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  1. Your right in the triage of needs this isn’t near the top, but for immersion it’s not a bad suggestion just not a priority right now.
  2. Had a blast in this server yesterday. Thanks for hosting.
  3. Looks that way Riksen......Immobilized tank while repairing...........different time parameters for different repairs. Engine, Steering, tracks...... Got a readout on the ammo load as well now.
  4. Yes, they are in your realism settings......and will be posted lower left on your screen. When I setup the parameters for our online missions I allow simple gauges for this reason.
  5. “Tanks” for posting. 😀 Those campaigns are a lot of fun and go through some ammo. All in all, you guys end up knocking out at least 40 or more targets, including my normally smoking and perforated T34. We will have our SCG Air Wing up next mission and you guys better find some cover...😬
  6. We currently have simple gauges activated for ammo readout. Doesn't seem to take away from the immersion...
  7. Rest In Peace 303_Kwiatek! Prayers for family and friends as well.
  8. Some information here on the controls... Also, our unit has a mission going up this Saturday at 3PM EST, if anyone wants to join us, just PM me and I can get you squared away on our comms. Closed server with mission objectives. Nothing fancy, but we have a lot of fun with it. Comms and fellow tankers is a hoot and adds so much to the experience. You can play as Germans or Russians....makes no difference. We would only ask that if German you follow our lead tank instructions and play like your life depends on it. I grab a russian tank and kick up some dust against our unit and it would be nice to get some company.....
  9. Yes, but more for Post Scriptum at this point based on the ease of operating a tank in TC with the one player aspect. For now, with our numbers we'd rather have a couple of platoons coordinating movement than just 4 to 5 tanks with the 2 player a tank option. Additional tanks also give you more eyes from different angles and terrain coverage so it's a trade off.
  10. So when you go to multiplayer and open up to Dogfight and Cooperative, you hit Dogfight, Continue, and you don't see any servers listed, correct? Have you checked your network settings within the game itself? In addition, can you go to multiplayer servers in other games? Are you just having issues with TC?
  11. They’ve outlined a couple of upcoming campaigns that are coming out soon.... I play multiplayer mostly and we’ve had a lot of fun within our unit hosting some objective based missions, so there’s always the hope that someone like you that plays mainly SP might decide to come join our missions in the future. In addition some of the guys like Thad are making some great single player missions to enjoy. I think this is only going to get better with time. There are some things that need to be tweaked but slowly but surely I believe these issues will be resolved. In the end it’s your money and time....and you will here pros and cons depending on who you talk to... Hope you take the plunge...and if you want to go out with a large number of tanks in mass....send me a pm in the future and we can make it happen.
  12. Yeah, you're right.....the MG's add some flavor especially in the towns...
  13. Our missions are very rudimentary in terms of MCU triggers...enablers...this and that. I've got a few things going, but the main setup in one of our missions is gun placement in both artillery and AI tanks. If you take your time and carefully place gun positions in woodlines....towns while using the slope of the land you can create a very real battle scenario. Granted there isn't any infantry component, but 8 Tigers moving on an objective with some IL-2's pestering the devil out of them and throw in a human element on the Russian side and it makes for an enjoyable mission of about 2 plus hours at times. You can place as many guns as you want and I've found that it's not a drag on the mission....Switch up for next week and go at it again. We are bringing our air units in on the fun most likely next week. The game gives us a lot to work with and like many have said it's not finished. You can have a lot of fun with it, if you take what it gives you and play it. The best use of it for multiplayer is control the amount of people on your server, and have a specific mission objective...a focal point and go for it.
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