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  1. No problem, I'll post them as soon as I get time to go through a benchmarking session again. Glad to help, I prefer to be transparent, as this (+10fps avg) looked exceptional after all.
  2. The thing is there at least to types of reprojection, temporal and spatial. One is represented by motion smoothing, which can be turned off, the other theoretically is always on. This article is older, but explains it: https://uploadvr.com/reprojection-explained/ Especially this table is interesting: So the one at the top is supposed to be always on, on the index. As I already stated in another post, if you check fpsVR ingame the reprojection ratio is active and fluctuates, if the reprojection is needed. So it is not off, by just turning off motion smoot
  3. +1, that the builder has to take responsibility for XMP check and compatibility , as without it no recent system runs the 3000+ kits at intented speed. But on a constructive note : try profile #2 , the difference is not always apparent in the timings, but it's a simple check, so do it. try to set the dram parameters manually, eventually try reducing the speed to 3200 or less to see where the limit is. check compatibility of RAM on motherboard or ram vendor site, worst case, is switch to another pair of ram, as sometimes, it just won't work.
  4. Hi, just chiming in on the VRTest topic: I tested with 'legacy reprojection enabled and disabled. As stated before, the former setting disables the reprojection ratio counter and enables the dropped frames counter in fpsVR, the latter turns it on again and switches the dropped frames counter off. Not sure what to do with it, as we can debate what 'switching any ASW or reprojection off' really means, knowing that usually there is a compensation algorithm running in the background which in most cases is fiddly to disable on any platform. (I had a CV1, that used to b
  5. I will see into making screenshots, I can also provide the content of the startup.cfg. As already stated , check the reprojection in fpsVR, I have like the feeling that the 'enable legacy reprojection' setting in SteamVR , under the individual setting for a given application, is acting weird. I could not really find out, if it does anything at all, but if you put it to on, the reprojection is off in fpsVR. And as expected frames are dropped when frametime exceed the limit. You have to restart Il2 when you change this. When your system can hold 70-90 fps it feels fine and smooth, eve
  6. Hi, I found time to do a benchmark session with the 3080. I also had a bios flash lately, decided to keep everything on stock PBO = Auto. As long as I can't get a stable PBO advanced with curve optimizer setting, I won't bother with that part. Still interested on trying to push the DRAM, but no time for that. The card is a Gigabyte 3080 RTX Gaming OC 10GB, runs at a stable 1935 Mhz, Mem 9502 Mhz , no OC , its what it runs at on the power limit. Those cards really have no headroom, except you have one with a third power connector. There is some possible tweak with undervoltag
  7. Hi, Well all I know is your 1080ti card has this base characteristics : OC Mode - GPU Boost Clock : 1708 MHz , GPU Base Clock : 1594 MHz Gaming Mode (Default) - GPU Boost Clock : 1683 MHz , GPU Base Clock : 1569 MHz Mine runs the test with a steady 1974 Mhz, so well yes I guess that could be the explanation for both VR Testresults. Because if the PBO+200 would mean anything, wouldn't it bring my CPU Test over yours ? It only reaches this when I open the Power Limit of the GPU above 100%. Else it is power limited and the clock is lower. Now it is only voltage limited, but that's
  8. Hi, I came back to this because I discovered that the GPU overclock was not stable and also because I made a big trial of the capacities of my systems in terms of PBO2 curve optimizer. Sadly I must admit that I couldn't really find stable settings to my satisfaction. When it was stable in multiple core stress test where it ran 4550 all cores, it failed in single core, where it always hit 4850 on the 2 prefered cores. The problem is Windows distributes the single thread among all cores, and I couldn't get the offsets on individual cores to play along. Long story short, there is pot
  9. Yes indeed, during the test the workload was around 45% . For playing, I enabled 4K Textures and low shadows an went down to 80Hz. Then I started with 120% no AA. I still had an average of 76fps, still had all asw or smoothing measures off. The dropped frames were not noticeable to me and of quite low count. I thought, I still miss some AA, lets push to 200%%, which is near G2 territory. the gpu finally came to a 80% usage and the fps or frametimes were still intact. Of course this is in a simple duel quick mission. The most taxing to my understanding are the scripted campaigns, and for the m
  10. Before I start @chiliwili69 In my 4770K run in the spreadsheet there is information on Cooler, GPU and RAM Model which is not from me. Finally I can post some results. It took me quite some time to settle with the following and I tried a few things. I kept the CPU to PBO = Auto, but did some DRAM OC. The GPU is probably to the max of what it can give: Motherboard: MSI B550 Gaming Carbon Wifi CPU: R5 5600X CPU Freq: max 4.65 Ghz - PBO Auto L3 cache: 32 MB Cores: 6 Threads: 12 RAM typ
  11. Hi, I have an older system, but I have a 5600X on his way with a new Mobo, RAM and Cooler. I guess I might have it running next weekend. In the meantime to set my baseline : Motherboard: Asus Z87-Deluxe CPU: Intel 4770K CPU Freq: 4.5 Ghz L3 cache: 8 MB Cores: 4 (number of active physical Cores) Threads: 8 (HT is on, but Il-2 forced to only run on the 4 physical cores) RAM type: DDR3 RAM size: 32Gb (4x8GB) NB Freq: 4199 MHz RAM Freq: 24
  12. Hi, I never flew on the TAW Server. I might have connected once and spectated... but never flew . Nevertheless , I registered to the TAW site today with my nickname as a russian pilot. Then I tried to connect to the server, and got a #10021 : User is banned on this Server. I see that the playercount is 72/74. Is that the server's way to tell me it is full? Thanks for helping Hellfire Edit: It works now, There was also a Master Server problem..so may be it is related.
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