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  1. The periscope appears to have been fairly normal, as far as I can see.
  2. Can certainly believe what you / the sources says was true and was not suggesting that this method was used regularly (if at all), merely that the nominal system architecture may be from where the notion of a 'prone' pilot arises (pun intended).
  3. To use the bomb-sight I believe that the pilot had to move the stick out of the way and lean forward, which - though not prone - might be something of a complication.
  4. No. Apologies to you and everyone else. I have just tried again - after trying several times yesterday - and it still does not bloody work. What the barrelling fruitcake? How in the hell are you supposed to do things around here with this retarded excuse for payment system?
  5. Jason and team: shine-on, you crazy diamonds.
  6. Crikey, that was a really good answer! I was actually going with No.6 Squadron, that when flying the Jaguar back in the ‘80s and used the ‘Flying tin-openers” as a badge in reference to their predecessors using the Hurri IID in the desert 1941-42. But I cannot fault your submission. Would you like a Hurricane? As soon as I can get the bloody system to work. For Malan, if people are interested, he used to stick a pin in a wall, walk back to his desk on the other side of the room then shut his eyes for 30 seconds (I presume to allow them to defocus), then look back back at t
  7. Just to nit-pick; should not increased weight and hence poorer wing loading (the wing design remaining constant) offset against increased power improve the turn rate rather than radius? My understanding, quite possibly flawed, was that the later marks of the 109, Spitfire and similar could not necessarily achieve a small circle but tended to have the spare power available to maintain speed while cornering, so that their Vm was higher but they retained energy to a better degree.
  8. You’re welcome. There are 5 outstanding but I cannot get the fricking payment to work!
  9. Yeah, maybe. I cancelled my Paypal after I was defrauded. I'll give it a bit then try again.
  10. Err, Xsolla won't accept my payment which apparently has been cancelled... Anyone know why this happens?
  11. Wish we could get Mk. VIIIs - my favourite Spitfire 😍
  12. OK, that was a fun response. Let me put away some time this afternoon and send out the codes when I have a spre few minutes 😀
  13. No, that’s cool - was all for fun. Hurricane for you, Sir?
  14. See below 😁 OK, that was too quick, so I will offer another 5 Hurris but rather than it being a race to the PM button, the latter 5 are premised on a Fighter Command / Hurricane / Hawker quiz. Correct answers receive a Hurricane. Or something. 1) What modification was added to the Hurricane in an effort to address the suspected front fuel tank fire? 2) What little exercise did 'Sailor' Malan do to improve his contact spotting? 3) What nasty surprise did III/KG76 meet in their 18th August attack on Kenley? 4) Which pilot was the first - or one of the first
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