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  1. I'd have to check the 16,4 MB one, but maybe it does not have the alpha channell inside. Or there is a different .dds compression applied.
  2. R-Ctrl + A and yes, it takes few minutes to reload the guns (and bombs). If you are flying German scouts, it is easier because you can observe the ammo counter. It will be reset to 0 and then fully loaded, so do not interrupt the process
  3. Paul, so what is the Discord address we are going to meet in 20 mins?
  4. I'd try to keep the old RoF naming convention as it could create some order between tons of skins, also an alphabetical one. In my opinion, the skins should be split into volumes, like - Historical, WW1, vol. 1, 2, 3... - Historical, post-WW1, vol. 1, 2, 3... - Squadron (virtual units), WW1, vol. 1, 2, 3... - Squadron (virtual units), fantasy, vol. 1, 2, 3... The x_, y_ and z_ prefixes would be very helpful as well.
  5. I have some ideas regarding grouping/naming the skins, so count me in!
  6. My Blue Max arrived only to be exposed on my Ordenkissen during the funeral 😄 Got killed in the same flight. Thanks!
  7. S! I am happy to indroduce our WW-1 skinpack made for the FC planes. It covers all FC planes and introduces some personal schemes. Any member of 1.PL has a right to have 4x personal schemes after being in a unit for more than 5 years. So, I had to do a lot of them 😄 The paintschemes have a cammo consisting of 3 colors: light green, ochre and dark green. British planes have a cammo pattern invented by 1PL-Rahon who made those skins for RoF. The French and German planes are carrying more conventional cammo. Because I do not have access to Rahon's master files, I had to re-create them from the scratch. Our long tradition (started in the early 2000's in RB3D) is that we are flying with the chessboards. In this package we created an alternate versions for the German planes, where they are carrying crosses and a fuselage chessboards. All the planes are carrying insignia of: 1.Eskadra Myśliwska (1st Fighter Sqn) - a Lion, 2.Eskadra Wywiadowcza (2st Recon Sqn) - a Fox with red-painted nose section and Eskadra Szkolna (Training Sqn) - a Winged Cat. The trainers have a simple paint - "Polish khaki" and a light blue undersurfaces. Special markings: - 1.PL's CO - red-white chevron on the upper wing with arrows, inspired by a personal scheme of lt. col. Leopold Pamuła - 2.Esk CO - red white chevron on the upper wing - V-shape - 1.Esk and 2.Esk VCO's - red-white stripe on the upper wing Download link: http://1pulklotniczy.pl/Download/1pl_skinpack_fc.zip @GCF, can you please add them to one of your bundles, Sir? Maybe for "squadron skins, non-historical", please? Lucas
  8. Bartman, you must use one of your snap views. Press "2" on your num pad for example and while keeping pressed on adjust your sigh to the Vickers ironsight by using Insert/Delete, PgUp/PgDown. While you are set, press F10 to save the snap. Then, whenever you will press "2" on your numpad or (down on your hat switch), the sight in your SE5a will adjust to the Vicker's iron sight. @US93_Larner - awesome flying, S!
  9. S! I would like to thank Jasta 5 for keeping this great even going on through the last 10 years, especially Baeumer and Matthias. Without your server upkeep (and $$$ spent on hosting) we would not have BA or daily Flugpark missions. Finally, the Bloody April keeps the community together and brings new faces to the multiplayer and organised events. Secondly, I would like to thank Adler for his leadership for the Red Team. While perhaps I was more visible on the Discord, giving orders, Adler was responsible for the general strategy, planning and creating 'sign in' sheets for the players. We spent a good amount of hours planning tasks for the Red Team and without his input this would not be the same. I am also thankful for Adler Legion pilots who were flying all the missions with a great dedication. Third, my S! goes to the Blue Team and J2 Drookasi for leading them. Again, as usual, the event was full of sportsmanship and we were able to quickly discuss any issues regarding the scoring or other situations. Thank you! The win would not be possible without a Red Team individuals. This time, I would like to praise pilots who flew as independent ones. You know, it is always easier to assign virtual squadrons because you know their value. During the BA X things were slightly different in my opinion. Those who made the difference were our Mercenary Pilots who were able to show extraordinary skill and were not afraid to take any orders or planes. Redman, Cuban, Olivier, Zatch, Snowy, Joker, Father Ted, Oorpii, HagarTheHorrible, RubberDucky, Hauggy, ElMarta and Hellequin13 - big S! and thank you!. Finally, I would like to thank all virtual squadrons taking part in the BAX as a Red Team: Adler Legion, No56, No74, -IRRE-, US93 and US213, WIS and my 1.PL. We did a good job! Way to go! Lucas
  10. S! Tomorrow we will fly the last two missions in the Bloody April campaign. The pilots are asked to report to their CO's and sign in for the missions. It will be very helpful because the CO's will know how many of you will be able to fly and how to create a mission stategy. Good luck, everyone!
  11. Two days left And it is very competitive to fly against you guys!
  12. I think that our decision to switch the sides for a month gave us a new point of view. Flying Centrals is very demanding in some areas and of course there are pros and cons. Anyway, you learn more about the strong and the weak points of the planes.
  13. Bloody April 1917 - DH 2 - N.17 (Brit) - Pup - Tripe - R.E.8 - Halberstadt D.II - Albatros D.II late - Albatros D.III - DFW C.V Collector: - FE2b? - DH4? Verdun/St.Mihiel (mixed stuff) - N.11 - N.17 - N.28 - SPAD 7 150 and 180 - Breguet 14 - E.III - Albatros D.II early - Pfalz D.XII - Fokker D.VIII - Roland C.I Collector: - HP - Gotha
  14. Even an AI plane which I escorted during the mission turned on the cloaking over the front and I could not follow it. I think that when there are more than 60 players online, there is a overload stress and a packet loss due to the connection/bad ping. That was visible during the first mission, when both sides had more than 30 pilots online flying for their side. Some players experienced packet loosing when they were attacking ground targets, like trucks or balloons. So, they were putting ammo into those but there was no effect since their bullets were not recorded in the mission and had no impact.
  15. Just a kind reminder that we are going to fly the Week 3 on this Saturday! The pilots are asked to report to their Commanders and sign for the missions. Right now, there is a 1:1 draw between the Entente and the Central Powers. S!
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