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  1. This Night Mission is totally Bullshit. The AI Guns see in Black Dark Night more as Humans. Shot, hit and kill me with second Shot from an Distance in can see nothing. Unplable!
  2. In Mission 7560 Germans destroyed all Red Ships and win 80km Terrain to East, but on the new Card we go back 20km and lost the Base Agoy in 1929! Any Thing is wrong with the Game Logic.
  3. No wonder when most fly Fighter and no Bomber or Groundatackers by this BS Laser/Radar guidet AAA Level. 3x kills in a 700km/h dive to the Targeds, result 2x 20 Hour Ban, next BS
  4. I play only Online and have the same Problems. Microstutters and Frezzes with 3-5 Seconds. After Pach 6x kicked from Server Finish Virtual Pilots with Error 1009 (Conection Lost).
  5. The Ships doesent open fire with his AAA to Attackers. Thats not real and to easy to destroy 6x Ships in one Sorty.
  6. Next Kuban Map with no Base in Anapa and Gostagaevskaya. Blue must fly on more then140Km! Reds ca. 60Km. No Tanks, no Arty, only Ships. No playable Tanks. What is wrong?
  7. On the new Kuban Map Blue must fly 100 Km and more, from Base to Frontline. Reds only 30-40 Km. No Blue Player want to fly this Distance, wy no Base in Anapa? So you do not get any Players on the Server.
  8. Hello Admin, here my 2x Screenshots from the Logs of the Kamikaze Hero Koks.
  9. What is wrong with the German Torpedoboats? Yesterday on Crimean Offensive i destroyed 2x of the Russian Boats with ME110 Bombs. The last 2x of them, destroyed all the FIVE German Torpedoboats 15 Minutes later. What a Bullsh..., did the German Ships not shot back?
  10. Allways the same on this "Tankserver". To many Red Players in the Air (9x Player, 5 flying) not interrestet for Blue Tank Player.
  11. The Missions with Overcoast Weather (600m Clouds) are totally BS! I am a Groundatacker, fly in the Clouds and can see nothing, but the overmodelt AAA see me, shot and killt me. That is so frustation.
  12. What I do not like on this server. I shoot down an IL2 , land and receive 25 points. The IL2 Pilot has before destroyed 6 ground aims, was shot down and killt by me, receives for it 130 points! There if what is not right, nevertheless
  13. What is the Level of this AA Batteries? I atacked one and was shot down at all 3 Sorties.
  14. Wy is this Pilot not Banned for 24 Hours after 4 Deads in 2 Days and wy can he lost 4x Lagg3 when hi has only 2x?
  15. Sehr schönes Video, stimmungsvolle Musik, aber viel zu laaaaaaaaang.
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