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  1. I think you have the honor of having made that possible DetCord12B.
  2. neat....do you have some photos of the rig?
  3. Should be out before the end of the month...
  4. Looking forward to the update and appreciate the upcoming improvements. Stay safe everyone!
  5. I think it was on Friday if I remember correctly at around 2100 hrs, EST, but there were only a few Allied players on at that time. I'm like some other posters...I really can't understand why more players don't jump on these servers. I have a campaign that I run for our unit, but it lacks human enemy players which really bring so much more into the game play.
  6. Beautiful server.....had a good time the other day. I wish more guys could come online and play in here.
  7. I've asked this question as well and I see a lack of organized unit makeup and little to do in the line of promoting the organization of historical tank regiments which would create a squad on squad multiplayer slugfest. The only thing I can say is the numbers are just not there and perhaps this is a niche that falls drastically under the air combat genre. I can personally say that a lot of guys are missing the true strengths of this game in not coming together with comms and a fixed objective style of play. You miss the sim aspect totally riding around alone through the countryside trying to knock out tanks and targets. I can't see a remedy in the near future but I can say that I'm pleased with the direction the game is going and I've seen a lot of improvements over the months of it's development. One thing I know...AI enemy tanks with a high skill setting are a challenge....albeit not realistic sometimes, you better knock them out fast because they rarely miss and the same with AT. We set them up so they spawn a lot of times in the wood lines and hull down.....and you don't spot them until it's on you. Kind of gives credit to the Russian skill of camo. Probably the biggest plus of the game is the historical optics and ranging features which I believe are one of the biggest immersion links despite the sound complaints and some of the other shortcomings. Also, having the best air combat simulation running in the skies above you is a feature none of the other games can claim. It's a unique simulation because of that and managing the resources to allow for that has got to be complicated. I would say the biggest bust of the game is the LOS issues, but if you build your own missions you can manually place objects to help avoid this shortcoming. Yes, it's more work and I'm hoping for a fix. As far as price.....I don't have a problem with it personally based on the game play, messing around with mission building, making movies, and our campaign weekly missions, it's well worth the price. PS is a lot of fun, but for me, it just doesn't measure up to TC as a tank sim. If anyone wants to join a mission of ours...on Sundays, 1400hrs EST, just PM me.
  8. Right now I'd settle for tracks that turn whereas in multiplayer they are locked and currently slide along. Can't wait for the update and the fix for this immersion breaker.
  9. If you’re south of the equator they work fine. 😁
  10. It came with the last update, we notice it as well in all our multiplayer SCG campaign missions.
  11. It's gotten better especially snaking a round past trees or houses to take out a target. That used to be really frustrating. It's not perfect, but it is better.
  12. These servers take a lot of dedication, skill and work to allow players to experience Tank Crew in whatever environment has been created and no one is forced to play on any server, it's a free will choice. The game is an unfinished product and I can say that "Line of Site" issues are a real bummer and creating missions with real authenticy built into them is complicated and at the moment nowhere close to perfect. Trying to enforce anything on an open server is just not doable and as long as that is the case you are not going to be able to create a battlefield which can separate the "gamers" from the "simmers" it's just that simple. Blaming it on the mission builder/server owner is not the way to go. We need more players, more servers, and dedicated tank units out there to confront. Perhaps it will come with time. The remedy in all this, is for people to make their own server and then experience the problems in trying to bring people into the game, and keeping them happy as a group. You'll never please everyone, but maybe I'm naive but I don't think someone builds a server on purpose to allow one side to win all the time. That is just going to be counter-productive.
  13. If anyone is interested in joining us please PM me and I'll give you the information. Missions start time is 1500hrs, EST, this afternoon, with mission objectives designed for German panzer unit thrust to relieve 6th Army at Stalingrad. This is our 6th mission and we are about 40 miles out. Light snow and overcast. Suggest downloading our skins here: https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/panzersgd We will have a small Luftwaffe presence as well, weather permitted.
  14. Thank you for your hard work on this.
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