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  1. Hello there, I'm currently trying to do coop. missions for my mates and me (competitive mode). I red this topic but didn't seem to find an answer to my problem... I opened flyable slots in both USAAF, RAF and Luftwaffe squads. When playing the mission, there's no briefing for pilots (only waypoints on the map and general info. like time and weather.) Worse than that, the only viewable mission route in briefing is the one for the squad. of the "reference" pilot (USAAF mission in the last attempt) What do I do wrong? Thanks for any answer
  2. Thank you for your answer I tried to access this video earlier .... unfortunately, the link doesn't work for me (it leads for me to "how to create a YouTUBE channel") ?!? The other ones work well ... EDIT : I finally could open the video with modifying a little the URL provided which is bugged (at last one thing is bugged ) So I could follow the instructions and now it works ! Thanks a lot for this great piece of software πŸ˜„
  3. Hi ! Your work is great ... but I encounter a little problem: I want to play in competitive mode to fly with or against mates... When I want to create other personas , whatever I do, the options "friend" or "ennemy" are not available (the only choice is "host") So whatever the side , all personas I create are marked as host. I tested that in version 7.4 and also 8.0 beta with the same result ... what could be the problem ? (except that, missions seem to work great)
  4. As I did the the westfront maps packs for IL2-1946, Il collected documents... I offered my help many months ago without a single answer.... unfortunately no time currently ! good luck anyway πŸ˜‰
  5. Great ! I changed the "current date" to the day after, and the carrier can go on ... thanks πŸ˜„
  6. Thank you, Anyway, I didn't had any error message : the game simply frose (in career menu) when trying to generate the 4th mission... the only way out being ctrl+alt+ del 😠 I couldn't find any mission file but I found cp.db in "career" directory, so I'll try the 2nd solution.
  7. Hi everybody, I tried to do a Spitfire MkV career with BoK. It seems to crash the game while trying to generate 4th mission wathever the result (happened twice) ?!? πŸ˜’
  8. My choice of bombers for BoBp (only 2 engines ): Allied : B26 Marauder, DH Mosquito, B25J, A20J/K, A26 Invader Luftwaffe : Do217K/M, Ju188, Arado 234
  9. Would ALSO like to enter for BoBP ( impatient to fly Spitfire MkIX and Tempest) πŸ˜„
  10. As I was making "Westfront44" modded map for IL2-1946, I collected interesting historical data about airfields... An example : About Brussel-Evere 1944 airfield : (The last 2 docs come from RAF documentation) If needed, I may find more in my stock ?
  11. Currently, BoK is still in pre-order status in the store ... so (sorry to say) , don't expect update until it is in standard order in the store
  12. There was a lot of good MTO maps made by modders community for the very old grand'ma ( IL2-1946 ) ... even in the last months !!! : This one was older but also 1:1 scale !
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