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  1. Yes, sure wish we had enough player base to do multicrew
  2. Yes, for the most part we are, based on low numbers, but the low numbers of human Allied are offset by a crap load of AT/artillery in addition to triggered tank AI that comes into play. So you could come up in an area and trip 8 tanks and AT as well and have your hands full in what was seemingly an area void of any opposition. Pretty well simulates the excellent concealment tactics the Russians practiced. Advance and run into similar problems, with rockets and aircraft. The combination of weapons at any one time is what makes it hazardous. But we'd love for human Allied players to join us. The strong point of the mission is having a coordinated plan, with units that are assigned positions and in constant communication with one another, in addition to set mission start and end times with defined mission objectives. With the amount of resources I have active in these missions I'd never be able to have large tank battles. Just too much of drain on resources. But for our unit, it's really been a lot of fun and we all look forward each week for the next mission together.....
  3. Oh you must be right...all the battles in WWII were large scale 30 tanks on 30 tanks. I don't think you'd last 10 minutes with us, but then again I'll never know.😉 It really is a beauty of a game but you’ll have to purchase it and give it at least a try to experience some of its strengths.
  4. Some great looking skins. I love how you got the flag to fold with the contours of the tank.
  5. Wow, looks great! I'm going to try this one as well. Thanks for all your hard work.
  6. As far as I know there’s only one organized tank unit and it’s ours. SCG would support and help the formation of another unit, especially an allied unit. We have a historical campaign battle most every Sunday utilizing both our Luftwaffe and Panzer Rgt. Yesterday’s battle lasted the full 3 hours and we still failed taking the objective due to distance and opposition. 😁 PM me if you are interested in either joining us or try to start your own unit. salute....
  7. I haven't had problems with smoke effects, but some unstable performance from one testing to the other involving some of my AI aircraft not following waypoints, and other commands properly. I thought maybe it was a problem with some of my stored "groups" but I made a fresh AI element and it behaved irrationally as well.
  8. Me too Namhee2. Thanks for the feedback on ME. I've had my aircraft sometimes in formation, sometimes slightly out, one going off to the side....stuff like that. I might need to just make a new group, and not use my older stuff even though I've resaved it with each new update.
  9. Namhee2, are you finding the editor a little inconsistent in the mission results during testing?
  10. Hard to beat the Tiger in terrain like this.... I know.....shut the damn turret hatch! The left flank only, more tanks on the other side of the knoll. Group moving in after our Luftwaffe has softened up the Soviet positions....
  11. I understand the frustration....as I've experienced it with german vehicles and aircraft many times in the past. Never quit playing over it though. I'd like to see them add some physiological effects with hits suffered from large caliber rounds, like the 122 rendering the crew incapacitated and unable to return fire after a period of time. I think this would be neat but also add a new dimension to the sim that might end up being kind of frustrating and at the same time realistic.
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