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  1. So is there really no way to pull it off? My idea was to edit the lua scripts for the individual objects but like I said earlier the file path that the bridge calls do doesn't exist for me. As you can see in the picture there should be a subfolder called "Bridges" but the only folders in WorldObjects are "fixcameras" and "mapemitters". I don't want to throw in the towel already since this could open up different possibilities, imagine air races through tunnels or Death Star trench runs with AAA placed in the walls 😁
  2. So I recently got Tank Crew, had some fun with the realism, then I drove off a cliff in Kuban and got the inspiration for an X-Games tank mission where you go down a massive ramp with a jump at the end. I tried to mess around with the bridges (specifically bridge_big_2 from Stalingrad) but their Y axis is locked and you can't edit their AZ axis to tilt them. Is there either: A. A way to edit objects such as the aforementioned bridge so that they can be freely manipulated? B. A way to edit the "grounds" objects (such as port_pierce50x300) to give them collision boxes so that the player can drive down them? Some more info if it helps: I tried to edit bridge_big_2 in the stalingrad_bridges.Group file to no avail. I also noticed that there are file paths such as ...\graphics\bridges and ...\LuaScripts\bridges, however those files are missing from both directories even with show hidden folders enabled, am I missing something there? Lastly to be safe does editing files like that constitute any grounds for banning? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'd be more than happy to share the mission if it works out! 😁
  3. I've flown fighters for the vast majority in pretty much all the sims I have, but I don't have much experience at all flying them online against other people, I find that doing so can be pretty frustrating and stressful which is why I'm starting to enjoy ground pounding more. I like how it's more laid back until you reach your target, maybe it's knowing to expect enemies instead of getting shot out of nowhere or the rush you get from dodging AAA and enemy fighters while getting bombs on target, but I'm gradually moving towards ground attacking 8) But that aside, does anyone have advice for someone who's not totally unfamiliar but still fairly new when entering the ground attack role? I'd love to get my hands on the Ju-88 because it looks like it fills a void left by the Ju-87 and the He-111 but I don't know if I'm ready to drop that kind of money for 1 plane. I was also thinking of waiting for the Hs-129 to be released if I can purchase it separately was a collector plane, what should I expect from it? Dive bombing was always an appealing idea to me and I love reading about the good old dauntless (obviously I'm REALLY excited for the upcoming pacific theater) but I'm having trouble with the stuka, I just can't get over the awkward time delay between pressing the bomb release switch and waiting for the "arms" to extend for the bomb to drop, I tried using sound cues in the cockpit but they seem to be misleading. Lastly did anyone find themselves gravitating towards one plane as their main platform? I'm testing them all out currently and I really enjoy the Il-2 and its 37mm pods, but its bomb load feels lacking compared to the stuka, and the Pe-2 and He-111 feel like very different aircraft so I'm not sure which one of the two I prefer. Combat sims in general seem to be very fighter orientated and I can't find nearly as many resources for ground attack, so any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. ok, everyone hates the lagg but i want to give the underdog some love by taking out the glorious one-shotter, my question is what would be the best type of ammo to take with it? i feel like armor piercing would just pass right through other aircraft but i mean i don't have much knowledge about how different ammo types effect planes, any advice?
  5. Will BoM be available on steam when it is finished with its early access stages? If so does anyone have a general estimate for how long that will take given that all the aircraft have been released :O
  6. thank you for the advice! i look forward to trying it out, also your mulder avatar is A+
  7. so first off sorry if this has been addressed before (which it probably has) but i really really want to fly russian aircraft but time and time again i'll come back to them and they let me down. and no im not going to screech about bias or anything, i just want to know what to do against german fighters. it doesn't even feel like a matter of skill and technique, i've been doing dogfighting and wwii sims for a while so i have an idea of what im doing, but the russian fighters just lag behind in every single aspect, in speed retainment, in climbing, in diving, in turning, in maintaining energy, every single thing it feels like the 109 can do better. so to make sure i wasn't just bad at the sim, i did a test. i went up against a novice level 109-E7 in both the yak and la-5 and i simply couldn't keep up at all, i could sort of keep up in a turn but that didn't last long considering how poorly russian fighters bleed off speed. now to remove all doubts i went up against the highest level ai 109-G in my own 109-G, evenly matched against the top ai skill level and guess what? with very little experience with the 109 i dominated the fight in every and all aspects, i could climb and keep my speed up like a homesick angel, turn on a dime and reach cruising speeds that even a la-5 would struggle to obtain in a dive. so i ask, is there any advice that can be given for a disgruntled pilot who so dearly wants to fly as the russians? (also no i don't have BoM and i doubt i'll get it unless the mig can actually hold its own, so im stuck with the la-5 and the yak essentially)
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