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  1. Wenn du etwas hier im Store kaufst, musst du es nicht extra aktivieren. Eigentlich sollte der Key hier gelistet und als "activated" gekennzeichnet sein: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/license-keys/ Das aktivieren ist nur für Steam Keys oder welche von Drittanbietern. Starte einfach BoX und der FC Inhalt müsste für dich verfügbar sein.
  2. You checked here: https://riseofflight.com/store/il2_promo_code/ and you are logged in with the right account?
  3. Is it possible to gift my Rise of Flight Account to someone who might enjoy it? I won´t touch it again anyways since it doesn´t support VR. I received a gift from someone in the past and gave away a copy of a campaign. I said I will pay forward the gift at a later date back then. I can´t afford FC right now, but still I have no use for my RoF account anymore. So will the support team be able to change the email attached to my account to someone elses email? I´m asking this here to show my gratitude and also to not bother the support team right now (I guess they are very busy
  4. Jason stated in a different thread, that this promise will be kept and you should contact the support team for them to sort it out. I have no link to that thread! Edit: To clarify, I talk about your JU-52 Key. So if you preordered anything on their site, while there was the annotation (for that item/package), in which they stated you can get a steam after release, you can contact support team for the steam key.
  5. I can´t afford it at the moment, so it would be nice to be in the list. Stunned by this generous community! Either way, good luck to all!
  6. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/license-keys/ <-- you have to enter your key there. Then just start BoS on Steam (make sure your accounts are linked) and you will have access to FC content. Battle of X and other Titles you can buy from this website are all modular and integrated in the same game. Edit: Actually your FC Key should be listed and active allready.
  7. Very generous of you guys! I would like to enter for a copy of BoBP. Good luck to all!
  8. Steel made pre nuclear tests is VERY valuable for scientific instruments afaik.
  9. You can preorder on the website and activate the key (log in with the account details you use to connect to the server when starting the game on steam), then you simply log in via Steam (BoS) and have access to everything available/activated on your account. Plus if you buy on the website, I believe they get to keep a higher percentage of your money and don´t have to give that much of a share to Steam. PS: You can get a Steam key later on if you preordered, Not that you would need it at all though, since Steam requires you to have BoS to add additional content/packages, it acts as the bas
  10. Have you tried altering the default/current.map file? // KOS GENERATED INPUT MAPFILE // IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO CHANGE ANYTHING HERE! // (Well, it is still possible, but on your own risk ;o)) modifier("key_LCONTROL"); modifier("key_RCONTROL"); modifier("key_LSHIFT"); modifier("key_RSHIFT"); modifier("key_LMENU"); modifier("key_RMENU"); modifier("key_LWIN"); modifier("key_RWIN"); //////////////////////////////////// I guess you can edit them and replace the modifier with different keys. This will screw up all the default keybinds which use those modifiers though.
  11. No matter which Package you own, the client will allways be the same. So you shouldn´t be worried that it says BoS since that´s kinda the base game where it started.
  12. I´m sure that after release of BoK you will be able to buy the two collectors planes seperately.
  13. You have to gift that premium package to his account here. After he activates it, he will have access to its content when he launches BoX from Steam. The additional package won´t show up as owned in Steam Library though.
  14. Thanks for the Giveaway! PS: I don´t want any.
  15. Online: You can only fly the planes that come with your package and if the mission on the server has them available. You can encounter any plane of the series (piloted by other players or AI) You can play on any map no matter which package you bought Singleplayer: You can only fly the planes that come with your package in Missions You can only fly on the map that came with your package Edit: No bundles except for the premium packages which come with two collector planes in addition to the game package. Sales are done from time to time (usually 50% off). I bet there will be anoth
  16. BoS did get a lot of upgrades though, 64bit,directX11,VR and a lot of optimisations. It is not the same game that you bought in 2014. And there is also two more scenarios available for all owners if you play online. If the game would still offer/be the same as in 2014, I would totally agree that it should be cheaper by now, but it simply isn´t. And they do sales pretty often where you can get a package for 25$! BoS and BoM together for 50$ is a great deal and gives you access to alot of quality content and the game itself gets constantly upgraded.
  17. Awesome thanks alot man! I will make sure to pass the favor to someone at a later date.
  18. Postponed! Read yesterday´s Major Announcement.
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