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  1. La-5FN - impressions?

    "Unless FW190 has altitude difference."Decreases by 50 km / h, the final speed is critical for most airplanes and we will see that diving really works
  2. La-5FN - impressions?

    The FN is a monster. Acceleration, maneuverability and reason for rise. Yesterday I made several matches against FN in Berloga. I was in FW190, and I can say qyefw190 becomes obsolete unless it has a big difference in altitude. La5fn makes everything better than fw190
  3. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

    ok thx. I'll see tomorrow if I can make the video
  4. La-5FN - impressions?

    I do not have La5fn. If someone can record a track and make a video (or send the track to me)
  5. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

    I do not have La5fn. If someone can record a track and make a video (or send the track to me)
  6. La-5FN - impressions?

    I do not have the FN, but from the comments I've read (including yours) la5FN has less authority than its older brother La5. Well, then soon there will be tactics to explore this deficiency
  7. La-5FN - impressions?

    Well, I use berloga to test the fw190 limits. Yesterday precisely, I was testing the CH pedal I bought so I was lost using my feet and hands at the same time hahaha. And about being on the place you are born, it may have happened, but I did not do it on purpose. I'm not a dishonest face. However for flying fw190, I fly a lot of time on the deck. I do not want to make anything personal, after all this game is supposed to be a fun
  8. La-5FN - impressions?

    Like I said in my post. "I know it's not the same SIM." I have no knowledge and no "documents" to prove and change something. Just using the old 46 to exemplify my "opinion" and reminiscing with the fw190 was agile compared to other aircraft. (I also do not know what it was like in real life)
  9. La-5FN - impressions?

    In fights 1vs1, la5 fn will eat fw190 because their performance numbers are much better. Against la5 serie 8, a slight zoom rise with fw190 was something that worked very well. Not against FN. Compared with il2 1946, the fw 190 lost some important features in my opinion - La5 Lagg 3 lift and roll rate authorities are much closer to the fw190 rates - Increasing the tolerance to speed limit diving and damaging the structure benefited Russian aircraft much more. the German plane needs to lose more altitude to reach the critical speed for Russian aircraft. Then the Russian planes can follow better and much longer in a dive. - a double split S was a maneuver that worked very well on the old il2. Fw 190 entered black out after other airplanes because it had an inclined accent. I know it's not the same Yes, but the first munitos of this video say a lot (although it's a spit) sorry about my English
  10. La-5FN - impressions?

    In the same energy, yes. What surprises me and that despite all the maneuvers, la5 fn is still with much energy retained
  11. La-5FN - impressions?

    I do not have laf5fn, but he looks like a monster. Fw 190 can not compete with laf5. Watch this video in the 8th minute. La5 fn is running from a fw190. Its energy should be slightly higher, but la5 fn turns 90 degrees to the right and then reverts 180 degrees to the left. Then it goes back 90 degrees and points to trajectory of the Fw190, that maintains trajectory and begins a slight ascent. Fw190 is easily reached while la5fn with all the curves performed does not seem to lose energy
  12. I updated the game and when I click on launcher to start my pc crashes completely. Anyone else had this problem? windows 7 64bits
  13. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

  14. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

    I like flying fw190, and fighting La5 Fn, La5, LaGG3, Mig, P40, Yak, P39, will not be irrelevant