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  1. Hi all. I have the premium version of the game and the update read like there is already an unlock all button available. Did I misunderstand that and it's going to be in the game, or is it in some sub-menu that I just haven't found yet?
  2. ANYway.... Comms. Menu/sub-menu. That would be great.
  3. Reload/rearm would be useful in Multiplayer, but at that point is it really more effective than just "respawning"? Anyway, as for the comms, I don't suppose a mod or dev could comment on this -- has it been considered or maybe is it in the works? Sorry if hashtags annoying to ask, I'm just curious is all. Or maybe it's been addressed somewhere else. Anyone know?
  4. Not sure if this has been said before or perhaps already in the works, but what about a radio menu/sub-menu system for communicating with AI? With so many options between your wingman, your flight, ground control, etc., it's hard to remember what all the hot keys do. I'm thinking something along the lines of the original IL2, where you'd press TAB, then a series of options, then sub options. Again, maybe this is planned. I just know that for myself, without sitting down to study or pausing the game all the time to refresh my memory, it'll be pretty challenging to communicate over radio with AI. Thoughts?
  5. Never mind. Just did a reboot and it worked just fine. Strange. Oh boy, now to try it out!
  6. Just got my first SW FFB2 from Ebay. Had a whirl in DCS and absolutely loved it. But, when I tried setting it up in BoS, the game didn't even see it. Can't map anything to anything. Has this happened with anyone else? Is there something I'm just missing?
  7. Just to add my thoughts. I've got perfect vision in real life, a nice monitor running at 1920x1080, and unless my FOV is zoomed in I also have trouble spotting planes at a distance. I had this problem in ROF, too, and was hoping it would be corrected in this sim. It's still early, but I'd like to see if maybe there's a build of the game with the view distances of planes increased.
  8. ACG_Greezy

    LaGG vs Yak

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. Now that I've gotten a chance to fly the LaGG, which is all fine and good (a biplane compared to the 109-F, if you ask me), I'm wondering what to expect when the Yak becomes available. How do the two planes compare? Is one more maneuverable and the other an energy fighter? Just curious, is all. I've had a blast flying today. I had to make use of it as it's my only day I can fly this week.
  9. This is incredible. So fun. I have never come close to flying a 109 but this feels right. Downed two friendlies by way of very gentle ramming. Question: Does this plane have trim? Or is it not implemented yet? Also, how does everyone get their anti-aliasing to work? Never mind to my last post, I see the devs have mentioned the trimmers are off. Here is the post. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2460-early-access-second-week-bf-109-f-4-lagg-3/
  10. First let's remind ourselves that this is an alpha. It's great that there is even a demonstration of the flak effect for us to see, far off, at the edge of the map. That said, I agree with the posters that describe the ambient flak is a distraction and takes away from very real tactical piloting. They've all said it better than me. In the final, it would be a shame to see. Here in the alpha...let's relax.
  11. Ahhh. Ok. Makes sense. So it'll always SAY it's 1024x768 even though it's something else...
  12. Did I miss something that resolution would be set at 1024x768 for this stage of the alpha? Changing it and restarting the game doesn't do anything. Just wanted to know if I'm not doing it correctly or if this is an alpha feature. Finally going to get a chance to dig into it tonight.
  13. I have the same issue but my key is confirmed and activated for my account. What gives?
  14. Plus MASSIVE fireballs when fuel trucks/depots are hit. Huge plumes of steam on train engines...it's really interesting.
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