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  1. Yeah, I was hoping they would fix that with the hotfix they released,but alas.. Hopefully they fix it soon..
  2. I think the landing lights are broken with the new update. They are no longer working in my missions, and even appear to be broken in SP career missions. I reported it here:
  3. First, thanks for 3.101 update - great work and I'm really enjoying it! However, landing lights seem to be broken with this update. Giving them the Force Complete low command as before no longer makes them shine on the ground. It seems to affecting both SP career missions and MP. thanks!
  4. No worries, was still a fun mission, especially at the beginning when it was really dark and we were all trying to figure out where the runway was! 😂 But yeah, the average speed of the u-2 is probably around 120kph, so no more than 60km each way, plus whatever is needed to actually look for the targets is probably about right IMO.
  5. Sounds good, and also the U-2's need more time to get their recons done IMO. Both Jizzo and I ran out of time to complete the tasks and make it back to base in time, and I had to cut my recon short and head for home early,and still didnt make it back before phase 2. So, either the distances need to be shorter, or at least 2 hours allocated to that phase.
  6. Thanks for the mission last night Tip, had a great time in the Po-2 in the early dawn - was good fun! Looking forward to the next one.
  7. Hiya Tip, I see the ground attack plane is the p-47, which I dont have, so could you please move me into a Spitfire Mk V rather for phase two? thanks!
  8. Ah! found the issue - the RGB value has to be set to 255,255,255 for each translator icon or else it wont work. I had mine set to be slightly darker and that breaks the functionilty of the icon. Thanks again Leon!
  9. What the..? yours does work, and yet mine doesnt.. hmmm.. will have to investigate this quickly. Thanks Leon!
  10. Yep, dogfight. But selecting a side doesnt seem to change the colour, its always just black and white...
  11. Hi All, I am having a bit of trouble trying to get the positions type 0 translators working properly in an MP mission. In SP, they look fine and are properly coloured red and blue as follows: but in MP they are always black and white, regardless of RGB values or coalitions: What gives? Is there any way to change this translator to be in colour? And , if not, what other methods do others use for displaying front lines in MP? I have drawn them out and used a border line, and it looks okay, but there must be an alternative that looks a bit better than this: Thanks!
  12. Yeah, tell me about it! I'm also making a mission for this with the same idea (dawn/night phase with different objectives and plane sets) and it is quite a bit of work - Trying to have at least 2 objectives for all the plane types, including day and night objectives creates quite a few logic groups which all have to be tested extensively to make sure they work. Its gets busy pretty quickly:
  13. Needless to say, I approve of this Idea Po-2 night ops, and ground attack day mission for me please!
  14. Hi all, I am busy making an MP mission which is heavily based on the type of missions you get in the SP career, and I thought I would ask everyone what your favourite type of mission is in the career? All types of career are included in this, and I am especially keen to hear from the guys who play bomber missions- what kind of targets do you you find its most fun to attack (supply depots, shipping, bridges?) I would also love to hear from the ground attack guys - what are you favourite ground attack missions? thanks!
  15. Yes, that is my concern as well. I dont know how many resources a checkzone uses, or how many of them we can have active at any time, but I would want to keep the number of checkzones to a minimum..
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