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  1. Don't know... it should not ask you to install anything. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?
  2. New update - r13 (see first post for download link) Added Gumrak airfield. Fixed: Some vehicle models were not loaded correctly on airfields. Fixed: Creating multiple missions in a row resulted in incorrect parking starts on airfields. Other minor changes and tweaks.
  3. Hi - yes, I am aware of performance issues at the moment (it has to do with a lot of deactivated AI flight entities in the mission - that do consume CPU resources even tho they are deactivated) - which slows down game simulation, but leaves graphical FPS intact. Will probably fix it at some point with some sort of workaround.. at the moment you might need a beefy cpu to run this (I am testing and developing with 4770k overclocked to 4.3 ghz - which works ok for me)
  4. Yes, have the same issue. Seems something wrong with the patch.
  5. Yes, in radio comms subtitles. I can't recall if they say "out of ammunition" or "our of fuel" however. It might have something to do with the fact that they maybe damage their guns during crashlanding and trigger AI RTB decision - which then triggers this radio message. Anyway - what Feathered_IV wrote above is even more annoying (random engaging message spam). As for sound quality - I speak a little Russian and can understand what the russian comms are saying quite clearly. The german ones are incomprehensible to me however (I think the actor was a little too excited when recordi
  6. Yes - those are quite annoying. There is just significant bugs in radio comms that have not been fixed for years and have nothing to do with sound quality. My favorite is when AI crashlands and then proudly says "returning to base, out of fuel".
  7. Brief description: Special icon commands are visible as tooltips on the map. Detailed description, conditions: You can use special "<routespeed>420</routespeed>" text in the icon description to specify route point speed - but this text is then visible as a tooltip (see screenshot). Issue is visible in the "Sea Dragon" campaign. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Brief description: Icon and text on the map block map scrolling Detailed description, conditions: You cannot click on symbols that have icon or a text on t
  8. I am late to the party - but just wanted to share that you can set this speed for each route icon by entering some special text in MCU Icon description field (saw this used in "Sea Dragon" campaign): <routespeed>280</routespeed> Then when the game calculates distance and time for each point - it will use this speed for the route icon. If you do not specify the speed this way - the default cruising speed for player plane will be used (which doesn't match waypoint speeds and is quite useless TBH). There is a little problem with this approach that the special text i
  9. New update - r12 (see first post for download link) Updated compatibility with latest 3.005c game version. Added Yak-7B ser.36 aircraft. Changed map symbols to use default flight route lines (showing distance/direction etc). Updated all block durability values to match latest game version changes. Fixed: AI aircraft were maneuvering in combat but would not fire any weapons. Fixed: Player flights from offmap airfields were not started correctly. Other minor changes and tweaks. --- Here is an update to make this ge
  10. It should be, yes. Will need to make some changes on my end. Thanks for the help Jason & team,
  11. Thanks for the replies! I seem to have a very specific case where I am trying to load missions from a different directory (not from the Il-2 installation directory). E.g. my autoplay.cfg looks like this: &enabled=1 &loginOffline=1 &login= &password= &autoIngame=0 &missionSettingsPreset=0 &missionPath="C:\TestMissions\test" Is this functionality still supported (used to work before)?
  12. Looking good! Noticed "fuel/water leak effects on the ground".. Can't wait to see how will they look like? As if you are leaking and crashland you can see the path of the leak as with current landing gear tracks?
  13. Having the same issue. Fingers crossed this will be fixed in the next patch... as of right now autoplay.cfg is not working for me at all.
  14. It does not, as it has not been updated to work with 3.0 game version. I will remove download links and update original post to reflect this.
  15. Sorry about that, but this generator only covers Battle of Stalingrad and no Fw 190 equipped units were involved during this battle and time period.
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