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  1. I think that the devs explanation for the g suit and g effect changes were in one of the dev diaries or update announcements.
  2. Didn't the devs address this already? I seem to recall my eyes glazing over to pages of research on this at some point. The devs did research this, they researched the living hell out of it. This is like asking why does the 262 go so fast and where are the allies jets? Both sides are not dead equal in all things and that is represented well in this sim.
  3. Sopwith Snipe. A very late war fighter to pair against the very late war Focker DVIIf.
  4. I bought and returned a month later Rift consumer version 1. For me the SDE and other visual downgrades were just too much to take. I may jump back in later if I hear that the PPQ is significantly improved.
  5. Watch the clip! Or better yet the whole film if you haven't seen it! The most applicable part in that film is the Tank driver. For the whole film he runs down the Sherman as nothing more than a death trap. When he finally gets a Tiger, he immediately launches into a rant about what a piece of crap this thing is! That's us! (Me included)
  6. Love that flick! We should all just stop with the negative waves!!
  7. Only 20,000 blu-ray disk to ship as a physical copy. Count me in!
  8. Never seen this before. I tried VR for a couple of weeks but the PQ was not high enough for my taste, but even then, never seen anything like what you are describing.
  9. Entente flyers do not have chutes. This is historically accurate as Entente leaders were afraid that pilots would jump at the first sight of the enemy if they could. Feel free to call these heartless bastards, heartless bastards.
  10. You needed a Czech skinned plane to go with the music! Great video through out.
  11. I may be putting words in the OP's mouth but what I think he wants is an actual g force counter (say under the hud compass?) What I disagree with is the claim that we don't have any clue until we black out. Yes we do. Could these be fine tuned? Maybe start seeing a very light grey tint at 2 g's or something? Maybe, I'm not sure where the existing que's cut in. To me what we have is the happy middle ground. Some visual and auditory ques as to what is going on is better than a numerical counter.
  12. Anyone who has followed this series knows that the same physics that applies to your airplane applies to the AI plane. It is one of the points of pride to this franchise going back to Rise of Flight. I think you can count on the new pilot physics applying to the AI pilot as well.
  13. Sure we will Thad: Right before Skynet pulls the plug on humanity!
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