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  1. Epic? That man is a legend! 😎 Bizarrely, I though for a minute that the picture was of Roy Schieder (another legend). ”Get off the beach: there’s a Schwalbe in the water!”
  2. While I read, quick thank you again to ICDP for the beautiful work on these and others: takes flying to a whole new level with these skins on the aircraft
  3. Clostermann has an account of intercepting Arados over “that miserable “ bridge in a Tempest: he related being caught in a bomb blast and almost losing control of his fighter. Key question, though: will we see Robert Vaughn?
  4. Except is that not particular to configuration of rotary-engined multi-plane aircraft? I would have thought that the rudder effect on a 262 might move lift inwards, so as AoA increases the CoL progresses forwards but you get a tip-stall first, potentially rendering less effective the ailerons and tipping you over. But I have no degree in this stuff, just layman undertaking 😎. Sorry, not 'move lift inwards' , but focus lift relatively on the forward element of the wing between the fuselage and nacelles (ie the less high-aspect ration part)?
  5. Thanks. Also presume that unlike the earlier aircraft, over-enthusiastic rudder use causes stall from the tip and pitch-up owing to C/L vs CoG issues?
  6. This: at base, the ‘straightening’ of outside wing increasing lift relative to the inside wing which is effectively further ‘swept’, this causing positive roll in direction of the yaw.
  7. Fair enough, but I meant for sight-seeing. At 50% you can get off from anywhere.
  8. 50% fuel is your friend 😎
  9. 262 is lovely, thank you to all the team. Was gaining height over the Kuban in the morning when the sun rose just enough to illuminate everything. In VR this looked fanatstic, but then I was suddenly struck by how calm and quiet everything felt after a piston-engined aircraft and understood why it must have felt so strange and new to pilots coming from 109s and 190s.
  10. Is there a QMB that starts on a paved runway? Seems odd in a 262 lifting from a field.
  11. EAF19_Marsh

    Spit XIV

    Aside from all other points of debate, it would undoubtedly be a big earner for the team.
  12. How many by end of May ‘44? I ask only as Kurfurst decided to use this date as a pivot point.
  13. So you guys ever fail to be awesome? Those shots are simply beautiful.
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