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  1. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Hit by invisible planes in MP (server WOL)

    Mission log must be bugged too then!
  2. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Hit by invisible planes in MP (server WOL)

    I know you were really butthurt after having gotten shot down twice, but it was fair - you were invisible too!!! here is the same situation from my point of view https://youtu.be/IYuvzEQmEHQ
  3. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Die Hard

    Die hard over Kuban https://youtu.be/ct8MloR7ktQ
  4. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Kurfürst fans?

    I always aim for the 2nd propeller blade 👌🏻
  5. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn


    What happened to the German awards e.g. knights cross? Have the requirements changed? I also cannot see reward info, like requirements anymore
  6. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Very Small Request - Tempest

    Good news is, you will never know if they got it wrong then.
  7. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Why has ammo bug not been fixed yet???

    I´m pretty sure its not about getting killed but rather switching the airfield. It never happens on the first sortie or flight with a new plane, but if you ever switch airfields and keep the same plane, it happens very frequently. At least that´s my impression. Funny how people that are never online keep telling other people, that it is a rare bug (which it is not) or that it is not an issue. Not funny but rather sad, some tersters´ behavior towards people reporting bugs.
  8. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Nice! Looks absolutely amazing
  9. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Bf109G-14 Skin

    Thank you mate, that´s a great skin! Just a small remark, something that always catches my attention because I´m a native German speaker, the small sign that is outlined in red on your second picture and which you might have taken into your skin contains 4/8 words which are totally spelled wrong and/or make no sense. I always wonder whether the creators of such pictures were to lazy to pick up a German dictionary and quite frankly I find it sort of disrespectful. So here just my quick correction Vorsicht beim Öffnen Kühler ist im Haubenteil eingebaut
  10. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    Official EU is easy mode, so Auto will be turned on
  11. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    The Accidental Genius

    A sick version of pay to win I guess
  12. =EXPEND=SchwarzeDreizehn

    Tactical Air War

    I think it’s the most entertaining thing to happen here in a long while. please keep going!
  13. Luke, Luke, Luke why do you get triggered like a feminist at hooters 1. Read my post again to see the context that red was meant to be in (communist) 2. You cannot be serious 3. CountZero is a very good RED pilot 4.You cannot be serious 5. Whatever parallel dimension you are roaming, come back to the actual one please!
  14. 1. What is your problem 😄 2. If you want to go "more mature" and proper description , then it´s not that dumb if you consider that communists are reffered to as reds, and if you know some history you might see that Soviets has that political inclination as well. But maybe that info hasn´t arrived in the Redlands yet. So you are the tester in charge of historical docuemnts right? Maybe you should look into them from time to time 😄
  15. Ah so that´s new for you reds huh?