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  1. Very sad to hear this. Whenever a WW1 community member passes away it is a big loss for all of us. Chunko was a great pilot with exceptional skills. We will be missing him. I know how it is to loose a squadron mate Condolences to all the Greentails! S!
  2. Czołem, Pozwalam sobie umieścić mały post werbunkowy, gdyby ktoś z Was chciał polatać nad frontami Wielkiej Wojny w zorganizowanej ekipie. Latamy zarówno na IL2:FC, jak i RoF. Zdarza się, że również IL2:GB, DCS, czy FS. 1. Pułk Lotniczy funkcjonuje od 2004 roku, natomiast 1.Eskadra Myśliwska (wchodząca w skład 1.PL) operuje od sierpnia 2001 roku. Od samego początku latamy na simach z okresu WW1: Red Baron 3D, Targetware: Richthofens Skies, Rise of Flight, Flying Circus. Jesteśmy też twórcami modu "War over Poland" dedykowanemu wojnie z bolszewikami oraz Wrześniowi, który funkcjonowa
  3. I guess that we will get such possibilities: - German career from late 1917 to the end of the war: Flanders and Verdun/Metz maps - British career, mostly for the Flanders, but maybe some Independent Air Force carrer would be available, as we will get the HP and DH4? - US career, fighter and bomber on the Verdun/Metz map from the Spring 1918 - French career for the Verdun/Metz map (fighter/bomber)
  4. Check the canvas in your 3PG SPADS! 😄 But, seriously, that was really amazing. I wish I would record more. Was a great pleasure watching boom and zoom attack of two S13 which was performed in a great coordination. And those long range bursts from below, ouch! S!
  5. Right now, you have to use all your ammo to destroy a locomotive. What is more, there is a kind of a bug where once the train get some hits, it can speed up and is very difficult to destroy.
  6. I wish they'd expand the current map or introduce the Verdun/St Michiel/Metz area which would be great for the Summer-Fall 1918 operations. This is where the HP operated together with the DH4's and Breguets. Since they have some elements of this area in the works (Rheinland/Normandy) I imagine that it is doable to merge some of their pieces and introduce the WW1 map. Edit: Also, I do not believe in the engine modifications (wish I was wrong)
  7. They did not stop after the CFS 3. The 4th was in the works from what I know, having the technology between FS2004 and FSX. They were developing TrainSim 2, too. But in January 2009, the Aces Studio was closed. Yes, when I fly the FS2020 I dream to have a warbird in such an environment!
  8. Here is a drone view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iSRkvAupT8
  9. Few hours ago, the Tallboy bomb was detonated underwater in Świnoujście (Swinemunde), Poland. This was one of the bombs dropped by No.617 Squadron "The Dambusters" on the 16th of April 1945. The target was a pocket-battleship Lutzow. There were no direct hits by Tallboy in the battleship, however, she got two direct hits of small bombs. One Tallboy exploded nearby the ship. That was enough to heavily damage her. The bomb was found last year during some works in the port channell. Another YT file, showing the bomb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnr3Uf_Nnrg
  10. I guess that maybe the product lacked proofreading, when speaking of the box art and logos. They might just used old ones from the 2011 release and then added the TF logo. But that's just my guessing, however this is not a pirate copy. 2011 edition from their website's game catalogue: https://cenega.pl/pc/symulacje/il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-of-dover/1261 2018 edition: https://cenega.pl/pc/symulacje/il-2-sturmovik-bitwa-o-anglie/3439
  11. This is not a pirate copy, Kintaro. From what I see (and checked online), this is a kind of re-release of the IL-2 CLOD for the Polish market. This is why it is called "Bitwa o Anglię"/"Battle of Britain". Actually, it is a IL-2 CLOD: Blitz, since the description says that many things have been updated since the original release. From what I see, it was released in April 2018 by the 1C/Cenega. Cenega is a Polish game publisher which prepared the PL version of the game in 2011.
  12. S! First and foremost I would like to thank @J5_Baeumer and the whole Jasta 5 for their efforts with hosting the Black September. The tournament would not be great if @J99_Sizzlorr did not create the mission which is perhaps the best WW1 mission ever created for the Flying Circus (and maybe RoF, too). Big Salute! to @J2_Drookasi and all the Central Powers pilots who did their best to stop the Entente offensive and they made it. Finally, I would like to thank the units and the independent pilots who did their best flying for the Entente. I was seeing how the cooperation and coo
  13. Hi, While being on vacation few weeks ago, I made a trip to Anklam. It is a city in the NE Germany, close to the Usedom and Rugen islands. Anklam is a place of the Otto Lilienthal's Museum and the place of birth of this aviation pioneer. Inside, you will find copies of all his designs, as well as sketches and his book about flight. There are also earlier projects, non-aviation related, such as bricks and other toys. A place worth visiting!
  14. Dear Entente Pilots (the Red Team), Please check the Jasta 5 forum. All the pilots who signed for the tournament as the Entente and have an account on the J5 forum, should get an access to the "Red Team Forum". I posted there a document where you can sign for the first match. It is very important to do so before Saturday, as this will allow better planning. Simply, we will know earlier, how many of you will fly and what are your plane preferences. Please spend some time to get familiar with the tournament rules and with the test scenario which is generously hosted by Ja
  15. I was thinking about copying Drookasi's post and edit it to fit Entente needs I hope to post on the Jasta 5 forum created for the Entente (Red Team), where the "sign up" document will be available. I will sent the PM to you gents. Let's meet and discuss the tactics. Lucas
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