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  1. A couple of things come to mind: Most likely you are overrevving the engine. If you enter a dive, and it doesn't have to be a steep dive, you might overrev your engine and kill it. Much less likely but possible if you are at high altitude is that you might overcool the engine, though I doubt it, My guess is overrevving. Cut back on throttle or blip the engine whenever you push the stick forward.
  2. So very sad to hear this. He was a great adversary and he will be missed.
  3. I guess I forgot the /s tag. I thought the flip phone comment was enough.
  4. Very few people play on line. Keep repeating this until it becomes true even if there is no evidence that it is true. Oh wait, there was that study in 2001 that said 90% of PC game use was in Single play. And flip phones are like awesome! The only people who know what percentage of game time is on line vs single player are the developers.
  5. Yeah, looking at other boutique computer stores I can't get very close to this price.
  6. Yeah, CanadaOne I thought about that. However, dropping in additional ram at a later date is something I'm capable of doing. So I can start here and add in another 16 in about a year or so.
  7. Thanks for the info. The problem with those two systems is cost. The cheapest version of Tier 1 comes in at about $2,500 and the cheapest tier 2 at about $2900. Right now I have a 29 inch curved samsung monitor at 1080p but with the advent of FC2 and 3 I am considering trying VR again. Those prices are prohibitive when you add in the cost of the new gen VR headset. Should I just give up on VR for the foreseeable future or will the rig I'm considering do the job?
  8. I use discord to talk to my squadmates and it has a setting to lower game noises X% when others are talking. I have mine set so game noises drop to 20%. If I remember, Teamspeak had something similar?
  9. I'm thinking of buying the rig below and was wondering what you though of it to replace my 4year old system listed in the sig. It's by the same company as what I have now which has been flawless. This is the top price so keep that in mind. Is there a cheaper alternative out there that meets or beats this rigs specs? finally, I'm not interested in building my own rig. Processor Intel® Core™ i5-10600KF Processor (6x 4.1 GHz /12MB L3 Cache)- PowerDrive PowerDrive Level 2 - Up to 20% Overclocking- Processo
  10. $59 for this game is a stupidly good price. $59 is about what I payed for the above mentioned Dynamix Red Baron in 1993. A quick trip to the CPI inflation calculator tells me that $59 in 1993 = $107.67 today. Add to that the fact that the coding necessary for Red Baron fit on 3 floppy disk means that it probably had the same amount of coding for the whole game that is necessary to illustrate the ailerons moving in FC. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  11. What on earth is that "Stalingrad 1943" map trying to be? Alternate history bs in combat box....ugh
  12. This is what you should be looking at and most excited about. 62. The contours of objects against a clouds background have been minimized by using special tech;63. The lowest cloud quality setting still causes significant artifacts on the aircraft visible against a cloud at near distances, but no longer gives an unfair advantage in spotting a distant aircraft;
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