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  1. Oh God...to quote Edmund Blackadder: The ape creatures of the Indus have mastered this. I'll try to make it simple for you: - Person A make aircraft - Person B make truck - Modules delivered to core team - Core team have to integrate - Core team has limited people for integration - Core team has to decide which to do first - Opportunity cost So - and I cam typing this slowly in the vain hope it might get past whatever defences your brain has against external thought - aeronautical engineer NOT working on truck. Wholly disingenuous allegory and indicative of one who really does not understand the problem. I hope your hospital survived whatever it was you did for them. BAE, Leonardo, LM, NG, Boeing, KAI, MHI and - I have forgotten who else - gave me repeat work and though some of them are not doing so well owing to their being full of half-wits, nothing of that was due to me. Now, I'm off to what we call 'fly' a 'flight sim'. Feel free to amuse yourself. Apologies. Congrats on expanding the sim in this direction and hope the Hurricane is going well as I am really looking forward to that
  2. You have spent 28 years doing or managing the ability to perform 2 complex jobs absolutely simultaneously? You should now own a trillion dollar business, but instead you are a grumpy internet persona. Count me not convinced. As I said above: seawater / air is free, other stuff comes at a cost. You - for instance - just forewent something else by typing. I forewent drinking my beer. These can be big or small, but there remains the cost of one action negating another. Lead to water; make drink I cannot. Conversation now boring, I will let you return to your physics-defying simultaneous performance of several complex tasks without any net degradation. And if you have some spare time, I have a bridge for sale.
  3. Is there not a ‘log-in offline’ option?
  4. What's the lovely lady next to the NAAFI truck and can I pre-order it? Looks like a Beaufort-knockoff
  5. Claimed, but clearly untrue. You cannot integrate something into a complex programme using your core team with no expense to other work. It is not possible and I have managed plenty of teams / projects in the past that demonstrate exactly that. If this were Microsoft then I would agree they can manage the load. But (thankfully) it is not. I love this sim and I have bough 95% of what they have produced, but this is an odd decision and has taken resources away from the Hurricane and BoN - on which people have already sunk money. Hell, Jason has used his time to post on the forums concerning this very topic which is 2 minutes out of his day (tiny opportunity cost). Roll this to the individuals concerned with integration and testing of the vehicle and you get a larger and larger slice of time for multiple people. That is simply a fact which you either understand or you do not. Anyway, I repeat that Thrawn made a very good point about prioritization based on supply chain elements so I can see that this module may have made sense to release owing to delays on other issues. It is not energy-free, however, 'cause beyond seawater and air almost nothing is. I doubt it will repay the money paid to the 3rd party, but I cannot prove that. So digest this in your own time. I have pointed out - painfully - how this operates, but while I can lead you to water I cannot make you drink.
  6. Errr, no. Quite the opposite. The people that handled certain aspects had a list of priorities. So project 1 done first, project 2 done second, project 3...etc. Divert one to the other? Opportunity cost Thusly the mail room (we did not have a mail room) could not have replaced someone skilled would not be opportunity cost because that is a specific and non-transferable role. Ah, calm down. This is the essence of fora.
  7. Not really. I have been very honest and open. I am doubtful of his response, frankly, but I have stuck by my logical position and continually so shall I do.
  8. Well, if he says so. Sounds totally impossible unless they have spare personnel: I have said the same thing to clients but I know that actually their work will be placed in the 'Things To Do' pile. Previously he has complained about a lack of people to get things done, so paint me a little skeptical, unless the new AA truck was simply uploaded into the game while the team crossed their fingers.
  9. Applauding this or not was never a point of contention. You could equally argue prioritising the Hurricane was an opportunity cost to an AA vehicle. Though I have my preferences, this was a disinterested debate.
  10. That is quite the back-pedalling. I explained - very carefully - my reasons why I opined (and it was only an opinion) that this represented an opportunity cost. I so not ‘like’ this module and will not buy it but I have and will likely continue to buy most of what the team provides. The team has their roadmap and their allocation of scarce resources. Unless the have developed (pun?) a perpetual motion machine in the meantime then the effort sunk into this module might have been focussed on other items. I never claimed special insight nor any right to direct what the team should do. I certainly never claimed - unlike yourself - that anything was ‘definite’. Anything else?
  11. You claimed ‘definitely’, it therefore falls upon your shoulders to gather the data: you must thusly defend your claim. I only postulated that marginal effort on the AA vehicle was detrimental to team time and resources for integration of other assets. This is generally true across all industries. But Thrawn made a good point so I surrender the argument to him.
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