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  1. Oh, sorry, I was unclear, I was eyeing the skins so hard that I thought what I meant would have been obvious. Not that the campaign doesn't interest me as well, but for that I can wait. Bugs did a right smacking job on these Jugs, as usual.
  2. Frenchy56

    Bf109 G14 skins

    These ones have a mistake on the tail. There's 2 swastikas overlapping.
  3. Frenchy56

    FW190 A7-A8_A9 skins

    Damn, that's a lot of skins. They look good too, good job.
  4. Hope you don't mind me asking, but will this be available for public release? Before the campaign comes out, that is. Great work by the way.
  5. Tom, the files are unavailable.
  6. Frenchy56

    Confused with JG 300 and 301 emblems

    Pretty sure the first one is the main JG301 emblem.
  7. Says the files aren't found.
  8. Frenchy56


    Right, I'd forgotten about this piece of useful reference
  9. Frenchy56


    You know what that word actually means. Right?
  10. Frenchy56

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    Woah, when I glanced at the pictures I was almost convinced it was a Zeke.
  11. Frenchy56

    P-47 D Skins

    Two people made that skins already...
  12. Erm, are the oil radiator shutters supposed to be unpainted?
  13. Frenchy56

    WIP P-47D skins

    He said he doesn't skin Luftwaffe planes.
  14. Frenchy56

    P-47 D Skins

    Hey, wasn't that photo on the cover of one of Jeff Ethel's books?
  15. Frenchy56

    "Show custom paint schemes"- what exactly does this do?

    It does what it says, if you hover over it a bit.