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  1. SYN_Mike77

    Whiskey & Wings

    This has been my go to for a while, but has disappeared from the shelves...and I live in Kentucky!
  2. SYN_Mike77

    The IL2 store

    Going to echo what sonnykims said. Just purchased the campaign that I did not yet own, using the same credit card as before and everything worked just great! If we complain when something seems broken, then we should give kuodos when that thing is fixed.
  3. SYN_Mike77

    The Flying Circus needs to end

    In 2014 I bought a new car. All auto makers should stop making new cars because it makes my purchase of a car then pointless.
  4. SYN_Mike77

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Those are some stunning pics!
  5. I am at work so I can't check, but I believe it is control c . Give it a try anyway.
  6. SYN_Mike77

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    excellent! I like the idea even more.
  7. SYN_Mike77

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Sure, but did tankers have them in '43?
  8. SYN_Mike77

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Does anyone know if tankers in '43 had topo maps? I like the idea either way, it's just that I like it even more if it is historically accurate.
  9. SYN_Mike77

    Who lives in London, England???

    Even this Kentucky resident has to admit, a good Speyside is a good pour!
  10. SYN_Mike77

    Who lives in London, England???

    It's my go to drink.
  11. SYN_Mike77

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    When that tank came busting through the shack I literally jumped out of my seat!
  12. SYN_Mike77

    Who lives in London, England???

    Here in Kentucky, I must ask, what is this beer you speak of? Bourbon! That's what men drink:
  13. I'v had the same stick for years now, no problem. Maybe I'm just lucky?
  14. SYN_Mike77


    I've had ongoing troubles (since last week) with Xsolla. Try their chat function as Stoebror suggests. Eventually it will work but it may take time. And you may have to deal with them the next time you make a purchase (I did). My worry is that if you look at the people here who are giving an hour or more to make this purchase, they are long time fans. I fear the more casual user will just walk away. Security sure, but at what cost?
  15. SYN_Mike77

    Who lives in London, England???

    LoL: The first time I went to the UK I was staying with friends in Leeds, one night we went down to their pub and a pint of the local brew (Tetley's?) cost a pound. (it was 2001). At the same time a 12 oz bottle of Bud was 2 pound 50! Iwas horrified, and I was born and raised in St. Louis!