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  1. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    Some of us getting together on our "casual channel" for a couple of missions. Come join the fun. Video by SCG_Drifter... Striking Airbases.... Interested in Joining?
  2. Inside Tiger Tank, Part 1 Part II Part III Part IV Part V
  3. SCG_Neun

    An issue with the future of tank crew

    If you fly over the battlefields of the Eastern Front within IL2 you will undoubtedly see tracers arching across the sky from artillery positions and AI tank fire, etc. Smoke billowing up and fires raging across the landscape. If we could have some designed infantry modules, with lets say an MG42 and several soldiers in support placed randomly as we do the artillery and flak modules, I think this would give the needed immersion. Of course, it's not going to create the nirvana of gameplay that one would like, but I think we have to be reasonable in terms of how these games develop. It's a trade off.....maybe other sims have great infantry combat support and immersion, but IL-2 will certainly have sophisticated air combat overhead to bring in this very important historical element of combat on the eastern front. And not all land combat games have that kind of air war sophistication overhead.
  4. SCG_Neun

    Turning Tank Turret in Commander View?

    It would be cool if they could maybe have a template cluster of a few infantry men that could be randomly positioned on the map. Kind of like the Artillery and AAA modules only an MG42 or panzerschreck with several other squad members and the counterpart for the Russians...Just enough to give it some immersion. I wouldn't expect anything on a large scale. I have to say, this one has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to whatever they have in store for us. I have a lot of faith in these guys.
  5. Very well done indeed. Excellent storyline and I can tell that a lot of work went into this one. Much appreciated!
  6. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    Riksen has been promoted as our new Flight Commander for SCG and will be in charge of our Combat Air section of the unit. I'm focusing on our land based pursuits as we gear up for "Post Scriptum" and "Tank Crew". Stop in and give is a look over if youre interested. Simulated Combat Group Recruiting Site
  7. SCG_Neun

    New NA pilot

    Got your message on our forum Smoke Fan.....Hope to hear from you soon again.
  8. SCG_Neun

    Pssst, it's Jason's birthday today

    Happy Birthday Jason. Hope you have a great one with family and friends!
  9. I've been around since the start of all this and I was plenty vocal in the early phases and at times, now that I reflect back on it, head strong and very opinionated. Personally, I've learned to be patient as this sim is well supported and has evolved into one of my favorites. Don't be too "victim" oriented and express your concerns in a respectful manner and you should be just fine in here. If you need to make a point, PM the moderator and limit the drama. Fact is the internet is not very conducive to a focused back and forth exchange of ideas. People will always come into the conversation bringing all their baggage with them. And before you know it...the entire theme of the post is off the rails.
  10. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    We would like to welcome Cryptics and Wulfe to the fold. Both have been assigned to 4./JG52. Our unit will be flying primarily on Coconut’s Dynamic Campign Expert Server based primarily on its dynamic and immersive qualities. Of course we will still be experiencing quality servers such as FNBF and TAW as well. Check us out if you’d like to join the fun.
  11. Since I've gotten into the VR end of the sim....that career option is looking better and better all the time. I just have so much more fun flying offline now than I used to.
  12. SCG_Neun

    Rift and USB

    I just got OR myself and appreciate the suggestions.....I'm going to velcro the sensors, and then bolt my arse into the chair....
  13. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    Guys trying to join our unit, please check your junk mail files as well for our return email. I think we are losing some interested pilots in this way...
  14. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    We'd like to welcome two new pilots to our unit, SCG_Lockworth and SCG_Campos. We had about 12 of us aloft the other day and are looking forward to Bodenplatte. Getting our feet wet a bit in Blitz as well. Wishing everyone in the Community a very Happy 2018. Stay Safe.