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  1. Yes. Select some skin, so the model will load correctly. By default, the model has the damage model shapes activated.
  2. The briefing usually provides you with a start and end hour of the mission. Then, just look at your cockpit clock.
  3. The usage of 'overcompressed' engine could also lead to the cylinder damage. I read about this in the memoirs of Wacław Makowski, a Polish pilot and future director of LOT Airlines. He was flying a DFW C.V with a Benz Bz.IVa engine. For the first minutes he was amazed how well the plane flies and how powerful it is. Then came an explosion from the cylinder and luckily he managed to land. The mechanics assembling planes did not know that the engine was overcompressed and so the pilot flew it on full throttle on low altitude.
  4. Maybe there are some RFC 20 skins made for the Rise of Flight?
  5. Maybe the stress level could have an impact on the plane set? Like: - SL 3 - plane shortages (limited F's, CL.IIau, Falcon III, Camel) - SL 4 - fuel shortages (fuel cut to 20-30%, of course, it should be locked on the server) - SL 5 - Game over A completed recon can make some types "unlimited" - just to encourage teams to fly this missions. Just an opinion.
  6. They are not. I wrote GCF that once they will be ready, I will kindly ask him to include them. Still, few things to add/fix.
  7. Not yet, as I am still working on it. One plane to repaint, some personal skins and we should be ready to go. And I am considering changing the naming convention to RoF-style (y_sc_xxx.dds and z_sc_xxx.dds, etc.)
  8. S! Congratulations Gents, a fine decision! This reminds me of our unit and the need of 2-seater squadron back in the RB3D days. Having one really makes some team flying better and more interesting. Good luck!
  9. Yes, both in RoF and FC, the Bristol's bombsigh has a very limited settings, both speed and altitude. Even in RoF, there were some differences: German bombsight, French Breguet 14 bombsight, Bristol bombsight, RE8/DH4/FE2b bombsight, HP 0/400 bombsight. Each type being different.
  10. I think that sooner or later, we will need some "squadron skins" topic with complete sqn packs to download. Downloading as I type!
  11. Looks good, Butzzell! Question: What bombs must be taken to knock down a building? Will 12,5 kg / 20lb's do any harm to those?
  12. The Normady map is huge, bigger than the DCS one (created by Yugra Media, btw ) I agree, it is logical prequel to the Bodenplatte. Most of the planes will share some technical aspects with the previously released ones. And with the EF planes it will be possible to create some missions starting in 1941. But to be a solid product, te Devs will have to create a lot of ground content which is not present atm. Those vehicles will fit the Bodenplatte, too. And there will be a possibility of WF tank expansion, too. The Normady map can be cropped down to achieve the reduced Channel map with pretty similar size to what we have in RoF. It is really doable for someone who has the map sources. So, I hope that we would get it some day (or maybe the Normady map with the community created front line).
  13. Right, but those planes are for the 1916's campaign. During that year many early war planes were operated over Eastern Front. While 'Ilya Muromets' add-on was dedicated to the Brusilov's offensive, the RoF plane set was better for the Kierensky's offensive which took place year later (and that could be covered on the Tarnopol map) Yes, I miss the EF map, too
  14. The Dolphin is in my opinion the best gun platform in the FC. Stable, with excellent responses while performing vertical maneouvers. Remember, that the prop rotates counterclockwise (just like in the S.13), so she better turns to the left, than to the right. Sure, she is tricky, but can be very deadly at low alt, up to 6000 feet. It is a very versalite plane, as you can boom and zoom and also turn fight. When performing a vertical fight, you have to be very careful and gentle with the speed and high G's, as you can loose your wings
  15. In the S.13 I could reach around 350 kph in a dive, while Fokker D.VII could reach around 320 kph (those numbers are from the RoF). Also, the S.7 was equally fast in a dive like the S.13. Need to test it in the FC.
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