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  1. EAF19_Marsh

    A cat amongst the pigeons

    Me too. Obviously would be semi-fictional, but there are no A-5 fighter maps.
  2. EAF19_Marsh

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    If you map the brakes and follow the advice above you should have no issues with the 190 - it is one of the easier-handing a/c on the ground. That being said, slowly-slowly is the order of the day until you become more confident.
  3. EAF19_Marsh

    A cat amongst the pigeons

    JG51 and 54 used extensively in the fighter role and inflicted heavy casulaties 1942 onwards with their 190s. North face of Kursk salient in July ‘43 was particularly bloody in terms of claims. JG54 were highly successful with their 190s and spent most of the war in the East.
  4. EAF19_Marsh

    Tutorials for QMB Matches vs AI?

    I tried large groups of Ace in the FC aircraft, but beyond the lethal [head-on] gunnery the uppy-downy types tend to get beaten by the roundy-roundy types
  5. EAF19_Marsh

    FW 190D-9 cowling flaps

    Interesting that this fell out of fashion given that it has advantages and was common 1914-18.
  6. EAF19_Marsh

    A cat amongst the pigeons

    3 - 5 cancel many of the issues with Russian aircraft, allowing you to enjoy their tendency towards light handling. In general, the German aircraft are faster and manouvre better at higher speed, which requires practice. But with practice they are deadly. Against the AI, your settings tend to make for a relatively easy time not least because the AI still has difficulty fighting in the vertical that would better suit German aircraft. Turn off all aids, set opposition to the hardest level and this might be more intereting.
  7. EAF19_Marsh

    ME 262

    And if the escorts are over the 262 base and POL is short and Allied tanks are 10 miles away.... But this does not change the difficulties discussed about manouvring at higher speeds. This is well recorded in 262 pilot accounts so am not sure why people keep trying to defend this with random hypotheses.
  8. EAF19_Marsh

    FW 190D-9 cowling flaps

    I presume that it also makes the engine sligtly more robust if the radiator is next to the main body, as opposed to being several feet away and connected by long feed / return pipes. Similar for the chin radiator on the Typhoon / Tempest.
  9. EAF19_Marsh

    ME 262

    You are cherry-picking this: if one aircraft flies in a straight line and another crosses its path, the former needs not deviate at all. That has no bearing on the debate about relative rates, radiii or loading on the aircraft. A 262 will have difficulty lining up on a manoevring piston-engined fighter, whatever your dreams might be. In fact, the escort fighter pilots' own reports indicate many encounters ended as a draw; they were too slow and the 262s too unwieldy at speed to turn with the escorts. You can set up any number of scenarios, and some of these did occur, but the basic fact is that a 20% in speed doubles the force for a given turn so the 262 will have issues for a sustained turn vs a snapshot after a slower aircraft - Newton trumps Messerschmidt.
  10. Radial 'g' is V Squared over R (square of the velocity divided by radius of the circle). Thus as you can see, the increase in velocity is a primarily cause of increased force while turning, something that will affect the 262 if it tries to follow an enemy fighter while it is flying at high speed.
  11. EAF19_Marsh

    Prokhorovka map

    Any dev response? I believe - though possibly am wrong - that there are quite a few who would buy the map at a premium now with maybe a discount on TC in the longer term. Well, me anyhow...
  12. EAF19_Marsh

    Prokhorovka map

    True, my friend, but I enjoy my off-line floating about..
  13. I like DCS in theory but I do not have the time to learn all of the systems. At base, I like stick and rudder flying. If FC V2 has Pups, Be2Cs etc for a late 1916-Sping 1917 effort I will be totally won in heart and mind. Given the FC v1 a/c range, it is possible to add another 10 key a/c (flying boats etc can wait) and you have Somme to Amiens squared away in time-frame even with just the initial Arras map.
  14. Could it be considered an option - even high-priced - to buy the Prokhorovka map without the full TC? I have no intention of buying TC this side of 2020 but I will pay for the related map as a stand-alone. I suspect that I am not alone in this.