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  1. Hey Dude, did anything with your Tarmac Aces 109 Stick however I can show you what I did with mine! http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3522971/1 If you are interested I can help!
  2. Trust me it does not look that bad when you are flying, but it is an old map. But that is irrelevant really, soon EDGE will be coming out and then next year we will have a WWII theatre map What to expect from EDGE...
  3. Wow okay, so I have it working now but I am glad I won't have to use this software again, one of the most tiresome pieces of software I have used! Thank you
  4. Yes I have downloaded it now but I just get a blank screen What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hmm, i just get an error when i try to open the file
  6. It was never going to be released like you have said, some aircraft were always going to be finished before others just like BoS, why wait until all the aircraft are done when you can release them as each is completed. That is just the sensible way to do things.
  7. From Wags... DCS WWII: Europe 1944 is still planned as a single-package option, or users can purchase individual components to integrate into DCS World. I am grateful to see you say that Jason, life does not always go the way you want or expect it to, I wish him all the best.
  8. No garage here, I think I will have to replace my bed with one of these XD
  9. Luthier posted these in the backers section so I thought I would just share these WIP....
  10. Hmm..... I don't think so Jaws Thrust vectoring is certainly the future of fighter aircraft, but as with all new technology they need time to mature before the best can be made of them...
  11. 190 D-9 Langnase Dora Cockpit I want to do this project right and therefore its going to take a few months, I am using a set of blueprints and have started modelling the cockpit section as can be seen below. Specifically the cockpit is going to be a replica of the Dora variant. At the moment the plan is to have only three parts made from wood, the base front and back, the rest will be made from aluminium. The plan is also to design it to disassemble into ~five major components so its not a hassle when I'am finally kicked out of the parents house Over the past couple of months I have been purchasing various components and today I finally received the last of the purchased parts, I feel like a bit of a cheat having paid someone to manufacture these parts when looking at the awesome DIY builds that I have seen but I really wanted this to look and feel as authentic as possible... so here is what I have amassed so far :idiot: THROTTLE UNIT JUNGHANS BO-UK-1 - Authentic and would love to know what aircraft it was originally in :doh: SEAT - Made from Glass Fibre INSTRUMENT PANEL The rest will be built be me in an effort to redeem myself , I need to finish off the design of the cockpit to make sure that the modular design works as intended and then I will start building it. Hopefully by the time the DCS Fw190's cockpit has been shown the structure will be finished and I will be able to position all the cockpit buttons and dials exactly as they have :smartass: Anyway thanks for reading and I will keep you posted on its progress... P.S. These items were brought from... http://www.arsenal-45.de/home_e.html and http://www.aeroart.de/de/kontakt.php (Use his contact email h.rienecker(AT)googlemail(.)com as the site is no longer being maintained) Just thought I would post this unfortunately I have not had the chance to work on it for about a year and in that time moved out of the parents house so I now live in a small room so the full scale one is unlikely but I will start work on the throttle and left control panel this year...
  12. No... its more like the Joffery, Cersei and Theon Greyjoy Before this escalates, that gold bar under my name <- Proves that while I might hate the fact that just as things started to look good for Ilya's il2 he had the rug pulled out from under him I still support 777 as I believe in competition.. however they have stated that my favourite parts of CoD will not be BoS... (CEM etc...) I will just have to look at DCS WWII to provide me with what CoD was going to achieve and more by the looks of it I just hope that ED sort out the multiplayer code and get Edge up and running as these are very important for DCS WWII!
  13. I actually LOL'ed at that comment Thanks! It seems some were late other wanted to see more before they gave anything, I believe that when we finally get an RRG/DCS WWII Website those that missed will be given the chance to pre-order or add to the funding...
  14. Well I will but only when the spiritual successor to il2:1946 and COD i,e... DCS WWII is released.. I find it much weirder when the next iteration of a game series is a downgrade not an upgrade....
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