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  1. CSW thanks all teammates and adversaries for their fierce campaign. I would have a balance tip: Reduce negative points (KIA, Capture, Ditched) according to server balance. As is the case with the item of lives.
  2. I do not complain about the increased resistance of He111, but I point to the excessive efficiency of the shooters. 2 hits - 2x 100% damage - 2 kills
  3. and will it be in the future? If not, it's a waste of time for us (606sq)
  4. It's very simple if the server wants to be historic and real must, be GPS OFF and vulching allowed. In order for vulching to be allowed, there must be more airports and the corresponding AA
  5. google translator: disconnect after damage, not before (odpojují se po poškození, ne před )
  6. google translator: Yesterday, I lost two victories due to disconnecting players. Please tick the rules that it is not allowed (original text: Včera jsem přišel o dva sestřely kvůli odpojujícím se hráčům. Prosím dopiště do pravidel, že to není povoleno )
  7. What is your goal? Hitorický planeset? (Probably not) Sales Support BOM? RPG adding any aircraft? Something else? (BTW I BOSfull / BOMfull / yak1b)
  8. Do you really mean that? This setting is end server Why in the first round Germans have bf110 not Ju87?
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