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  1. Assist? you mean kill stealing from the peshka But yeah text chat just doesn't work for combat coordination IMO
  2. Right lol, because he probably gets shot at with 30mm everything he takes the real P47 for a spin. Honestly though, in terms of FM I am sure he knows his stuff 110% but how is he supposed to have any experience regarding the DM? Knowing OPs opinion on the DM, there might have been some bias in his opinion.
  3. You should head over to the multiplayer server section of the forum and complain there mate. This has nothing to do with the game, but everything with your favorite server.
  4. Just remembered that something principally similar has already been discussed in depth. Haven’t seen the new data for the yak 7 and I find it strange that it exceeds the already superb results of the other yaks. But it only supports the impression that I get from the game already.
  5. The A7 is firing 20mm, wings do not come off in game easily with these either. You may mistake these for 30mm OTOH compared to let’s say a Yak the or a lagg, the P47 is fragile
  6. Yes, thank you that makes perfect sense. It’s the magnitude of difference that just seems counterintuitive to me...
  7. like I said, alt loss is the same for both planes, never said it didn’t exist just that it’s negligible in terms of differentiation. I am simply asking where the difference of 100% extra speed loss for the 109 comes from in an identical maneuver for 2 planes. I don’t need to provide data, not making an fm claim... everyone can do the test easily
  8. Fuel 100L F4 Yak1 Bank 90 degrees and pull as hard as you can. Altitude loss is negligible just sense checking... info should suffice for sense checking
  9. Do this: take a yak or a 109 with standard stab/trim settings. Speed up to 600kph during a dive. Then do a 180 degree turn. The test set up is relatively easy when you turn on HUD incl. compass. In the turn the yak will loose 40-50 kph the pilot will black out. the 109 will loose 80-100 kph What is the reason for this relatively big discrepancy? Obviously the yak pulls mir G than the 109
  10. La5s historically were very bad in turnfighting and retaining energy in the sort of fight you describe, which is correctly represented in game. As far as your observation regarding the Yak goes in game, I would say that it is simply not true.
  11. Would have could have should have... Good job Scharfi!
  12. How do you know that? Do you have a chart?
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