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  1. If you go into the advanced settings for the tank....and change the vodka intake level from 5 to 1, this will eliminate the problem. Of course, if you choose to leave it as is, the fireball has a really nice blue tint to it.
  2. Cost for the sim has so many variables which correspond to individuals on entirely different levels, and my guess would be that the price has been set to reach the target audience trying to balance sales with acceptable profit margins for the company and it's employees. I agree with LachenKrieg, prices have gone up, but if I divide my time spent with this sim as compared to the cost, I've had hours and hours of fun for very little money. I've found that this company relies on mission builders like Tigre88 to name only one, and many others.... like the skinners, people like Pat Wilson, multiplayer server hosts, and so many others to actually expand the playability of the sim tapping into it's strengths. In short, if you think you are going to sit back and not have to take a proactive effort to find the best way to play this sim, then you are missing the concepts of the IL2 series I believe. The player niche is a refined group of people, not the all encompassing groups that hoard over to the War Thunder platform and other games like it. I totally understand the argument that for that much money I should be able to have career tracking and all the goodies that go with it, but it doesn't negate the fact that there are a lot of us that put more time into making the game work for us. What can you do with the game....well you can build your own missions, you can skin your own tanks, you can make movies, you can integrate air and ground combat for some really neat combined arms missions, you can tap into the work of others who have added really neat historical mods. I know, some people don't have the time for all this, but the point is...it's all in there. It's not the Dev's fault that people don't have the time to use what they've provided for your 70 bucks. You can join a tank unit, or participate in an air wing that is using tank crew within it's combined arms missions. Pilots are finding out in some of our squads out here like DD, JG1 and ours that this combined arms is really freaking neat. Let's talk about the AI that is so deplorable...I invite you to head out with us on a mission going against strictly AI and see if you think it's a push over. The tank AI will go where you tell it to for the most part. Sure it's not perfect, but set your triggers right, throw in some artillery, some ground pounders above....all modelled extremely well and you've got the makings for some real 3 hour mission fun. Tank n Spank that JG1 hosts is a blast and our unit along with some other units out there are hosting combined arms on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, for some of you who are looking at this game as stand alone single player, I understand your complaints, but if you've already got the game, heck make it work for you. Branch out into some other areas....see what you can come up with even on your own. In short, you can fish...or cut bait.
  3. Sorry Skip, look forward to seeing you soon. Prayers and thoughts for your family.
  4. I understand Eeafanas, hope to see you online soon then. The invite is always there for you.
  5. Come join in and I’ll put one in the mission just for you, but you’ll have to drive it directly into combat from the factory.
  6. Latest patch might have fixed this.. 24. Fixed a bug due to which the AI controlled tanks did not attack obviously visible targets in some rare circumstances;
  7. It's not the best single player game for sure...at least not right now. Come play with us, SCG Combined Arms historical type missions, and Spank n Tank, by JG1, both alternate on Sundays at 230 EST, which is acceptable for our EU members as a time slot. This is where the games strengths lie.
  8. Below is Java_Keben explaining his situation from a previous category he posted. So when he says he quit playing the game he is not trying to be critical, just honest about a game he likes and physically cannot play now. Also English is not his primary language. Okay, I'll try to explain. After a nerve surgery it is still difficult for me to operate a stick without getting a lot of pain in my head, neck, shoulders and arms in a short time. That is also the reason that I can no longer fly with my old trusted team 1.JaVA. I have been playing il2 from the start so that will be almost 20 years now? Living necessitated to get some distraction I dived into tc and got a lot of fun from the start. A while ago there was an update that did not work out well for the turrent control, it was finally resolved and gave a lot of fun again. After the last update, the rotation of the tower no longer works properly. Completely zoomed in it responds too slowly, zoomed out it works fine, but then the target is no longer visible at this distance. For a quick action and reaction, this setting is completely useless. After many hours of trying to get the setting a bit the same as before the update, I finally gave up. Somehow the feeling is gone, fast action takes a lot more time than before the update. I find this very unfortunate because at the moment TC is my only form of relaxation after a day of work with still too much nerve pain. Of course it is great that it is now also possibleto play with the joystick, but for people who really depend on a keyboard, this setting is anything but nice. .. Too bad, for the update whas the feeling for 99% perfect .....
  9. My favorite part in higher res is this scene of tank crews bailing out of their tanks in the middle of the battle with MkIV's that have the road ahead blocked.
  10. The Americans were pinned down in the Hurtgen Forest suffering terrible casualties with little to show for it. All this and the Germans were assembling their buildup for the Ardennes Offensive in December. This is the first hour summary of sorts of our 3 hour Battle for Schmidt and a possible breakout from the dark recesses of the Hurtgen Forest. A lot of German artillery in this one....
  11. A summary of sorts of the first hour of our three hour Battle for Schmidt the other week with our friends from JG1 and several other players. Germans forward observers were right on the money..... Higher res to show the crews bailing out of tanks in the middle of a fire fight with MkIV's who have the roadway blocked.
  12. Looks good, I will try and be there. I just hate that we are going to blow all those windows out!
  13. Not on the German side per se, but having preplanned objectives with air cap over the land battle is a no brainer for either side. Targets of opportunity, such as artillery, AT, enemy tanks and other vehicles. For our combined arms missions we allow a Luftwaffe Liaison Officer to communicate with Luftwaffe Leader within the battle. What would be unrealistic is to allow free roaming aircraft to pick off ground vehicles with no consequences, so aircraft, and in particular extremely well modeled aircraft that GB offers being overhead is such an exciting addition to the combat. Every pilot that participates in our combined arms comments about how immersive it is to have the ground war raging under them and being a part of it. In our missions there is an extreme amount of artillery.....which aircraft can help take out, in addition to those pesky AT positions...woodlines and farms, mainly....That is, they can try to take out as they are fighting off enemy fighters at the same time...or looking over their shoulders for the enemy. We usually don't have enough pilots for our missions is the only drawback. As a side note it's just wrong to think the Germans had this perfect air and ground blitzkrieg harmony ongoing throughout the war. On all sides there were a lot of friendly fire kills, and the Luftwaffe was no different and they didn't cooperate well between the branches.
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