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  1. I send An Petrovich some records. He replied very fast and said that he wanted to take a look at them. Lets see if it is a bug...
  2. What server was this on? What trim settings were you using? I get the feeling this happens a lot more on combat box than on other servers for some reason (maybe the weather settings make this more likely...)
  3. Yes this happens absolutely randomly. Now almost everytime I fly the 262
  4. Same thing happening with the 262 constant loss of vertical stab
  5. On the Rhineland map there is a town called MÜnchengladbach. This town doesn’t exist, it should be MÖnchengladbach (home to the greatest Football Team ever) so it deserves to be set apart from the Bavarian savages from MÜnchen not really a complaint just saying...
  6. Yes, I found the same thing and there was something about it in the patch notes too, so I guess its gotten better I have another question since the patch I had the entire vertical stabilizer break of my 262 a couple of times now. Was it really that nimble. I dont know when it happened i guess it was during dives when I used rudder. wasnt going that fast though... does this happen to anyone else?
  7. There are 3 major observations in this video 1) The incredibly resistant Lagg3 damage model (hits several trees and continues flying without problem -> cannot be netcode because it does suffer damage represented by the missing gear cover) 2) The incapability of German MG to reliably take out control surfaces - which should be a strength - when firing from behind (Multiple hits in the tail plane without any effect on the maneuverability) 3) Total lack of effectiveness of MG against the crew, with multiple hits near the cockpit without killing the pilot (can also be observed especially in Pe2s) Unfortunately this is the rule not the exception
  8. Assist? you mean kill stealing from the peshka But yeah text chat just doesn't work for combat coordination IMO
  9. Right lol, because he probably gets shot at with 30mm everything he takes the real P47 for a spin. Honestly though, in terms of FM I am sure he knows his stuff 110% but how is he supposed to have any experience regarding the DM? Knowing OPs opinion on the DM, there might have been some bias in his opinion.
  10. You should head over to the multiplayer server section of the forum and complain there mate. This has nothing to do with the game, but everything with your favorite server.
  11. Just remembered that something principally similar has already been discussed in depth. Haven’t seen the new data for the yak 7 and I find it strange that it exceeds the already superb results of the other yaks. But it only supports the impression that I get from the game already.
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