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  1. I have another module which I think is polished enough for posting here. This time I have a proxy based respawning flak system: This flak module starts inactive, once a plane flies within a set range, the gun spawns. When the plane flies out of range, the gun is deactivated. When a plane flies back into range, then the gun is reactivated (not respawned). On death, there is a logic chain to destroy, delete, and prime the gun for respawn after a set amount of time. This is a partial combination of systems I have posted here before, and a good deal of it should look familiar. I have organized the module into three zones for ease of use. Blue is nearly identical to my respawning vehicle module (here), and likewise functions almost identically. Blue: On spawn, the gun receives orders for formation, waypoint, and attack area. The attack area MCU dictates what the gun should be shooting at (Airplanes, High Priority by default). The Waypoint allows the mission maker to dictate what the gun does not shoot. Priority set to "low," The gun will shoot at everything in range (Planes, Vehicles, Parachutes). Priority set to "high," The gun wont shoot at anything ever, except for what has been specified in the attack area MCU. The formation MCU is mostly vestigial, and can probably be safely deleted. On death , the gun receives "complete" damage, is then deleted, and finally sends a signal to set up the initial "check zone" MCU in preparation to spawn again. Timers should be adjusted for the desired length of time between respawns. Red: This is the mission start logic. On mission start, the check zone MCU is activated. If a plane is detected, it activates the spawn, and deactivates itself. Green: This is the proxy system that activates/deactivates the gun when planes fly in and out of range. Yellow: I've crossed out these subtitle MCUs. Although useful for testing (you should use them) they can (and should) be safely deleted once satisfied with the functionality of the module as a whole. That should cover all of the module functionality. Anyway, take a look for yourself: ProxyFlakRespawn1.3.zip As always, if there are any questions, feel free to reach out. Cheers!
  2. @ciribob Anything it possible man, but I swear that I haven't changed anything since last night. Thank you for taking a look though. With my luck it will probably stop working again as soon as you drop out lol. Still I'm grateful for your help. This is a wonderful addition to the game, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
  3. I see you, and I'm super stoked about that, but then why couldn't my friends auto connect when joining my server?
  4. oh man. I don't know why my friends were not able to connect. Did you direct connect to the server?
  5. Thank you for the quick response. The SRS client, the SRS server, and the dedicated server are all installed on the same machine. I can connect my locally installed SRS client to the locally installed SRS server. Even the auto connect function works when I join my own dedicated server. The problem is that no one else can join. I checked my port forwarding via the the checker you provided, and 6002 is open: I am truly stumped.
  6. This is was my port forwarding looks like: I've set it up the same way I port forwarded the dedicated server. and my server works perfectly. The firewall settings seem to be correct also as far as I can tell: Again I have set them up the same way as my DServer firewall rules. I really don't know what I could be doing wrong.
  7. So what was the secret? could you post screenshots of your setup?
  8. So I'm trying to set this up on my test server. I can connect to it, but no one else can. I think I have set up the port forwarding and the firewall stuff up correctly. Has anyone else successfully set it up?
  9. You can also swap out the counter for an external timer. An attack might last for a 30 minute window, during which the vehicle spawns endlessly. Once the 30 minutes elapses then the spawn is disabled.
  10. @ThadI just threw this together, VehicleRespawn1.1&1.2.zip The zip file includes the original (1.1), and the updated limited spawn version (1.2). You can look at the two side by side. I just added a counter and deactivate MCU on the right side. The counter counts to a # (I set it to five), and receives an input every time the vehicle reports being destroyed. After five deaths, the counter activates the deactivate MCU which is targeted to the spawn at the base of the module. I have not had time to test it, but it should work. Let me know if there are any issues, Cheers! o7
  11. Dropping a couple more modules. These are for an integrated radar flak system. First, the radar: I had been using an airfield tower as the radar station, but I thought it would be a good idea to include other community work. The above is @Jade_Monkey's Radar Bunker (Thank you Jade_Monkey), which I have retooled with additional mission logic. The antenna are invulnerable until either of the concrete segments are destroyed. Within 30 milliseconds of death, the concrete segments signal the antenna as being set to vulnerable, and then are subsequently destroyed with a damage MCU. A second signal is sent to a timer outside of the group, which will become important in just a little. FlakNode: This is a 2x2 flak node containing four heavy caliber flak guns. They are enabled or disabled based on enemy proximity to the central tower (not the radar installation), and has embedded logic to change the skill level of the gunners in the mission. The central tower is the most important component of the node as killing it will reduce the gun AI to 'low' via a behavioral node, as well as cut off any input from an outside source (such as a radar station). There is a second behavioral modifier that takes input from outside the node. This second modifier changes the gun AI to 'medium.' That external signal from outside the node could be anything, but I designed it with the radar station in mind. The "on killed" timer which is external to the radar station can be linked to the "External Killed" timer associated with the flak node. The ultimate design is that when the radar station is destroyed, then the skill of the AI is dropped from 'high' to medium. When the node tower is destroyed, then the AI skill is dropped from 'high/medium' down to 'low.' I am nearly at my file size limit, so I won't share a picture of a complete setup in this post. Let me just say that each node as a maximum effective range of about 10km (depending on the altitude of the plane) Nodes should be organized with moderate overlap so that they may establish concentrated fire. I have had my best results using 4-8 nodes per station (anything more is overkill). Effectiveness reference with eight nodes covering the perimeter of a 18km radius zone. Targets were B-25 bombers at 4km altitude: High skill level- 3-4 bombers shot down avg. Medium skill level- 1-4 bombers shot down avg. Low skill level- 0 bombers shot down avg. (they can't hit a thing lol) Flak effectiveness was generally lethal from 1-6km altitude after which there was a steep decline. FlakDefSystem.zip That should be everything anyone needs to know to use these modules. Play around with them to your hearts content. I only ask that if they are used in missions that Jade_Monkey and myself are credited as contributors. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out. Cheers!
