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  1. I've been away with work for the past 9 months and haven't be able to follow BOS development very closely. I'm trying to get an idea as to what major things have transpired with the game. Sorry if I'm asking repetitive questions, but internet access is pretty spotty where I am. 1) I seem to recall that all premium members were supposed to be awarded unlocked weapons/skins, and things of the sort. Or did they just make adjustments to the previous point system to unlock them? 2) Summer maps. I know they are due in the fall. It's autumn right now. Any word? 3) BOS to BoM plane compatibility. Is that happening? 4) Does the career mode still suck? Is there a respectable career mode now? Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm flogging a dead horse.
  2. Again. I did all that. I'm talking about assigning controls to axes. I have trim wheels and a thumb slider, which I can use to control things like prop pitch or radiators or whatever. This is easier than using buttons because the wheels provide a physical real world point of reference to the position of the control being actuated. For example, I know the rad on a Yak is at 75% open based on the position of the thumb slider on my throttle. But it doesn't work for the 109. It doesn't matter if I assign the same button to control regular radiators and 109 radiators, because the 109 rads DO NOT RECOGNIZE AXES. Only buttons. Conversely, Yak, Lagg, and Stuka radiators recognise the rotaries. And yes, I know that the prop pitch on German fighters were operated electrically from a button on the throttle, versus an axis, but that's not my point. As to trim, 190 trim does no recognise imput from an axes, only buttons, which Stuka trim recognises both. Get it? And yes, simple IS best. Which is my point. If a control can be assigned to a rotary and/or a button on one type, it should be possible on all. And I'm not using the Saitek/Madcat software. I'm doing it all inside the game settings. Way easier.
  3. I do the same thing in many instances, like for radiators. Except that in the case of 109 radiators specifically, it doesn't work on a rotary. But the rads on a a Yak do. The prop pitch on a Stuka or Yak or IL-2 works on my slider or rotary, but not for the 190 or 109. I guess what I'm saying is that variable controls should work with button assignments or axes assignments for all models. I know little about programming, but I assume it should be possible given that it was present in 1946 and CoD, just for example.
  4. I for one am quickly running out of space on my HOTAS. Do we really need separate entries in the control settings for some functions? Say for example, conventional elevator trim, vs trim on the 190? Can the settings not simply list one? I can only fly one plane at a time! It goes to reason that trim should be trim. Same goes with water radiators. Do we need water radiator control, plus radiator on the 109, then on the 111? I understand that IRL some operated differently than others, and I'm not opposed to that. But in these instances, I can't program my HOTAS to perform in a way that makes sense. I can use a rotary axes for the radiators on a Yak, but not on a 109 when in manual mode. Same goes with prop trim. Sure, I can program the prop pitch elsewhere on my HOTAS, but then I have to omit what would normally be my mixture, or flaps, or whatever. I play with an X-52 pro, and there are enough functions to cover just about all the essentials, but stuff like trim, prop pitch, radiators... if I want them on a rotary or a button for all types of aircraft it should be able to. Thanks for your time.
  5. Looking through the floor window in a Stuka, I really have problems spotting targets, notably arty pieces and bridges. I want to work on my dive bombing, but even things like supply dumps are pretty tough to pick out in built up areas. I usually end up just overflying the area and missing it completely. Anyone want to share some tips?
  6. Aaaaaaaaah.You figured it out. Thank you so much. Again, if this game had been released with a manual, this wouldn't have been a question. But it wasn't. I also wasted the better part of a Saturday trying to figure out what happened, but I gave up. So thanks!
  7. The slowdown happened to me too (in mission 2), and the 1st mission still doesn't work.
  8. OK. I got the campaign to load in offline, but all I get when I try to start it is a panoramic view of the airfield, with objects moving etc. I can't get into my cockpit.
  9. Brief description: Aircraft skins and contrails momentarily disappearing. Detailed description, conditions: When turning to look at another A/C, usually at close range, the plane appears in its stock default skin for a split second, then appears if I keep eyes on. As soon as I look away and back again, the same thing happen. I've seen this in SP and MP. The same thing happened in MP with contrails. Looking straight at them, they're there about 500m above me. As I pan to look at my instrument panel, they disappear even though I still have a large part of the sky above still in my FOV Severity: No impact on the game other than if I was using the contrails to keep track of other aircraft. It's just one of those glitches that should have been caught before official release. System: See signature
  10. Until the most recent update, when I looked aft left or right and wanted to lean the pilot's head towards the canopy glass to see better, Track IR (or the game) automatically recognised the direction I was looking and reversed the input. For example, if I was looking at my 7-8 o'clock, and leaned my head to the right (real world), the view from the pilot would lean closer to the glass giving me a better view past the tail. Now, I have to lean the opposite way. Am I explaining this correctly? Is there a fix for this?
  11. Where do I find the settings for adjusting the Noise Filter?
  12. It's a character from the Archer animated TV series, like my handle. I believe he may be in part inspired by Dr. Zarkov; being a mad scientist (albeit on hallucinogenic drugs).
  13. Devs: There is currently no way to retain the selected mods on each respective aircraft. Say, once a user selects the armoured windscreen in Campaign Mode, it remains selected for subsequent flights, and these setting remains selected in MP or QM. This was a feature in RoF that saved us the trouble of going through the a/c settings again each time we started a new mission. Thanks for your time.
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