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  1. Guys lets keep it civil please. Both nations have certain things going for them. The only point I make is at some point I wish people could break away from their preference for the sake of the game. I prefer Luftwaffe aircraft myself but I play the VVS about 90% of the time for the sake of team balance and gameplay. The game will lose players and eventually die if it doesn't happen.
  2. Thanks for all the quick responses guys. I think this needs to see more eyes and people agreeing to help sometimes would be a great start.
  3. I normally don't post these sorts of thing on forums as they don't accomplish much, but I'm hoping this can at least start a conversation. Hi, My name is Mike and I like IL-2 a lot. Unfortunately it seems if you play after the hour of 6 P.M. PT there never seems to be even teams on Wings of Liberty. Its so frustrating to join WoL and find the teams stacked 34 to 18 in favor of the Germans almost every night. I can hop in the Teamspeak and find ten people in the German chat and one in the Russian chat. Guys if you don't want this game to die you must realize that this no fun for people on the o
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