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  1. Make it live NobbyNobbs! Share flight plan Mark spotted targets An example of this for DayZ is available on google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innovaptor.izurvive&hl=en
  2. Two GTX 670 in SLI Three 27" monitors 1920x1080 Nvidia Surround 5760x1080
  3. Uninstalled until fixed, use my 100 bucks to buy some monitors. Деинсталлировать, пока не зафиксировано, использовать мои 100 баксов, чтобы купить мониторы.
  4. Thanks for the reply Jason, I too can help with any necessary 5760x1080 testing or monitor donation.
  5. Devs, please give us a word on this. Many of us are waiting on this. All current flight sims support muti-monitors and this is expected for 2014.
  6. 2001 IL-2 @ 5760x1080 ini.exe edit 2007 IL-21946 @ 5760x1080 ini.exe edit 2009 RoF @ 5760x1080 native 2011 IL-2 CLoD @ 5760x1080 native 2014 IL-2 BoS @ 5760x1080 not supported! I expected multi-monitor support from the progression listed above. I am angry that it is not supported.
  7. Feathered! Nice to hear from you. Murmansk was created because I wanted to use every single thing IL-2 had to offer. Getting the fighters attached to the bombers before the enemy got to the airfield took some great teamwork.
  8. Salute all! Yes, I am around, been busy designing games. Spits_vs_109s and Zeke_vs_Wildcat www.warbirdsofprey.com was started by myself, Osiris and Knight. We built a community around an idea of "full real", "full switch", "full immersion" where our goal was to provide the most realism and teamwork. No speedbar or icons Objective based historical battles Taxi and hold short to group up Take off from runway Formation flying I'm watching this sim closely for potential to recreate the "good old days".
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