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  1. You just described what I said to my squad mates. I am surprised by Tempest and p51 seems to have very little effect of engine torque at low speeds. They can also make sustained turns without much imbalance while 109 and 190 are quite unstable
  2. I also fly a long time in Berloga and I share the same feeling. I get many instant deaths flying Fw190 A3 and mostly D9. But I rarely get to kill the enemy pilot flying RED
  3. Someone with more knowledge could clarify, but I think between 5km and 6km the D9 and more speed than P47 and P51. I do not remember well, but in the old 46 it was like this
  4. Sorry . English is not my native language. Let me rephrase the question. When I'm flying D9 and I have many deaths per dead pilot. When I shoot D9 on reds, I rarely kill the pilot of the enemy plane. But does anyone have this "feeling"? The D9's armor does not seem to protect the pilot much
  5. I have flown in Berloga to test the new D9. It may just be placebo effect but it seems I get a lot more pk kills than on other Axis planes. Anyone else have this impression? On the other hand, maybe my aim is bad because it is very rare the deaths that I get pk against allied planes. Anyone else have this "feeling" or would it be just placebo?
  6. Why do you think airplanes with different diving limits should receive the same extrapolations (100)? Should not the increase be proportional to the critical speed of each plane? The greater the extrapolation of the critical speed of diving, the greater the disadvantages for the German planes (it needs to dive too much to be able to reach the critical speed of a VVS plane)
  7. Please test the flaps of p47. You will see what they are able to do for a monster of 7 tons.
  8. I was thinking just this after the new DM. So I commented with my comrades in the squad. We have more resistance planes, but we do not have the simulation of the pilot panic or, that the pilot would do to save his life instead of being struggling like in the game. They had no reflay I like the new DM where the wings are more durable (no wings you do not go home)
  9. Something that I would like to see implemented would be the vision over the shoulder when I look at 6 hours without having to slide sideways the body. As it is today, the pilot looks 180 degrees behind
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