 😄
  10. The Halb in RoF/FC is used as a "bomber" and her bomb load is way to big. It should be limited to 50 kg's in my opinion (sure, there are some pics with the bomb racks but those were rather unusual). Usually, the crew was taking grenades and few 12,5 kg PuW bombs and that's it. If you will fly this plane without bombs or with the 4x12,5 load, it will behave pretty nicely. However, it was replaced by a newer types in 1918, like Hannover CL.II/III or Halb CL.IV together with some armored 2-seaters.
  11. Loke, change the bomb fuse to contact for example. That worked for me when I was testing 2-seaters in the QMB
  12. Slight OT, but please perform test flights in winter conditions. I know that the ac engine can run better in cold temps, but I was not aware that FC planes would benefit from it a lot. While Camel can fly approx 183 kph at ground level (Lapino summer), the speed will increase to 202 kph on winter conditions (Lapino, winter). Also, the Albie can reach almost 180 kph, Pfalz flies with 175, and Dr.I about 173 kph. The SPAD XIII could reach 227 kph! Have not tried the D.VII, Dolphin and SE5a.
  13. The map will be around 100 x 100 km's As for the 3d trenches, I seriously doubt about that, as that would require to change the terrain mesh resolution. But maybe a feature from the old Red Baron 3D could be implemented - the a-c collision with the trenches when on ground?
  14. With the release of Fokker D.VII, I took her for a spin to test the flying characteristics. After I climbed to 2000 meters, I performed a test to check a bug I found long time ago: 1. When level flying, reduce throttle to zero 2. The RPM's should drop to about 450 3. Keep the plane on level flying 4. Once you will be on stall speed, begin a dive 5. Note that, even if you will be flying at 200 kph or so, the rpm gauge will stay at 450rpm and you will not overrev your engine Could you test it as well, please? This is a note to Mr. @AnPetrovich Maybe some FM inspection in the future could solve this? Best regards, Lucas
  15. That would need a mesh with a resolution of 1m. So far, the RoF terrain has a 50m mesh. I think that the Tank Crew will have more precise terrain, but iam not sure if it will be THAT precise. Besides that, it is a problem to find geo-maps with such a detail.
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