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  1. This gives so much more depth to the game with the added strategy and ability to adjust to the combat situation. Prior to your new app TeRReF, players were locked into a fixed choreographed sequence of events. I know I am a wee bit biased on all this, but I'm excited on how this is all going to play out. Thanks for your hard work and making this available to the entire Great Battles community. Now I'm off to find a second monitor to begin setup. 👍
  2. Some great countryside there with some realistic looking combat. I do however worry about the young lady riding your bomb above....catching a cold.
  3. On AI vehicles, not player tanks. If I make a multiplayer mission and our guys come out in 10 Tiger tanks at 4AM to face off with some AI enemy tanks and vehicles, there will be little lights bouncing across the dark landscape. I wanted the ability to check a lights off tab for these combat vehicles.
  4. Glad to hear it Manu. If you ever purchase the sim...you are welcome to come on in with us and get a taste of it. But I do understand your comments about the immersion you desire out of the box.
  5. I assure you with the pak35, pak38, pak 40 in addition to the zis2 and 3, there is plenty of danger posed by hidden AT positions to offset the lack of handheld AT. You just have to have a mission where these things are properly placed. I agree totally that these other additions will really add to the game, but I disagree that you can not have a fairly immersive simulation with the absence of them. I have for instance missions when AT is triggered into place in wood lines, or farmhouses, in towns etc....which can simulate well hidden AT for advancing tanks to face off and destroy or be destr
  6. IL-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual - Mission Making and Mission Editor - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
  7. Like Rivaldo stated there is already an option to turn off the ai gunner for tanks, just make this an option for planes, but you have to come up with something as a workaround in the meantime because change can be very slow at times here. When any player in a server uses his AI gunner to spot ground targets he himself cannot spot then this is just not fair to tankers who have gone to great lengths to remain hidden from the air. Sometimes driving in wooded areas for long periods and risking the other nightmare of invisible trees. Still a great game though.
  8. I could be wrong, but I don't think we are going to see infantry in mass numbers, but perhaps in module form, with say a cluster grouping, 4 to 5 soldiers in a prearranged pose position. Maybe a handheld anti tank weapon here and there in the group. I'd like to see some modules which would have entrenched positions, with just the upper part of the soldiers exposed to simulate something in the ground, instead of always on top of it. Funny thing about war, positions like to find some damn cover and that usually meant digging in. I know the game doesn't support digging in, but maybe they can
  9. Does the game factor in the weight reduction on tanks with or without skirts? It would be neat if it did.
  10. I would sprinkle the woods with target droppings for the auto AI gunners to waste their rounds on. Make the vehicles targets invulnerable....and fire away...back seat AI radar shooters till your hearts content.
  11. Wow...some nice shooting there and flying. Great job! We are having milk and cookies for you back at the base tonight. I hope you can make it.
  12. Thank you for your suggestions. I've found that balance can only come from a closed server.
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