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  1. Yep, as said above I mapped every listed trim (axis, button, stabiliser etc) to the relevant button and eventually it worked.
  2. Ensure you are at correct revs, boost, radiators, nothing going awry. It takes 1 second at most and - given that we lack the wider tactile engagement with the aircraft - is good practice. 10 second is 300m closure on an aircraft with 100kp/h over-taking speed, so a sweep of the instruments is perfectly possible and advisable, if not necessary at a high frequency. Compass, revs, boost can all be covered in a sweep that is 95% outside the cockpit during those 10 seconds.
  3. That is one downside! Otherwise it looks amazing. Also, @ ITAF_Rani, make sure you check the cable at the headset end every so often - it is actually a USB inside the plastic casing and can come loose with time. Oh - and you need to set VR zoom not just pilot head zoom (you may well have already figured that out - took me about 10 minutes of puzzlement before I noticed)
  4. Actually, you are wrong in this: fighter are a necessity rather than a primary aspect. The point of the air arm is direct or indirect support of war aims. Fighters exist only to counter other aircraft and then - additionally - because other fighter exist. That fighters are readily turned into fighter-bombers, recce or SEAD aircraft is indicative of this point. A fighter just playing the role of a fighter is fairly pointless unless it is opposing the enemy efforts (bombing, recce etc). Air-land or air-sea is the point, fighters then make or break that ability. If the enemy has no fighters, you focus on your other roles. When they do, you need fighter. Fighters are not an end in themselves.
  5. Read Caldwell: the flight crews campaigned to have it removed. If that is a sign of a superior weapon, then I am a little puzzled. That might have been a touch optimistic (politely). One 410 unit accounted for 130 bombers in 6 operations?
  6. Where is my A-Wing?! All of this ‘X-Wing’ invented nonsense and ‘Tie-In’ won teh war. Honestly, is this a sim or a game?
  7. Possibly some slight benefit from the higher back in terms of lateral stability as essentially you are getting more of a ‘keel’, hence the implementation of fin fillets. IIRC, there is an improvement in the drag with the higher backs as you avoid the slight turbulence which tends to come from the air-flow aft of a bubble canopy; there is a smoother flow. One reason why designers often revert to a higher, more blended design aft of the cockpit until the next conflict reminds everyone why visibility is important.
  8. So, as a disinterested observer, what it the standard summer Normandy ‘44 G-6? My poor brain is confused..
  9. OK, from my limited knowledge I thought that a G-10 might be a good compromise.
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