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  1. Ploofy

    Skins WIP ET RC

    superbe 😉
  2. Ploofy

    P-47D Cinematic: The last train to Berlin

    nice one !! love the music !
  3. Ploofy

    Coconut - Fan Club Videos ;)

    A short one ! level bombing with A-20 on Coconut expert server
  4. Will Bodenplatte have Sherman, Pershing, or other AI tanks to put in front of German AI tanks? Same for jeep, GMC,..etc ? I didn't found anything on the forums about that !
  5. Everyone has their own conception of a "compromise" So first, we need to define what a compromise is for a planes simulator !
  6. who will be expert enough, here, to make a real dissimilarity between reality and the sim ?? For japanese planes, of course !😁
  7. I agree for the Mosquito ! But, for Bodenplate we need in premium plane an Arado ar 234B : Bombing and photographic recognition
  8. Ploofy

    Would You Purchase?

    and me I will paid a lot for a Korea map 🤗
  9. 😫 is there a chance to see the server up again after the end of this month if the bug is quickly fixed ?
  10. Ploofy

    Les CCG et affiliés vont à la plage ...

    La Volga en automne...tout un poème 😊
  11. Ploofy

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    love this 262 and Arado for Collector plane.... later
  12. Ploofy

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    - Minefield on the final map - anti-tank ditch - light armored tank ( or vehicle like SdkFz 222 for german or BA 64 for russian) for recognition ! that will be great for multi players missions......ok i'm dreaming - logistics units for refueling, rearming, and repairs. (mobile or not) - 3D crews models