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  1. Hi all, I have created a set of over 300 flashcards to help me learn id airplanes in BOX and I thought I would share them with you. I have created the flashcards by playing the game on the Berloga server, recording and taking screenshots during the replay. The advantage of this method is that the screenshots are exactly what you see during the game. I can tell what an aircraft is if I see a perfect picture of it, or at least a perfect silhouette but that's not the case when you play the game. Some of the flashcards can be quite difficult to id but they have at least one distinctive feature for the specific airplane. Sometimes it's hard to say the exact type, but you can at least say if it's Allied or German. In order to use the flashcards you need to use Anki (open source software): https://apps.ankiweb.net/index.html They have a pc client, an Android one and an IPhone one. The pc version is free, the IPhone one (called Anki) is expensive, around $30 unfortunately. The Android version is free and it's called AnkiDroid, just take care there are others that are called Anki something or other but they are not what you want. I have no affiliation whatsoever with Anki, but I find their software very useful (although it was a bit hard to use initially). Download the attachment on your pc, un-rar it and double click on the resulting apkg file after you installed Anki for pc. I have added two screenshots so you can see how the whole thing works. First you will see the photo of the airplane with a "show answer" button and then, after clicking that button, you can rate your knowledge. Depending on that, Anki will show you the card again after a certain interval. In my case, the intervals are pretty large because this is an old card that I recognize pretty consistently. The quality of the airplane photo is a bit worse in this screenshot than in reality because of the jpeg compression. Enjoy and let me know if you have questions. Il2 BOX Identification.rar
  2. Hi, I've seen various replays on Youtube where the camera changes to a different airplane during replay (usually the airplane getting shot down) and I was wondering how is that done. I know that you can switch to different views using F1, F2, F3, etc, but they are all centered on your airplane, not a different one. Thanks.
  3. I have the Rift and I got to try the Odyssey+ today. The unit was off unfortunately, so I just tried it on to see if it fits. I was quite disappointed by the fact that the visor basically just hangs down from the head strap and there is no way to fix it closer or further away from your face. I am wondering how would this impact the clarity of the image since I know from the Rift that you have to keep it in a certain position in order to have the best image. I also tried it with my glasses on and it seems that the Odyssey+ lenses would just rest on my glasses which would be squished against my face. The unit lenses would definitely touch my glasses lenses and given the fact that the visor is not fixed I am not sure how long would take until one of them or both would be scratched. As a side note, the lady from the shop told me that the way to use it with glasses would be to take your glasses off, put them against the Odyssey+ lenses and then put them both on which I think is nuts.
  4. You need to keep pressing the flaps up or flaps down buttons to set up the limiter and you'll see the counter on the right side of the screen.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to keep the multiplayer chat messages displayed for a longer period while in game or to show them again? I know you can see the whole chat history if you go back to the lobby, but obviously I don't want to finish the flight early just to read the messages. Is there any other way? Thanks.
  6. After a few more missions in the campaign, now the game freezes again but this time it crashes after a short wait What are the files I should save so I won't lose my config settings and campaign progress when reinstalling the game?
  7. I tried to play again the mission and wait longer this time and it seems that the game continues given enough time. It froze several times during the mission. Two out of these were several minutes long.
  8. I'm playing the Cold Winter scripted campaign and I experience a strange freeze at mission 4 (appropriately named Help urgently required!). What happens is that I take off, fly towards Borovsk and turn right towards Vereya. After the turn, I fly another minute or so and then the game partially freezes. What is strange is that the sound still works and I can see the exhaust raising out in front of the airplane. It's like the airplane is stopped in midair with the engine running. It looks really weird. The only thing that moves on the screen is the animation of the exhaust smoke but it is shown in front of the airplane. Everything else is just frozen. Trying to control the airplane doesn't do anything. I tried easing out the throttle to see if the sound of the engine changes but it doesn't. Trying to move my head (to control the view with TrackIR) doesn't do anything either. I can bring out the map and I can bring out the menu (with the esc key). Trying to abort the mission doesn't do anything, but restarting it works. I tried creating a track of this but the track does not show it, the track ends normally, as there were no freeze. I am adding the track file anyway, in case it helps debugging this issue. The same thing happened in another campaign, Ten days of autumn, with the difference that in that case the game continued after a while. In the case of this particular mission however it doesn't. Tracks.rar
  9. Thanks Lefuneste. I was just curious, are you a game developer? I tried to take a look at how the mod was done, but shader programming seems way too complicated for me.
  10. Thanks Lefuneste for your work, it really changes things immensely. By the way, I saw you have created a similar mod for DCS as well, but the download links are broken. Can you upload it again please?
  11. I finally got around to try it. Increasing the size of the window (to 1280x1024) does solve the problem. Thanks OrLoK!
  12. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099) I did the overcloking from the BIOS rather than using MSI afterburner. The problem that I had in the past with this is that sometimes, if I boot to Linux and then reboot quickly, the BIOS is complaining about the overclocking and refuses to boot unless I change the overclocking settings. It is very strange, since if I boot to Linux and wait about 5 minutes, I can reboot again with no problem. My computer has other issues as well, like every day I usually need to boot 3 times, the first time the resolution on my monitors is all wrong, the second time the keyboard doesn't work, and the third time everything is fine. That's why I was saying I will probably upgrade my computer soon, although I just saw the ram prices and I had a sudden change of hart. I now hope my computer will still work for a year or so. Anyway, I will try to follow up on the steps you wrote above and determine what would be a safe speed to overclock to. Thanks for all your help.
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