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  1. What is wrong with the German Torpedoboats? Yesterday on Crimean Offensive i destroyed 2x of the Russian Boats with ME110 Bombs. The last 2x of them, destroyed all the FIVE German Torpedoboats 15 Minutes later. What a Bullsh..., did the German Ships not shot back?
  2. Allways the same on this "Tankserver". To many Red Players in the Air (9x Player, 5 flying) not interrestet for Blue Tank Player.
  3. The Missions with Overcoast Weather (600m Clouds) are totally BS! I am a Groundatacker, fly in the Clouds and can see nothing, but the overmodelt AAA see me, shot and killt me. That is so frustation.
  4. What I do not like on this server. I shoot down an IL2 , land and receive 25 points. The IL2 Pilot has before destroyed 6 ground aims, was shot down and killt by me, receives for it 130 points! There if what is not right, nevertheless
  5. What is the Level of this AA Batteries? I atacked one and was shot down at all 3 Sorties.
  6. Wy is this Pilot not Banned for 24 Hours after 4 Deads in 2 Days and wy can he lost 4x Lagg3 when hi has only 2x?
  7. Sehr schönes Video, stimmungsvolle Musik, aber viel zu laaaaaaaaang.
  8. I think the Player red110 is Xjammer as last TAW Round! Now hi fly Red and do the same Bullshit Aktions as last War. What can we do for an Gamekiller as hi is?
  9. We counted 227 hits by AT rifles, 14 hits by 5.7cm AT guns and 11 hits by 7.62cm AT guns. The right suspension was heavily damaged by shelling. The connecting pieces for several running wheels were ruined, two torsion bars were broken. A rear idler wheel bearing was damaged. Subsequently, it can be said that the armor on the Tiger had come up to our expectations.” In spite of the damage, the Tiger was able to be driven for a further 60 km. The hits inflicted cracks to some weld seams. A fuel tank began leaking due to the heavy shocks. We noticed a number of impacts on the track links, which however did not particularly impair mobility. Tiger I number ‘231’ belonging to Lt. Zabel of s.Pz.Abt. 503 was engaged in heavy combat near the town of Ssemernikovo, where it received no less than 252 hits from a variety of weapons including 7.62 cm and 4.5 cm Soviet anti-tank guns, whilst still remaining operational and later driving 60 km back to base. The damage to this vehicle is as much a testimony to the determination of the crews operating some Tigers, the intensity of much of the fighting, and the determination of the Soviet troops, as it is to the armor of the Tiger. The vehicle was later pictured in the manual for Tiger crews known as the Tigerfibel. Source Anderson  
  10. The level of the AAA is too high! Approach in the Stuka, startet the dive in 3000 m, overthrow with 650 km/h and the Radar and Laser controlled Anti-Aircraft kills one in the fall. Thats a Joke.
  11. After atack first Ground units in the North, i fly to cover our Bridges who was atacked from Reds. After i hit the Player 72AGs Sturm in a Il2 he disconected under Atack. What says the Admin to this Aktion?
  12. I was yesterday on E-front. From 11 Red Players are 8 flying an Plane. The 3 Blue Players drive Tanks. Any more Questions?
  13. Haza the next Layer, last 2 Days from ca. 15x driving Tanks two KV1. ha ha ha
  14. What Rivaldo wrote is not true!!!!! German BF109 K4 is limited to 5x Planes. But no limit to the overmodellt LA 5 FN ore the Spit 9.Yesterday Evening 8 of 12 Red Gamers fly an Plane. Permanent 3 or 4 vulch the German Airbase. Nobady on Red Side plays the Heavy Tank KV1. Only T34 Human played and this middleTank is unlimited.
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