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  1. We are having a Combined Arms Event this Sunday at 1500 hrs EDT if I can get enough of our guys signed up. Shermans and P-47 matched up against MkIV's and 190 F8's. Semi historical but in the same general area of combat.
  2. Using these Sherman skins for our Aachen mission...and I like the camo on this MkIV. Many thanks to the skinners out there.
  3. We did a work around on the visibility of AT guns using a trigger which simulates the AT guns coming out of basically no where and offering close range fire. So it's still the guns you don't see that end up killing you. I am talking about hidden guns that when triggered appear behind cover and not popping up in the middle of a field. It simulates the guns coming into action and very accurately complements the Russians excellent concealment skills. The poor placement of some AT guns in the open is a defect of the mission maker if you are seeing them at a few kilometers, but I admit it does happen and sometimes the lighting and the lack of forest vegetation is a bummer. But if a mission maker takes some care in placing his AT guns they can still be fairly well concealed using some terrain features. Corner of a house or barn, haystack.....slope of a hill, trees..bushes....etc. Throw in a rocket attack as your trying to scan for guns and some AI tanks coming out of the forest and you might not see those AT guns all together. I think the single player component of TC is the hardest thing to implement right now to the level most SP desire. When people mention WOT or War Thunder they are specifically speaking about online and under the right server, I think TC beats them all.
  4. First off, thanks Draconus for sharing your expertise and gearing up to help make TC a better sim. One thing I'd like to point out....and I've learned it the hard way, this is a very long journey as we see the addition of new features and improvements with this game. For those of us that have actually purchased the game, or have had experience with the Dev's throughout the years, most of us have learned it takes a crap load of patience to see these sims unfold and evolve, but it does happen. I'm not new to simming, and many of my friends that share the IL2 Great Battles platform are not either, and I speak for them and myself when I say, we've enjoyed the doo doo out of this series and that includes Tank Crew. Of course it's a matter of opinion and how much you desire a WWII tank sim and the willingness to saddle up with the Devs and ride this one out. This is not a finished product and when the dust settles from this....I predict we are all going to be surprised. In the end you can either "fish, or cut bait" or go searching for another sim that stands out in this era. There is always going to be a balance to achieve in rendering ground terrain features within this series as the Devs balance air combat and ground terrain within the total concept of an all inclusive combined arms approach. So it's never going to be perfect, but I challenge you to find another sim with a better air combat component flying above you as you move out to achieve your ground objectives in your tanks. So it's not for everybody...nothing ever is.... For me personally, I play with our SCG guys and we have our own server and battles that we look forward to so I don't have the single player complaints many of you do. Just my two cents.....from a guy that's been here with IL2 from day one....
  5. I've always had a strong belief in a parallel universe. The only thing that makes me somewhat skeptical, is it should be raining vodka bottles from the Russian lines..... Excellent....(must be said like Monty Burns)
  6. Well, we shall start small then and keep it within our unit for now and we have some interest from another squad so that might work as well. But if anyone does change their minds, just let me know. I think there are guys out there that would like to do this, but committing to a time slot is tough these days. If this keeps on...I might suggest a "crickets chirping" sound for Tank Crew.
  7. Should come on when interior lighting is activated..
  8. Any of you guys interested in signing into an upcoming combined arms battle around Aachen? I haven't made the mission yet, but my plans are to try a format something similar to FNBF of the past by having interested players sign on to some pre-existing slots for the elements involved. The mission will be on a closed server and players will be required to join comms and coordinate combat within a system of command and planning. The plan is to branch out into a combined arms structure, but perhaps this first battle will be ground only with some inclement weather, just so we don't have to worry about those freaking ground attacks while we try and find the right combination for future events. Players will be American/shermans, vs German/MkVI's, with plenty of scattered AT and gun positions just to make it interesting. If I do get any responses to this..please indicate which side you would like to join for the battle.... Axis or Allied Later events would have opposing air elements vying for air domination and protecting ground assets, and raining down their pathetic plane debris on our tanks, or perhaps making us debris.... The mission would be set for a Sunday at 1500EST which allows for EU participation and would take approximately 2 plus hours to complete. Thanks in advance and PM me if you have any questions.
  9. Well if the do, it would be great, so I hope I’m wrong.
  10. They said that would not and were fairly clear about that point....
  11. Great work as usual Julian. I'm going to use those Sherman skins for our American unit.....fighting at Aachen.....
  12. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. Pretty roomy inside, surprisingly.
  13. I bet we will see something down the road on this, I wouldn't write it off for sure.
  14. Game looks really good doesn't it and I see you are enjoying messing around making movies. So much to do with the game to have fun. Enjoy
  15. Thanks for information on these tests. I found that if you have AI on the other side of the test that the AI will return fire before the non waypoint AI. So in your test...I am taking that you are in the tank and not AI right? Because in mine, the opposing AI with waypoints and "low" setting promptly fired and destroyed the enemy position. So it would seem that some of the correction has been in "dumbing" down the alertness and aggressive spirit of the stationary AI. A good test now would be two moving AI tanks on either side of the woods...moving to the tapered point to see the balance then. I found the same with the 50 meters as the woods tapered in my experiment as well, but my AI tank with waypoints promptly destroyed the stationary tank.
  16. Okay, hope you get it worked out.
  17. I tested real quick here no problems noticed. Is the problem loading any tank mission or a specific one? MP or SP, or both?
  18. I suppose our Radeon friends will be happy for sure...
  19. I notice a 1 gig update coming out today......
  20. Sounds good. Yesterday we had a 3 hour combined arms event and the game played great. I can tell the tweaks are making a difference. That mission was made to reduce line of sight issues, but I could sense a difference and it was good and a move forward for Tank Crew. Thanks to Stormbirds for giving us this interview. You know the forums are a tough place to interact with customers because just about any statement you make can get turned around or misunderstood and become just a slugfest. It could be the reason we don’t get much feedback. For an Early Access funding project though I think interviews like this are just good business and form a better relationship with the player base. StormBirds is getting a link from my little site ....as they are always promoting simulated combat games and do such a great job interfacing with Great Battles.
  21. This video shows the los from the lead German tank position, as soon as he clears the majority of the trees., which was as posted around 50m...he fires on the tank. Then again....and then the next in line fires on a position once he enters a line of sight area. The other back tanks hold their fire. As far as what ai is more alert or not, I believe an ai on a waypoint might have an advantage on those stationary AT positions. But I thought the German tanks did an excellent job of moving on those positions and clearing them and then reforming again. The AT position just below the ridge towards the end did not fire, as it did not have a line of sight on the tanks in the field. All in all, I have to say that this is a big difference from what I've seen in the past. I've had AT shoot through forests and ridge lines in the past from hundreds of meters away...
  22. I can't speak for single player, but I do know that any auto mission generator could most likely never factor AI placement to avoid line of sight issues the way we've had occur in the past. When you build missions manually, you can place things in ways that can overcome a lot of these issues. I think we are looking at baby steps here and tank AI will come with some more time. Right now, ai tanks can even maneuver magically through the forests, so I guess flanking maneuvers should be possible. I never thought they just morphed through there, but I found that out today. I've seen improvements though were ai tanks are not randomly firing into the hillside before they can clear terrain features for a realistic shot, but having complex maneuvering isn't going to be anything like an air combat ai can perform with nothing in the way but clouds. It's easy for me to do some more testing and see. I really hope we are moving forward on this issue. I know what you are talking about though with the sporadic ai alertness. I think tweaking with the ai is also going to interfere with what we've come to expect from past settings, as well. We have a big mission coming up on Sunday and I will be able to get a better feel for the game.
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