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  1. Frenchy56

    LaGG - 3 (Series 29) skins

    There are very good reasons that good skinners don't put luminance to 0 if they want to make black.
  2. Frenchy56

    DD today?

    Abusive admin censorship confirmed???????
  3. Frenchy56

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Yeah, That's Steinhoff.
  4. Frenchy56

    HE-129 30mm cannon and fire group 1

    Is it really? Making an additional weapon group doesn't seem like rocket science. If the devs were bothered enough with making a separate key to stow/move the gunsight on the IL-2 and G-14, they should be able to do this, right?
  5. Frenchy56

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    I usually confuse Spitfires with 109's, though... Though accidents have rarely happened. I have the good habit of missing my shots when it's friendly fire.
  6. Frenchy56

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    Stop playing on Berloga then.
  7. Frenchy56

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    Huh, what a journey.
  8. Frenchy56

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    A classic.
  9. Frenchy56

    Lotfe 7 (and russian counterparts)

    It's probably because they had to pick one option first because of the limited timeframe and budget they always speak about.
  10. Frenchy56

    Fw-190 A-5 Skins

    I really love batches of squadron skins like those, good job.
  11. Frenchy56

    Just a quick question

    Well, as far as I know skins don't "stack" over each other. It's 1 or 0, you have a custom skin or you don't.
  12. Frenchy56

    Just a quick question

    They just need to be installed on everyone's game and have the exact same filename. And you need to toggle "Custom Paint Schemes" on in the options to make custom skins from other players visible. You have a... great imagination.
  13. Frenchy56

    Key for Ju87 Gunsight Illumination?

    You can't do manual startups in BoX...
  14. Frenchy56

    Key for Ju87 Gunsight Illumination?

    Wait, are you talking about Cliffs of Dover or BoX?
  15. Frenchy56

    A real Yak 3

    I saw one of these next to an actual Yak-3 at the Melun-Villaroche meeting not so long ago. EDIT: The one I saw was a Yak-11 made to look more like a Yak-3, actually. I'll try to upload some pictures of the Yak-3. There was a plethora of other authentic WW2 birds there as well. (There were 3 Hurricanes, by the way.)