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  1. Don't be bombarding me with those negative waves....always those negative ways....
  2. Haven't had this happen to me in a German tank yet.
  3. Have you experienced this in a German tank as well?
  4. We are having some problems with trigger activate for AT and machine guns....after this last update.
  5. I can confirm this from the mission making side as well. Invisible AT and machine guns when using trigger activate.
  6. Rest In Peace. Prayers for family and friends.
  7. The real kicker is when it runs into a hidden obstacle and messes up the engine. Seriously though, they will work out the kinks.
  8. Darn....nice shooting....You must have gotten a "Dear John" letter from home....
  9. I've been playing the game here lately and it seems like the LOS issues are somewhat better. Snaking a round down past a tree that a tank has nestled up against has been productive and AT guns firing through forests hasn't been as much of a problem. Anybody else notice this, or am I just hoping too much?
  10. I'm getting a bit more used to it with practice, but I'd like the axis control assignments to be implemented...
  11. I think he is using the little circle as a visual graphic tool in assessing the input features of this new turret movement and aiming. If you think about it...it's a smart reference. If you'd like you can play with us sometime and see how arcade we play. 😉 Schleifer, I'm seeing this same problem as well. I thought at first I just had some screwy settings....but now that I see similar observations online I think this needs to be addressed.
  12. Not getting my settings worked out very well. Either keys or mouse...turret continues to move past the position where I would like it to stop. I'll continue to work on it though.
  13. Another update just now....keep your fingers crossed.
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