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  1. Flashy

    rendering 50 bombers

    I remember back in the RoF days we did quite a few tests on Single player AI (MP is a whole different story due to the synchronization that needs to happen between all players and all objects in a mission, and that is a different discussion) and we found that it didn't really matter much how much CPU power or memory you threw at the problem, the results were always the same - the game would start to get unstable and crash at around the 150 AI mark. Sure, more CPU power kept the frame rate up for longer, but there seems to be a hard limit at around that 150 mark that just couldn't really be broken by brute force. Maybe it has to do with the engine not being able to use multiple CPU cores for AI (or AI not using multi-threading) or something like that, or as you say Pat, the AI just doing calculations too often when it doesnt need to and bogging itself down. I mean, you can kinda understand why that might be desirable for AI gunners (although it could also make them too good since they are correcting their aim every 50 ms!) but it really doesnt make sense for the AI driving trucks or flying planes to be that busy - it should be working at roughly the same speed as a human would IMO, like every 500ms.. Its difficult to understand what those programmers back in the old Neoqb days were thinking when they were coding the engine. I mean, there must have been a point where one of them realised: "hang on, if we code it like this, that'll mean the game will only be able to support a few hundred AI, maybe 500 tops" and instead of the other guys throwing pencils at him and saying: "Ivan you idiot, that'll never work! We have a map thats 50 000 sq km, you cant only have a few hundred AI! Thats like 0.004 AI's per sq kilometer - go find a better way to do it!", But instead they said: "200 AI for 50 000 sq km? perfect! That'll be plenty!".. And it really is a shame because its the most serious flaw in both RoF and Il-2 BoX IMO because it just makes the world feel so sterile and empty not being able to have many ground objects. If you go back and read the reviews of RoF back in 2008/9, many of them mentioned how little "life" the world seemed to have and how barren it was, and although improvements have been made in the newer version of the engine, its still much the same story unfortunately. And kudos to the developers for making improvements in other areas like graphics and physics and performance, but the underlying object limit issue still remains. Its a bit like having a car with 4 flat tyres - you can spend all the time and money you want putting on race suspension, getting more power out of the engine, respraying it and installing body kits, installing a roll cage etc, but as long as the tyres are flat you're always going to have a very slow top speed..
  2. Flashy

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    aw, only saw this now - would have loved to give the U-2 a go as well, oh well, next time. btw, only 2 U-2's in the mission? Is that for historical or performance reasons or something?
  3. Flashy

    Random Logic Problem

    It could very well be a case of some timers not allowing enough time when a mission FIRST loads. The first time a mission loads, everything has to be loaded into memory from scratch, so it might take a few seconds longer and some timers are being missed/triggers being missed etc. But, when you reload the mission some things are already in memory so it loads up faster and there is now enough time for the timers to trigger, and everything works correctly? Maybe try build in some extra time into the logic as you and Sketch suggested to allow the mission to finish loading completely before trying the random logic?
  4. Flashy

    rendering 50 bombers

    Cant give you an exact answer, but basically each AI gunner and each AI pilot is a separate AI routine that has to run all the time, so if a bomber has 3 gunners plus a pilot, then thats 4 AI routines per plane. Then also remember that things like trucks(1 AI), AA truck (2 AI) squadron mates (>= 1 AI) are also running in the mission usually and it all adds up very quickly. Back in the RoF days you couldnt really go much higher than 100-150 AI routines active in a mission at once before things start to break down. I believe there was some work done to increase this number for IL-2, but its still painfully low, so forget any ideas you may have about "realistic" mass formations of planes at once because the engine just cant do it.
  5. Flashy

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    lol, try fighting them in a Pz3 then! The other day I was in one up against someone in a T-34 who was..shall we say..less than good at aiming, and I managed to hit him 5-6 times in the turret from about 400 meters, and he then just one-shotted me dead when he finally found his range, and drove off as if nothing had happened ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm really not sure what use the Pz3 is going to be in TC when its all done, because it just cant make a dent in any tank planned for the Soviet Side. The T-34 we have now is probably the weakest tank the Red's will get and it so massively outclasses the Pz3 that you would need five Pz3's to every one T-34 at this rate..
  6. Flashy

