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  1. Thanks folks...I'll bookmark it and read it carefully.
  2. Well, here I am, hat in hand and nervously looking around for information? I could never get Cliffs of Dover to work well in FPS, so I just gave up on it. Seems, I was wrong. I just recently rebuilt/upgraded my system and found out, that my old AMD 8350, which ran Cliffs at 30FPS to 13FPS , may have been the culprit? Now using an overclocked I7 4790K, I downloaded the game again today and nearly fell out of my chair.... I was using the same GFX card as with the 8350, a GTX 770 w/4gig vram.....I saw 100+ FPS and a low in the high 60's. Those numbers compiled from the "Black Death" cli
  3. Howdy Scott and thank you for your excellent explain. SLI may not be for me.... Particularly when, if I steal her card, I'm gonna have to buy her some jewelry and another card. Might be better to just buy a 980 and sleep on the couch for awhile? What you said about running two cards is what I was thinking and just trying in some way to convince myself, that it was reasonably doable and worth some potential frustration. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth. Seems sometimes, it's not about bragging rights, it's more about the comfortable ride....remind me to never to tell my spouse th
  4. Thank You dburne. I'll follow your sage wisdom and start with high settings on the gfx and work upwards from there, slowly. I appreciate your other thoughts as well. Hopefully, there's an SLI person around here...who can give me a clue as to any benefit from running two GTX 770's with 4gig vram each as opposed to a single GTX 980? I've never run SLI before. Would the two 770's equal or better a 980? I have plenty of PSU to run two cards. Thanks Everybody.
  5. I was running a AMD 8350 overclocked and the few times in the past, I tried to run this sim...it ran poorly. So, I just finished assembling the 'rig' in my sig below and reinstalled BOS. I have not configured the 'settings' or controls and plan to do this over the next couple of days. What basic (solid) graphic settings should I begin with in order to experience a smooth, stable, 50ish FPS and what settings/features should I avoid? Is there an obvious advantage to moving BOS from my platter HDD to my Plextor M.2 drive? Other'n load times? I have not overclocked the GTX 770 w/4gi
  6. I was just about to delete and re-install......then decided to give it one more try. It finally worked with about a 1.5 meg download speed and 20 seconds later, it was done and game works. Hope this helps someone.....don't give up...if you get a low download speed? Just stop and start the update several times or more...and it seems it will then work.
  7. Well...Mastiff, I hope you're teasing me..... It's a hour later and I'm now downloading at 1kb a second.... I guess I'll just totally uninstall the game....and start from scratch?
  8. I'm currently updating at the moment.....at 5kb's a second. This is going to take an eternity.... I have a 12mg download capable internet connection that is running at the correct speed. I also run it as an administrator. I use Windows Security Essentials as AV. Any ideas or suggestions to speed this up? Thanks
  9. Very Cool It looks like it was assimilated by the Borg.
  10. That may be the "twin" to the product I've had for thirty years. Mine was manufactured by Hoppe's, who are known for firearm cleaning/lubing products. I noted on the label of this product it says "dry"? You said "drops"? I used a "Q-tip" and lightly rolled it in the powder and then sparingly applied the powder to the friction area on my X-55, then rotated the stick around all of it's axis...then applied a dab more and all has been well since. Hope this helps. Great find SD.
  11. Just trying to add to your excellent thread. I wrote six months ago that I had some old dry powdered teflon and used that then on my X-55. Just letting you know, that it still works after that single application. I don't know where this powder can be obtained now days, I've had it thirty years. For anyone else who reads this thread? If you know of a source for the teflon powder now....please share it. @FuriousMeow Should ya come across a source for the powder? Try a dab of it, a little goes a long ways.
  12. In the U.S. it seems NewEgg has them in stock...if that helps anybody?
  13. I very much agree with : Extreme_One Dry won't attract abrasive particles and dust. All of which can turn your wet/paste lubricant into sandpaper. Though, arguably...if you were to clean the wet/paste lubes off every few weeks and re-apply? You might get away with it. I would much rather/personal preference for longevity and durability use a dry lube. My experience with graphite is limited. I've always thought it to be a very fine abrasive that acted in a manner associated with being a lube? I don't believe it would hurt anything....at all...and it could be better than the teflon
  14. NewEgg has been "out of stock" for quite some time. Glad you found one and I know you're gonna like it. @paxpaxfounder The "Teflon" powder I applied to my X-55 stick is still working perfectly..though, it may not last forever. @FM I would really like see some pictures too. Today, I finally bought BOS premium edition....and now feel that I'm truly a part of the community here. If anyone here were to post some settings options/configurations for a X-55 in BOS, I'd be most grateful. Thanx and much looking forward to seeing all of you online soon.
  15. My way of saying "Thanks"...is, that I just bought the premium edition five minutes ago. Thank You All.
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