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  1. I am also not a Fan from City Maps for Tankers!!!!
  2. Loose Deuce Planeset 1 said for Blue BF 109 F2 with no 20mm, but this Plane is not aviable! Only Me 109 E7 as German Fighter.
  3. Statistic Side hangs on Mission 1672 from 21.04.2021.
  4. bevor last Flag, 2x in Panther explod after choin at Engelskirchen Map
  5. On Engelskirchen Map on the Last Spawnpoint all Panther exploded after choin!
  6. today 5x kicked from serveron Kerch Mission. 3x in Tank after3-10min. 2x in Plane after 1min and 3min.
  7. thanks for the offer and the trust. however, I must decline, because I am never of use discord.
  8. same problem on the new Kerch Mission. Can't spawn
  9. The greatest Problem for Tankers on your Maps ar the AI Planes. They dropped their Bombs with a GPS Radar Laser guided Acurassy what no Human Player can do!!!!! Modern Planes as a F16 ore so can do it, but not Planes from the 1941-1945. Has nothing to do with real Bomb dropping, Totally BS.
  10. Only PZIII vs T34 and KV1 is totally BS
  11. Losse Deuce Planset 1 Hurricane with 4x 20mm and Me 109 F2 with one 15mm and 2x 7,92mm MG, no 20mm! Totally unfair Weapon Planset.
  12. Respekt RIVALDO, nice Idias from You, but what will the Red Players said to this abstruse Idee?
  13. 1. PZIII is a Paper Tank, one Hit-dead. Can destroy Allied Tanks only from Side at short Distance. No destroy an Allied Tank on Front. 50mm Gun is a Pain. 2. PZIV is also a Paper Tank, one Hit -dead. Can destroy Allied Tanks on Front off middle Distance and from Side off Wide Distance. 75mm L48 better as the Aliied 75mm Guns. 3. Panther is a Beast, can destoy all Allied Tanks on Wide Distance from Side and Front. Best Gun, reloadtime faster as Tiger. But only 3x Panther aviable at Beginn off Mission! 4. Tiger vor me best Tank in Game. Reloadtime slower
  14. The AI Planes are overpowerd on your Server. 40% off all Kills from this BS AI Planes. They can see the Tanks in Woods, between Houses, under Trees, totally unrealistic!!!!!!
  15. After the last Patch the Tanks are extremly jump, wobble and bouncing by drive over Terrain! Did not one of the Admins who has a hint off Tanks, look this bevore they made this in an offizielly Patch? Tanks with 25-56 Tons (Real) bounce around like Rubber Balls! This looks so BS! I hope for Future, they made this undone.
  16. If a player is killed or captured (Tank or Plane), they should not receive any Points. Preserving his Life and not getting caught should be the Goal of every Player. It would also prevent Kamikaze Missions like you saw Yesterday because you don't get any Points. If a Player lands at his own Base, give him a 100% Bonus.
  17. The Statistic from him is fine, every destroyed Tank is listed. On my Statistik only the Hits and Deads to myself are documented.
  18. I had a Question to Statistic. The Gay "cedric_historia" had a detailed Statistic from his Aktion with Tanks on your Server. All the after Players not, whats the Reason? THX
  19. Played Today the Winter Mission. 1: shot at 600m in Front to KV1, hitted at Turrend--nothing! KV1 shot back- Tiger exploded. 2: shot at T34, he burns and is Black, but he shot to me, solong as the AI Tank goes out of Game. Bug, new Feature or Russian Bais?
  20. Hi Admin, the Cows and Horses are a nice Gimmick, but i drove in a Cow to Test and the Tiger (56Tons) stops at momently, was heavily damaged and the Crew are woundet. I think this Cow must weight 30Tons or more !!! BS I want repair and then a AI Plane killt the Tiger with 1x Bomb, also overrated.
  21. Aktual Tanks: 1x Panther vs 10x KV1 and 10x SU 122! What a nice Balancing!!!!!!!!!
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