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    I have been playing quite a bit as a tanker over the last week or so, and its surprisingly fun (barely fly planes anymore actually because its too much effort to get the track-ir working properly), even though I dont own TC and only have the Pz3 and T-34. I have noticed a lot of what stupor-mundi has said is true, but at the same time it is kinda to be expected: Planes are natural enemies to tanks and if you get caught out in the open by planes that were specifically designed to kill tanks, then you cant really be too surprised by the outcome - luckily most pilots in this game cant bomb very well, so most of the time I just ignore planes because they drop their bombs way off target and dont do much other than deafen me! Having said that, there are some things that I think really help make the whole situation a bit better: Missions where the tank bases are close together are much better because you dont have the long travel times to get back into the action. Therefore, if you get killed, its no big deal to get back to where you died. The missions where these distances are large can be very frustrating because you spend all your time driving and dying. Missions need to have at least a few tank bases for each side. There is nothing more annoying than only having one base to spawn at, and there are 3 Il-2's and two T-34's camping the spawn spot, so you just get spawn raped - not fun Tankers need to communicate better, and call in air support if they feel they are being repeatedly targeted. Admittedly this is harder on the main tank servers because not many people there seem to speak English, but I suppose thats what google translate is for.. Dont hang about in the open in a tank if you can help it - not only are you an easy target for planes, but other tanks can spot you a mile off. Use concealment and travel through the forest as much as possible and you'll probably find most of the pilots will get bored and bugger off.. Thats enough for now. IMO, the biggest problem we have with tanking in the game at the moment is that the Pz3 is the only free tank available to the Germans, while the Russians get the T-34. The Pz3 is a light tank at best and really is a hopeless piece of junk compared to the T-34 (its slow, badly armoured, and has a pea-shooter for a gun). This means that casual players who are trying out tanks tend to flock overwhelmingly to the Soviet side because you just cant really do much in the Pz3 unless you are really cunning or go off and destroy artillery etc. I'm not sure how the devs could fix this, because these are free tanks after all, but maybe in the future they could give the Soviets a worse tank as the free option (maybe a BT-7 or T-26?) because as it stands there is very little reason to use the Pz3 -its just a deathtrap..
  7. Sigh, shouldn't guessed it was a bug like that. ๐Ÿ˜” Anyway, thanks for the help guys! I will try deactivating them like gambit suggests and see if that fixes because I do need to have them in the mission for testing purposes so I can make sure timing etc is correct, so grouping them up and removing them until the end probably wont work for me. Also, the mission will still have the same problem then when its done and I add back the Media MCU, and players wont be able to pause or accelerate time thanks again!
  8. Another day, another weird mission editor issue I have been scratching my head over this one for a few days now, and cant imagine what is causing it. The issue is as follows: I have some missions that use the camera operator at the beginning to get views of airfields, objects etc, and also use the Media MCU to play audio and videos and somewhere along the line it appears as if they are breaking the pause and time acceleration function of the game. At the beginning of the mission, I can pause and unpause fine, and accelerate and decelerate time, but at some point during the beginning of the mission where I am moving around with external cameras, playing sounds and videos using the media MCU that functionality seems to break, and after that I can no longer pause or accelerate time. It doesn't fix itself after I return control to the player either, and appears to be broken for the rest of the mission. Now here's the really weird part: I tried an older mission I made about 2 weeks ago that was working fine ( I know it was working because I was using time acceleration to test the mission as I made it) and that I hadnt touched in the ME since, and it now has the same problem! We haven't had any updates over the last 2 weeks that could have broken this have we?
  9. Flashy

    Playing Videos in SP?

    Thanks to JG4_dingsda then!
  10. Flashy

    Playing Videos in SP?

    Omw, thats... amazing! Thanks Jim! I dont even want to know how you figured that out - I was at my wits end trying everything from converting my video to a flash file, an animated gif, 2 different types of .bik. Guess I should have seen the other webm videos in the Il-2 folder and tried that, but I never would have thought to rename a .webm to a .bik! This mission editor makes me laugh sometimes. You can tell its Russian cant you? Nothing is easy "in Soviet Russia, mission makes you!"
  11. Hi again all, I am having trouble with playing a video with the Media Translator in a SP mission. I have saved the video file in the correct (I think) .bik format using RAD video tools, and I can watch it in my media players etc, and have referenced it correctly in the Media translator MCU properties, but it just does nothing when triggered. The translator works fine for playing mp3 sound files, but just does nothing when I change it to video and choose the video file. Has anyone managed to get it to work in SP missions, or is it broken? Is there maybe some other "version" of .bik that we need to use? I even tried playing some .bik video files that were included in the "Alberts Life" missions (although those videos were for the St.Mihiel RoF campaign weirdly.. ) and they didn't work either. Anyone know anything about getting videos to play in SP missions? The below pic shows what I have: Begin mission -> 10 sec time -> Media MCU with video setup. thanks!
  12. Ah! you sir, are a genius! The key is that you have to set the "first object" in the advanced properties of the camera operator translator to something, otherwise it doesnt work! I didnt know you had to set that, so thats why it wasnt working. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, thats the exact same bug I get. If I try and disable the player plane at the beginning and only spawn it later, it kinda works (you get dropped into the cockpit at the right time etc) but you cant start the engine or anything and the only option available in the ESC menu is "Finish Spectate", so its kinda broken. If ,however, I spawn the player normally at the beginning of the mission, then the cameras only work if you press f12 - there doesn't seem to be a way to force the external camera at the start of the mission if the player is already spawned - it just defaults to cockpit view. I'll check out those missions of Alberts life (just busy converting them to new game version) because if their external cameras are working without breaking the player plane then there must be a way to do it..
  14. Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. I did see that in the manual, but its not quite what I am after. However, I have got it to work now by deactivating the player aircraft at the beginning of the mission and setting my camera view to be the default for all coalitions. Now the mission does indeed show my camera at the beginning and drops the player into the cockpit when I want it to. However, there is a bug now: there is no "Finish mission" option available in the menu when you hit ESC - only a "Finish Spectate". So the player cant actually exit the mission anymore! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I am working on trying to fix that now.. Another thing, how do you make the camera follow a path? I have linked a whole bunch of Trigger Camera Points together, and set the speed etc, then linked the camera operator to the first Camera point, but that also does nothing when activated..
  15. Hi All, Been playing around with the camera operators in the mission editor for a few days now and I cant seem to get them to do anything. I want to "force" an external custom camera angle of my plane at the beginning of the mission while some subtitles play, so I set up both a camera point and camera operator in the ME and have tried linking them and activating them both in a few different ways (target links form various other MCU's etc), but nothing seems to actually work. Is it possible to do what I am trying to do? Can you force the player camera to change during a SP mission, or is it not possible? I know I got it to work a long time ago in the RoF ME, but nothing I do in the BoS editor seems to do anything ๐Ÿ˜– thanks in advance for any replies!