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  1. Oh yeah. It's true that ETO and MTO were two separate things.
  2. Call me nitpicky, but you're forgetting that B-25's did fly out of North Africa and then Italy.
  3. Yeah, I get the feeling that the P-40E is the most abysmally-modelled plane in the entire Great Battles series. Down to the inexplicably low engine volume in external view. It's really too bad though, I enjoy flying it and peppering Krauts with my .50's.
  4. Yeah, Virginia Marie is one of my favorites.
  5. Yes, the A-5 is the one you want to skin if you've got an A-6 on your hands. Now get to work! 😀
  6. Yeah, if he intends to keep his mod private, why make and release videos on Youtube? That's really puzzling.
  7. It seems like bf109G14_.dds is the same as bf109G14.dds but the swastika pattern is different. You need to select one, as bf109G14_.dds does not exist in-game.
  8. Yo, can someone send me bf109G14_skin_01.dds ? Mediafire says it's generating a new download key every time I try to access it. Thanks for the skins spudkopf.
  9. No, it's not possible. Either the gunsight is on or off, nothing in-between.
  10. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/44956-fw190d9-official-4k-skins-historically-corrected-default-skin-updated-06042019/ Boom.
  11. Here's this one. It's for F-4's though. And it's 2K. You can find more by using the search tool.
  12. Thanks a lot, man! By the way, are the 109 G14's on the list? I'm not sure if their default skins are actually 4K.
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