  12. I have a graphical problem that I only noticed after the last major update. It causes low resolution textures to be displayed in place of high resolution textures. My game now sometimes looks like the following. However it takes time for the textures to deteriorate to this condition. When a quick mission is launched the high resolution textures are loaded in properly as far as I can tell. The one exception is the Ju 87 which almost invariably spawns in the first test with high quality textures, but upon taking any damage the texture quality drops to the minimum quality (sometimes it even switches the skin from mission defined to default). In every subsequent test (before restarting the game) the Stuka spawns with the lowest quality texture. There are two other symptoms: After the game displays the glitch, it no longer shuts down correctly. it stops responding, and I am forced to kill the game via task manager. The second symptom is that when I verify the game cache through steam, one file is invalid and will be acquired. When I run the integrity check a second time, everything checks out... until I run the game again and the glitch presents itself. I'll run the integrity check yet again, and one file will fail to validate yet again, and the process repeats. I have gone through the standard checks, and I'll just post all the misc. information below: CPU- Ryzen 2700X GPU- GTX 1080 8GB VRAM (drivers are up to date) 32GB RAM SSD integrity check: passed Nvidia control panel fidgeting (max performance) delete startup .cfg file and let the game auto generate a new one complete uninstall/reinstall On the whole I a noticing this glitch for every airplane in the game. Mostly it is only visible for a fraction of a second before the high resolution texture is loaded in on top. Player controlled tanks, ground ai vehicles and other misc. objects appear to be exempt. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  13. I wish I had known about this thread sooner. I have so many modules that I have wanted to post. I'll just start with two: The first is a vehicle "respawn on death" module. VehicleRespawn1.1.zip On spawn, the vehicle follows the waypoints, on or off road, as specified by the formation MCU (three waypoints are "pre-packaged"). On death, the vehicle is destroyed, then deleted, then respawned at the initial spawn point. The second module is a variation of the vehicle spawner that is specific to self propelled anti aircraft guns (SPAAG). MGAATruckRespawn1.1.2.zip This module is mostly the same as the standard vehicle spawner. The SPAAG will ignore every enemy object as it travels between waypoints. However, the first waypoint triggers an "Attack Area" command so that the SPAAG will stop to shoot at every enemy aircraft that comes into range. As such, the "Attack Area" command must be placed to encompass the area where it is expected to make contact with the enemy (don't leave it at the spawn location!). Both of these modules are great because they can give the appearance to players that there is an endless number of vehicles on the ground, when in reality there are maybe a couple dozen or less. This saves a lot on system resources for both single and multiplayer scenarios. Last, I will leave here a mission I made to practice tankbusting which is constructed from only these two modules (just so anyone can see how they might be used). TankBusting Practice.zip I will prep more modules to share here. I have a couple of really special ones that just need a little more polish before presentation. If anyone has questions, ping me, or jump on the "Squid Squad" discord and ask me there. Cheers!
  14. I like your ideas for a voice confirmation to tell you what your bomb settings are. That would make it similar to how tanks function. I think moving forward for both tanks and planes, I would like to see dedicated keybindings for weapon configurations instead of toggling through the various settings. Example for planes: [LCtrl+1] Single bomb drop [LCtrl+2] Pair bomb drop [LCtrl+3] Four bomb drop [LCtrl+4] All bomb drop [LAlt+1] 0.05s drop interval [LAlt+2] 0.010s drop interval [LAlt+3] 0.25s drop interval [LAlt+4] 0.50s drop interval Example for tanks: [LCtrl+1] Load APHE [LCtrl+2] Load HE [LCtrl+3] Load HEAT [LCtrl+4] Load APsolid or Composite Rigid btw I'm not saying that [LCtrl,Alt+#] should be the default bindings; just an example
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