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  1. Anyone who has followed this series knows that the same physics that applies to your airplane applies to the AI plane. It is one of the points of pride to this franchise going back to Rise of Flight. I think you can count on the new pilot physics applying to the AI pilot as well.
  2. Sure we will Thad: Right before Skynet pulls the plug on humanity!
  3. There is a very large thread on this problem with instructions on what to do. What I did Is I went into my IL 2 root file and deleted the update file. Then downloaded again... no problems.
  4. People are still using Kaspersky? Well ok then.
  5. If you do have to do a complete reinstall be sure to save your key settings folder before you delete the game. Then after the new install put the saved folder back, hit rewrite to everything and then you won't have to do all those key bindings again!
  6. Maybe he was thinking about the latest Tank Battle update?
  7. I never did see any of those "new Sherman tanks" either!
  8. So, Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle raid and Midway in one movie? Needs to be about 5 hours long, or better yet, 3 movies.
  9. Same here. I bought an Oculus headset and it just isn't ready for primetime in my opinion. I have almost all the controls off of my keyboard already so that wasn't the problem. For me the Picture quality is so poor as to be distracting. And that is after all the great help from dburne and others here. I truly believe they helped me get the PQ as good as my rig can get it. So I returned it for a refund and bought a 32 inch curved monitor instead, for me, a much better choice.
  10. I just went into the Data/sound file and removed the russian and german files. However, you have to do that after every update.
  11. The problem with that is in a real tank your eyes will adjust to the darkness. Looking at a screen your eyes can not make that adjustment. Leave it be.
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