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  1. This is what you should be looking at and most excited about. 62. The contours of objects against a clouds background have been minimized by using special tech;63. The lowest cloud quality setting still causes significant artifacts on the aircraft visible against a cloud at near distances, but no longer gives an unfair advantage in spotting a distant aircraft;
  2. Just checked and combat box is not showing up on the list of servers right now. Although their training server is.
  3. That second number is not an FPS counter, it is a FOV angle counter. They are hoping to use this to get new info on spotting problems I believe.
  4. Try holding down the right mouse button when traversing. I don't know why but I suddenly had that problem too and this worked for me. Now, can anyone explain how to just be able to use the mouse w/o holding down a button?
  5. Good Lord I hope not! Everyone flying around at 100% throttle with out a care in the world.
  6. I bought the first consumer version of Oculus Right, Tried it for 2 weeks and sent it back for this very reason. And that is despite all of the great help I got optimizing the gear from this community. With their help it went from, 'you got to be kidding me' to 'I got to think about this.' I loved the feeling of emersion and if I were just flying around I would have probably kept it. Also, I think that if Flying Circus had been out then I might have kept it. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future I give it another go.
  7. Personally, I think the Devs did a great job on this feature and makes the game way more realistic, which is the point of the exercise. What specific problem do you have?
  8. I have been told by usually reliable sources, that FC in Vr is a sight to behold!
  9. Good timing there is a great sale going on right now! I think it is best to start with Stalingrad unless you are a World War I person, then get Flying Circus. Right now Stalingrad Moscow and Kuban are $20 each. You can literally pick up all 3 for the price of one!
  10. This isn't plastic but, good lord I've never seen anything like the fidelity in any type of model before!
  11. Well, first of all Tumu: to a large extent that is what this update has tried (and I think mostly succeeded in) to do. Major changes were made in both the damage model to these complex systems and the effect of different weapons systems on those complex systems was worked over and tweaked several times before the update was released. Now on your comments about 20 mm vs 50cal guns. You seem to imply that these "small" holes are scattered over the airframe somewhat randomly. Although that's what they show in the movies, reality was very different. The planes with the 50's generally have 6 machine guns and these six are not put straight into the wing but rather are angled in a bit so that all 6 guns hit the same spot at a set distance. That difference is calculated into the gun sight which is set to that point. So your question should be, what would cause the most damage, a single 20mm hit or 6 50 cals at the same point. And remember the firing speed of the 50's was much greater than the 20mm's . You are absolutely correct that the airframe is a system. What you seem to forget is that the armament is also a system designed to work together. Finally, you are also correct that this sim is not perfect and that some guess work and estimation has to be used. That's why it is a simulation! I doubt that home computers will ever have the power to do all the calculations needed to be 100% accurate. However, this is something that I believe the dev team knows and is constantly working to make the sim the best it can be. Will there be further changes and tweaks ahead? I don't doubt it a bit. I guess the question is, does that show the weakness of the dev team or their greatest strength?
  12. This right here. I always reboot my system after installing an update!
  13. Yep! The old saying, "metal or meat" has never been more true in a WWI flying sim. (at least that I ever tried!)
  14. $80 for FC? That is a tad cheaper than the first WWI Flight sim I bought! That first flight sim was called Red Baron (no bloody numbers or letters after it!) It cost USD (1993 version)$50.00 in 2020 dollars that equals 89.52. Slightly more expensive than FC. Now lets add in the lines of code needed to write to bring those games to life on our screens. The original Red Baron came on 3 floppy disk or a max of 4.3Mb total. That probably is what is needed to model the effects of the ailerons in FC. I get tired of people talking about how expensive these games are. When you factor in inflation and what is needed to satisfy us in terms of lines of code; these games are easily the cheapest flight sims in history!
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