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  1. Would have could have should have... Good job Scharfi!
  2. How do you know that? Do you have a chart?
  3. There is an option for servers to have the engine running at start up, maybe that should be changed
  4. Online it starts at 100%, but offline it starts at around 80% for me for some reason, and it’s hard to find that spot... guess I’ll have to mark it on my throttle. but thanks!
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the air start of the 262 in QMB. So I am using a T 16000 throttle and at the beginning of the mission the virtual throttle setting does not correspond to my physical hardware throttle. For all other planes this has never been a problem since as soon as I would touch my throttle the “virtual” throttle and my physical throttle merge to the same value. Now when doing an air start with the 262 this has catastrophic consequences, since any fast adjustments lead to engine failure and there is no way i can control this adjustment speed. Anyone having the same problem and knows how to fix it maybe? Thanks!
  6. Shows the kind of details that have to be considered when devs create “just a simple mod” sometimes... Nice work
  7. Why would you want to make yourself slow in a plane whose biggest pro is it’s speed? Landing only
  8. Condolences. Big loss for our community RIP
  9. IIRC the test was with 20mm and 37mm HE no MK108 was used. The test you mention does not exist and you are mixing things up.
  10. When will you ever not need all 4 of them?
  11. Nope, I ejected the rocket pods
  12. No, that’s exactly what you should do because your reply to my first post was in no way related to anything I said.
  13. Actually, I believe Holtzauge’s Simulation to be the best evidence, in support of your point. It’s a lot more convincing than hearing the same, “great diver” anecdotes again and again because the simulation actually offers some substance. But I guess you only hear what you want or expect to hear.
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