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  1. bump. agree that the 190 overheating issue is significant and crippling. maybe with enough posts the devs will take notice
  2. same. server and clients experienced loss of sound bug
  3. my experience suggest that several AI AC gunners, but especially the pe-2, are terminators that rarely miss and more often than not deliver critical damage at a single pass. It very poorly reflects the historical accounts i've read. Sadly
  4. i would be very interested in trying Killing Floor 2 please, and thanks for your generous offer!
  5. nice. i like the constantly panning camera angles
  6. you have done it again! like previous one "bomber flights" this is simply amazing!
  7. 23. AI pilots are less likely to target the player plane; another appreciative thanks!
  8. thanks for the update! a quick observation: you have the JU52 listed under both VVS and OKL. doesn't detract from anything though
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