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  1. Got it. then 560km / h is listed with the shutters closed and 4 cannons
  2. I don't know anything about German, but in number '3' of this manual, the speeds for the Fw190 A5 (4100kg that is the weight with the external MGFF cannons) are listed at 560km / h So without the external cannons fw190 should be faster than 560km / h? That's right ?
  3. Thx cujo_1970. A3 / 5 also gain in agility with only two guns, but also gain from 7-8 km / h
  4. Hi all -I would like to ask you a few questions about the new A6 When I choose to remove the external 20mm, what is the speed gain? (fw190 A3 / A5 has a penalty of 7-8 km / h when equipped with 4 cannons) - Are the specifications (speed, climb rate and curve rate) for A6 with 4 cannons or just 2? *I don't have the Battle of Normandy
  5. The fw190 of the old 46 has always had a nose upward trend. In GB il2 it is completely the opposite, even using the stabilizer at '0', the speed needs to be above 500km / h to feel a little that the nose starts to rise. Is this correct?
  6. True, that was a major failure. I only realized after the video was made. Sorry🙈
  7. With the new physiology of the pilot, which will be implemented soon, it will take into account the inclination of the pilot's position. It would be interesting to know the angle of each aircraft Does anyone have data on each of the aircraft? Macch and MIG 3 is already indicated in today's DD Sorry my english (google translator)
  8. I also agree with that. I fly a lot of fw 190 and as we don't feel the forces like a real pilot, it gets very frustrating to make a sudden movement, see the screen darkening, return the stick to neutral immediately, and even then the pilot goes into blackout
  9. The question is: Why does the 109k4 even more powerful (1.98 ATA) fail to support more Gs? Human error in the test or CLmax at the limit?
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