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  1. Still a work in progress, but I've seen some really neat improvements along the way. I make missions and usually play online with our squad running mission objective based missions in conjunction with some of our air wing members and I have to tell you, it just keeps getting better and better with each new patch. I understand the frustration with the newly released campaign but give it some time. Line of site, issues are a pain and care has to be taken to position assets to reduce this problem as much as possible. Hull down positioning is a trial and error process for me and very time consuming.
  2. Well you sound like one heck of a nice guy and if you use the mission generator and give this sim some time, I bet you will not be disappointed. I apologize if anything I said wasn't as friendly as it was meant to be. I see that you are a Founder...so I was preaching to the choir anyways. D You know...if you hold off for another night out..."Tank Crew" is just waiting for you. 😁
  3. Each of us as consumers and flight simmers, have a different outlook on when we are going to slap the money down on something like this. For me, I shell the money out early on and have a little faith in the future of my investment. If you want instant gratification then hold off on spending your money, and set back and let us fly the aircraft and have our fun, with the hope that good things are coming down the road. I love history, love the planes, the tanks, the eye candy, the sounds, the mission editor, making movies, jumping in an online server, or just pumping out a mission and flying out over no-mans-land. I go from WWII fighters, to WWI, to tanks and I haven't regretted any of my purchases, because I make the most out of what's provided at the present moment and enjoy the updates when they do come..... If you hold off for a year or so, and finally shell the money out, you might get it on sale, and you will more than likely get a more finished product, but then again, you might not be alive in a year or so. I mean Eeyore would wait...most assuredly.
  4. Oh come on guys, give em a little privacy. Everyone knows this is how little planes are made.
  5. Querky is saying it best PikeStance. I could go on and keep trying to make my point, but hey I'm just one old guy set in his ways... 😁 Here's a short mission statement for our group. There will be enemy tanks, perhaps as many as 6 AI tanks at a time, and numerous AT, artillery, flak, and katyusha rockets to overcome as we move down the railroad tracks. And maybe some enemy air above...Keeping sound tanks with our main guns intact and no deaths, if we can help it as we secure our objectives. We look forward to these missions, but it would be nice to have more players for sure. I'd like to see some more tank squads come about as the game matures... Event Name: Combined Arms Event, Autumn 1943 Event Start: Sunday, Nov 3, 03:00:00 pm (GMT -5) Event End: Sunday, Nov 3, 05:30:00 pm (GMT -5) Created By: SCG_Neun This mission will present air challenges involving ground neutralization of a heavily fortified area blocking the assault path of our panzers. The panzers will secure this area and await the arrival of an an armored convoy of panzer grenadiers. They will then continue on to capture a small industrial area containing vital fuel and oil for our push deep into Russia. The air unit will be tasked with bringing in a contingent of fallschirmjäger who will hold the area as the panzers enter the city. Timing is critical to prevent the self destruction of the fuel prior to capture. More to come. Need a minimum of 6 air and 4 ground for this one.
  6. Well there are differing marketing groups out there and over the years quick "jump in and kill things" mentalities have taken over the gratification experienced by simmers who have always enjoyed more complex historical immersion to the open servers with few limitations, including server oversight, with demanding realism settings etc. Yes, the game has its limitations, and you aren't going to find perfection, but you will find a developmental team, albeit a small one, that works hard to update and expand features within the game, adding more and more realism and options all the time. So our little simming niche is a small one, compared to the big boys out there...on the consoles, and cluster games like WOT...but it has it's followers. No the battles aren't epic 40 tanks on 40 tanks..which in my opinion means no server oversight, with "cowboys" coming in playing arcade shoot em up tactics and killing all forms of realism. But we have the tools to create our own servers, our own sandbox, and our own server oversight. We can recreate mission objective 3 hour battles with comms and a highly sophisticated air component giving us "human player" combined arms immersion. I don't fault anyone for not joining in with this kind of simming, but I think they should know that for a lot of us, this game is awesome. I hope more guys come into the fold when they release the new campaign updates, and I hope we get more "believers" that jump into the multiplayer end of things as a result. But I'd take 20 guys who understand the history and want authenticity, then 200 guys in a server that could care less. But hey, that's just me.....
  7. I agree multi-crewed tanks is the getting the most out of the sim for sure. But at this stage of the game, the low numbers of players makes taking advantage of this feature rather difficult.
  8. Massive multiplayer tank battles on a grand scale are currently not the way the game is designed based primarily on the lack of players but also on representing a realistic combat environment within the parameters of the game. It’s more of a 8 tank on 8 tank design with the addition of rockets, AT, artillery, and ground attack mixed in. There are servers that give you this but I’m not sure about your time zone there in China. Organized tank units haven’t really caught on the way they are represented within the air combat side of Great Battles. I am hoping someday that they will.... This In not WOT but something that gives you an opportunity to experience a more historical immersion into the battle. Does the game have the potential to have 20 tanks on 20? Yep.
  9. Thanks Thad, I suppose I didn't think anyone could possibly think the game itself could be toxic. But it's something I'm glad you clarified.
  10. I agree with you on this, and that's what started the entire thread, was a more serious and less toxic game within a really well designed and thriving server. But after all the words and back and forths on all this, the reality is the server is run by the creator, and it's his to run the way he sees fit. If guys don't like it, they should play somewhere else and move along. East, West, North, South, makes no difference.
  11. You have the talent and so much time in your server, and I agree it is like your house and you decide how to manage it and bear the consequences accordingly. Thanks for providing a server for Tank Crew.
  12. Is there a way to restrict certain tanks based on the constantly changing numbers of players that might be on at any given time?
  13. I can say that with a bit of practice the aiming even with the new system, does in fact get easier.
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