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  1. Same here. I bought an Oculus headset and it just isn't ready for primetime in my opinion. I have almost all the controls off of my keyboard already so that wasn't the problem. For me the Picture quality is so poor as to be distracting. And that is after all the great help from dburne and others here. I truly believe they helped me get the PQ as good as my rig can get it. So I returned it for a refund and bought a 32 inch curved monitor instead, for me, a much better choice.
  2. I just went into the Data/sound file and removed the russian and german files. However, you have to do that after every update.
  3. The problem with that is in a real tank your eyes will adjust to the darkness. Looking at a screen your eyes can not make that adjustment. Leave it be.
  4. Not completely. The WWI birds take more than just pushing E. You have to set fuel and air intake before you hit E.
  5. Yes, in fact many servers are full at 84. I rounded down.
  6. Every one wants BOX to be able to have more planes in the air. Most of all the developers! The question should be what would you rather have: 250 planes at EAW level of fidelity or 80 planes at BOX level of fidelity. I'll take the 80 please.
  7. for tank controls I use rudder pedals to turn left and right, my throttle quadrant for engine controls and my mouse for turret controls. Seems pretty intuitive to me.
  8. They should have waited a year until Bodenplatte came out and used it as their starting point. Much better graphics than what they did.
  9. I love it when someone has a problem, comes on here, gets some advice, takes that advice, gets the problem fixed.....and then comes back and lets us know the problem was fixed! Thank you and welcome to the community!
  10. There is so much I want to say here but I will limit it to this observation. Flying Circus cost less than the first flight sim I bought. Back in 1991 I bought the original Red Baron for $50. In 2019 dollars that is $96.70, substantially less than FC cost in 2019 dollars. The amount of code written for Red Baron wouldn't model the code written to calculate the drag coefficient of the extra wing on the DR 1 in FC. By any metric you care to use FC is a stunningly good deal. If you are interested in the content at all, just buy the game and consider yourself lucky.
  11. Well to be fair, the company has said, they are not redoing the flight models which could lead you to believe that the planes are going to behave exactly like they did in RoF. They don't. And that is because the engine has gotten better and does a better job of modeling how planes move through air. On one hand I applaud them for not making over the top claims (note clever Great War reference) but on the other, I think they are giving themselves a bit of a short sell.
  12. I've got news for you all, we are already half way to that "50 people on MP servers with Flying Circus. On Sunday (3-24) we had a pretty steady 2 dozen people on the J-5 server in a fighter only furball on the Kuban map. It was a blast! Once we get a proper map and a few 2 seaters I expect more and more people will be giving FC their love. Ps: This is so much more than a graphic refresh of RoF. Doesn't everyone realize that all the physics improvements in the general flight engine apply to FC? These add up to the planes feeling much different than they do in RoF.
  13. And remember, the WWI planes are being done by a subsidiary so they don't really slow down other development (much).
  14. That's very odd. I am at work so I haven't had the chance to try the release version but I can promise you that the AI was really mixing it up well in the last testing version. I'll check when I get home.
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