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  1. SCG_Neun

    An interesting picture of Tiger gunner training.

    LOL...you have a Freudian outlook for sure.....
  2. SCG_Neun

    Det's Panzerfabrik

    Many thanks DetCord for all your hard work and correspondence these past weeks on this.
  3. SCG_Neun

    Just want to say thanks.

    We are already gearing up for this one. Thanks from our outfit as well! 9.PzRgt_GD
  4. SCG_Neun

    Everything wrong with German tanks

    I say...rather well done ole boy....😁
  5. SCG_Neun

    Some feedback after half hour gameplay

    You could simply have an audio acknowledging ammo type being loaded, much in keeping with 110 gunner interaction audio feedback. Tilde key, F3 and select options from dropdown. Seems to work well for interaction between 110 pilot and gunner, as it should for the gunner and loader of a tank.
  6. SCG_Neun

    Organizing Combat Events

    Anyone interested in participating in scheduled combat events is welcomed to our site location to use a Combat Event scheduler system that helps to organize events as to time, place, slots, comms, and objectives within the online gaming community. Use existing servers such as TAW, Coconuts, Finnish Virtual, etc….to bring in a predetermined group of tankers/pilots so you know that you have enough guys in there to create an immersive combat experience. Existing squads like ours can use this to help offset the numbers when we want to come into TAW etc….and make our event more realistic. This scheduler only works if you register on our site and will use the registration email you supply to notify you of any existing combat events in addition to anything you wish to schedule. Click on the link and it will take you into the event which should have all the information you need. Community Combat Event Scheduler I’m opening this up in an effort to bring in more Tank Crew enthusiast who would like to start assembling for some missions, but it will work for any event you wish to post. Our plans are to have dedicated Tank Crew type missions available as the sim progresses. We are out here in cyber space all we need to do is get organized….
  7. SCG_Neun

    Combat Event

    Okay...lets see if we get some interest up for this then...
  8. SCG_Neun

    Tactical Resources for Aspiring Tank Commanders?

    Thanks Sir....appreciate it.
  9. SCG_Neun

    Combat Event

    will do....
  10. SCG_Neun

    Combat Event

    We have a lot of fun together, but with today's time restraints and the plethora of sims available..... it's hard to keep a large number of guys interested in the same sim thereby allowing us to populate our own server and have an immersive experience. The pluses are you can setup your parameters and create a very immersive combat arena because at that level only historically interested simmers want to go through all the trouble signing up, etc....The negative is that missions are few and far between and without the spontaneity you have in the open servers....In addition, finding missions to use and having the expertise to modify them or create entirely new missions takes time and effort and as you know.....alot of skill.
  11. SCG_Neun

    Tactical Resources for Aspiring Tank Commanders?

    1943 Tiger Manual Good section for gunnery site explanation..... And with the english here.......you get an idea about the optics and ranging..in conjunction with the manual. After page 92 in the manual you have some cool reference cards. Take the T34....the first two numbers as I understand it our for your tank protection.....at 1500 meters you are vulnerable from a side shot, and at 800 meters from a frontal shot from the T34. The last two are in mils and translate using the optical gunnery system....of 4 mils or 1000 meters for a kill on the side, and 3 mils or roughly 750 meters frontal hit on the T34. Not sure if that's correct as I don't speak German and my son helped me on this.....but you get the idea. Basically flashcards for tankers..... https://www.quora.com/Just-how-superior-were-German-Zeiss-optics-specifically-German-tank-gun-sights-in-WWII#
  12. SCG_Neun

    Tactical Resources for Aspiring Tank Commanders?

    I purchased this book to help me.... Panzer Tactics
  13. SCG_Neun

    Combat Event

    Okay, let’s get some tanks out there in a concerted event with an official start time and some semblance of organization, at least in the numbers that will be present. We are hosting a tank event on the Moscow map with an option for the new Tiger and KV-1 tanks to form up in mass. We should have some tank action out there but slots are limited. This will be a test for our server as well, so the time slot will be more compatible to NA to help with connection issues. I’m planning on 10 Tiger slots and 15 KV1 slots with 2 slots each for recon aircraft from each side to start out. We will have to work up on the numbers, so starting out small for now. This is a tank mission crafted by Coconut.... only we are giving it some parameters for start and finish with organizational comms and the feel of tactical unity for each side. Players when KIA are allowed to respawn in aircraft only, so as the battle rages we should have a crossover into an air battle of sorts. I’m waiting back from our unit to get an idea on how many of us will be attending the event, so I have a feeling that Tiger slots will be limited with Russian slots mostly available. But I will update on this if enough of you guys are interested. Just having 10 to 15 tanks come into the server at the same time, turn over engines and form up is an awesome immersive experience in itself. Something you just don't get in the regular open multiplayer servers.... If we get some interest I will come up with a signup sheet and start planning on a set time for Saturday or Sunday..say around 7PM EDT. Thanks
  14. SCG_Neun

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    Some of us getting together on our "casual channel" for a couple of missions. Come join the fun. Video by SCG_Drifter... Striking Airbases.... Interested in Joining?
  15. Inside Tiger Tank, Part 1 Part II Part III Part IV Part V