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  1. Hi, I will be flying this years bloody april with the 56 Squadron guys, can you please assign me to their group? thanks!
  2. I will also echo the general sentiment that the Se5a in both FC and RoF is a pretty hopeless plane compared to its direct rivals. Thats not to say an expert pilot couldnt do very well in it, but for less skilled pilots such as myself its basically suicidal, even when I try use the correct tactics. The historical accounts of pilots who flew them, and even what the vintage aviator pilots said when they flew their reproductions (which are so accurate that they can definitely be considered the "real thing") in a mock dog fight was that the albatross dva was hopelessly outclassed by the Se5a in virtually all aspects (including turn fighting it seems), so I think there definitely is a problem somewhere.. But it might not be the se5a thats at fault, but rather the albatrosses and pfalz FM's that could be the issue here. Whenever I fly the dva especially I am amazed that it just seem to be a plane with no flaws: its stable, easy to fly and almost impossible to stall unless you actively try. So maybe these early FM's from around 2008-2009 (dva especially) have some error or didnt take something into account properly that results in planes that fly way better in game than they should? Unfortunately we will never know until we have access to someone who has actually flown these aircraft in RL..
  3. I think the issue is the game engine itself not being able to keep up with all that is happening in the mission. I presume the engine has its own internal "clock speed" that it tries to run at all the time, and this speed is consistent with reality (i.e 1 second in game is 1 second in real life), but when it cant keep up with the demands of the mission it slows itself down to ensure that all the stuff that needs to be processed is actually processed. This gives the impression of the game running at half speed because its no longer in sync with real time (this seems to be shown in the in-game clock reading a different amount of time passed to a real life clock as some have mentioned). Throwing more raw CPU speed at the problem seems to help to an extent, but I doesnt seem to cure the issue (nobody who tried the mission got good playable results regardless of hardware IIRC) because the core problem is the game engine struggling, not necessarily the hardware..
  4. I would be keen the join the EU timezone group. I have always wanted to join a squadron because I dont see the point of just logging on to a random server, taking off and getting shot down pretty much immediately because I'm flying alone like an idiot and get bounced by 3 guys at once. For this reason I basically never get onto to MP anymore except for organised events. Will check out your discord..
  5. "oh for god sakes Jamie, give you brain a chance!" 😄 Great movie, despite the standard 60's cheesyness. Its a pity we cant make movies like this anymore because most of the planes are long gone..
  6. not too much to add to what has already been said, but you can actually run the mission editor and the game at the same time, although it will often create weird visual glitches if you go into "first person" mode in the editor (f9) when the game is running. As long as you avoid pressing f9 in the editor though, I find you can run the two side by side without too much trouble, and this makes editing and quickly checking the result faster. Even if the game does glitch out, you can still test certain things because it doesnt affect things like subtitles or mission logic, only the visuals..
  7. literally cannot wait until this becomes flyable! In the meantime, bring on the AI Gooney Bird!
  8. I really enjoyed the seaplanes in RoF, but unfortunately the performance of the channel map on which they were mostly used was quite bad for a lot of people, so most MP events I took part in tended to stay away from it. Would be great to have them redone in FC one day though...
  9. Yep, was just about to post this as well 😃 I dont know if there has been work done on the area in the 70+ years since the battle, but the real life location looks pretty flat now. If you fly around in the free cam mode in the editor there is a slight rise over this whole area, but its over a fairly large area. Not sure I would call it a hill per se, but maybe something got lost in translation between Russian and English.
  10. are you working off this paper?: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/16161262.2019.1606545?journalCode=rjih20 EDIT: just looked and its actually on the map anyway:
  11. definitely interested if I am correct that the time of the event is 15:00 GMT?
  12. Flashy

    Flatten an area

    no I dont think thats possible, or at least I have no idea how to do it. There is a mesh editing menu in the mission editor, but its greyed out so I dont think we have access to that functionality
  13. Flashy

    Flatten an area

    Not exactly sure what you mean by flattening. If you mean actually changing the terrain mesh to make hills and slopes flat, then no, that cant be done. But, if you want to add new landing strips onto parts of the map that are already flat and have no obstacles, then yes, its possible..to an extent
  14. agreed, this needs to be made official. If the devs could just put in a bit of work to increase the LOD distance so we can see them from high up, and maybe give the 3d models rifles, this would be a great first step to infantry in the game
  15. This is already totally possible. Using the ME, you can add your own landing strips anywhere on the map, provided you run the game in MODS ON mode. Obviously you would have to pick a spot that is flat and doesnt have trees, but thats trivial.. If you combine that with the Rearm, Repair, Refuel (RRR) logic you can create a scenario where you can have as many take off and landings as you want in one mission (I think..I havent actually used the RRR logic but I believe it works).. see this post:
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