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  1. Frenchy56

    Calm down !

    Thing is quite a lot of buyers don't have your kind of patience or understanding. If they dealt with the problem differently, the devs might have done so without having to deactivate writing new reviews on the Steam Store page after enough damage was done. Or, like Ubisoft, show mercy while issuing a final warning. And also track their keys with more attention than before, which was apparently zilch before barely a week ago. I've seen at least one guy on Steam asking if the game was safe to buy and the devs won't fool him after all that happened. Just to see how much damage this incident has done to their reputation.
  2. Frenchy56

    Calm down !

    Problem is that the devs dealt with it as unprofessionally as possible. Revoking keys that have been used for several months without warning, not dealing with the problem earlier and basically just a big bomb where everyone loses. Players don't have a game to play anymore and the Steam page is bombarded with negative reviews.
  3. Frenchy56

    SpitfireIX skins???

    Okay nevermind.
  4. Frenchy56

    SpitfireIX skins???

    see https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37027-spitfire-mkix-4k-template/ It's just one guy.
  5. Frenchy56

    Some very lovely Carp planes

    This is a Chinese film. It's mostly the dubbing though lol.
  6. Frenchy56

    questions regarding GB series development

    This game really needs integrated voice chat.
  7. Yeah, what happened to that? Running animations too expensive?
  8. I caught a Blue player doing that once. He tasted the ShVAK.
  9. Frenchy56


    A Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2. I remember playing freaking Jane's WW2 Fighters with that thing. It died a year ago.
  10. Frenchy56

    Russian compass

    Learn Cyrillic my friend.
  11. Something about battery amperage? It probably doesn't really matter for flight.
  12. Frenchy56

    Det's Hangar

    Well that would possibly never be the case. I usually prospect for even more skins to clutter my hard-drive and look beautiful with.
  13. Frenchy56

    Det's Hangar

    I'm losing hairs about this JG 5 skin man.
  14. Frenchy56

    DD today?

    That's "defecation".
  15. Frenchy56

    Captured Butcherbirds WIP

    Just a question, why don't you make Axis skins?