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  1. Here's this one. It's for F-4's though. And it's 2K. You can find more by using the search tool.
  2. Thanks a lot, man! By the way, are the 109 G14's on the list? I'm not sure if their default skins are actually 4K.
  3. Do you plan on doing this for the Mk V as well?
  4. Yeah, 670 4k skins is pretty far from light on your hard drive.
  5. I'm pretty sure the circled star on top of the turret was bigger and further back. Carry on.
  6. Well, we can only speculate. Maybe new pilots for the Eastern Front modules are somewhere in the pipe.
  7. Rename them. Usually there's a "4k" somewhere in most 4k skin filenames. If you don't know if it's 4k or not in the first place, find a way to open it in GIMP and check out its resolution. Though, you won't be able to see them in multiplayer, on the off chance you have another player using the same skin if you rename it.
  8. Yes, that sounds good. Would be nice to switch pilot skins like you could in 1946. However it seems like it's going to be a bit more complicated, the newer pilots having different animations than the older ones. Hopefully I'm wrong and it's really simple.
  9. Well, if you had forgotten, it's supposed to be a Soviet Spitfire.
  10. Yep, pretty sure it's accurate. However the Hs-129 fires its machine guns when you want to fire the 37mm gunpods, which isn't right.
  11. radial engines never really made flattering shapes.
  12. Yeah, great to see you back, I love how your 109 skins look!
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