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  1. +1000 Absolutley! if the plane I love does not perform like I want ti to, then this should suffice as an argument for devs to change things. totally sick of having to support my opinion with data.
  2. I am totally sure your anecdotes are 100% accurate. I would love the devs to change the game according to your interpretation of hearsay and war stories. I am absolutley pissed off at the devs base their DM on actual ballistic calculations.
  3. It is possible! Explanation: it’s actually quite easy. Load the stats page and see if anyone has done it. Voila! But in all honesty, accusations of cheating are kinda insulting to people who have taken years to develope skill in a game. Just because you cannot imagine doing something like that doesn’t mean it is impossible.
  4. The screenshot you postet is anecdotal as well 1 he later we were outnumbered. The problem is not the allies not being there, it’s them not showing up to the fight. btw it’s not fair for you to belittle hutzs ground pounding, you are not there at these times, so what do you know?
  5. check the "ground targets destroyed" of the cb stats page for the data backing it up.
  6. Devs have said serveral times that the graphical representation, does not coincide with the actual damage. TBH what you describe kinda makes sense to me since the .50 cal was meant to take out pilots or internal structures. It will make some little holes in the wings and and not affect aerodynamics that much, in contrast to the 20mm will do some damage to the wing surface. Keeping that in mind, as well as the point with the graphical representation and the following lack of argument on your side, this post distills down to some good old redwine which should answer this question too
  7. Absolutely Yes, now planes drastically lose performance when hit with MInengeschoss 20mm it makes the 20mm more effective than before. Still I would take the 30mm over it any day, because you only need that 1 hit, - if not taking it down immediately almost always crippling the plane extensively -most of the time.
  8. Have you been on WoL 😄 , I don´t think there is a limitation to locking things
  9. You are not, but the whining is strong on the allied side on this server. Many people bought the game for bobp hop in a mustang and think they are invincible, get shot down and blame it on the equipment. Many people flying blues have been playing the game for years. This is not the case for everyone, there are without doubt many very good pilots flying allies, but imo this is the general tendency on the server, which leads to the observed stats. Well he must be, because it was today and it was the stats he pulled out and referenced to.
  10. Not with 7 vs 7 bombers spawn at minimum 10 on either side iirc Right, it’s always the plane never the pilot 😉
  11. Played an hour today. 7 reds 7 blues. Allied didn’t attack any ground targets. Axis took out 2 targets without ever seeing an allied plane. What allies were doing is a mystery to me. The problem is not blue not giving red the chance to win, but reds seemingly having no interest in winning. I see vbf12 attacking ground targets a lot, don’t get me wrong, but many of your allies just sit at 6k with their finger in their ?!@ all day. btw flight time is NOT equal allies even have more...😂 that’s pretty defining IMO
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