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  1. What exactly on the Panther was third gen? Examples? Desperate attempt to stay competitive? Come one, it is normal to try to stay ahead of the enemies capabilities. Panther wasn't even that much more expensive compared to Panzer IV. Look, if you judge a tank of a mainly landbased military with no offshore colonies based on its ability to be transported around the world, you are doing something wrong. Panther, like any wartime vehicle was a compromise. The final drives are a great example of that. They new the final drives were not good enough, but the machines for producing better parts where already at their capacity limit. Same with the gearboxes. Tiger gearboxes were semiautomatic while Panther's where normal hand shifters, even if they knew that not having to concenrate on shifting would get the drivers mind free for more important tasks. Like positioning the tank. Who thinks the Panther is a uber tank is simply wrong. Who thinks the Panther is a worthless piece of scrap metal is wrong, too.
  2. I would like to participate in TC testing. I am very passionate about any German tanks of ww2 and have multiple books on that topic. Sadly I have no experience in testing.
  3. No, high speed is not the problem. Sudden sharp turns in third gear are (leads to final drive breakage). Or the fact that the HL230 tends to selfdistruct with RPMs over 3000.
  4. You got the second Tiger (mine, the one charging you through he woods), because I got overconfident in my turret face armor. You punched right through killing my gunner and I turned out to be a sitting duck. I could only try to angle and pray. Have you tried the lower sides right above the tacks? There is ammo right behind and only 60 mm of armor protecting it. Should be nice fireworks. You are right in stating that a Tiger, that knows where the enemy is, is almost unkillable, especially when using Mahlzeitpositions (angling the Tiger) . I for one have to say that I prefer the IV over the VI. Faster rate of fire, high road speed, high turret traverse. The only thing it lacks is armor.
  5. With two lenses you have way more awareness of space and distance, because we humans are built do operate with two eyes, not with one. That helps when trying to estimate ranges. The reason why both the early Panther and Tiger had stereoscopic sights for their gunners is exactly that. OK, my bad, these optics were used exactly the way you described. At least the German wikipedia states that. For dedicated rangefinders I was expecting something like the devices the flak used. But apparently a Scherenfernrohr is all you need. It may be not as accurate but it will get the job done.
  6. That's not a dedicated ragefinder, that is a scissors binocular. Normally these can be mounted inside the commander's cupola.
  7. The troops loved it and it performed very good besides speed (akkording to Dr. Roman Töppel). https://www.amazon.de/Kursk-1943-Greatest-Military-History/dp/1912390035/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Kursk+1943&qid=1562223708&s=gateway&sr=8-3 It performed the job of battering ram really well. If someone is interested I can post the passage in the book after i get home. But i have the German version so most of you won't be able to read it.
  8. Wrooom Wrooom Wrooooooom. Especially if your tank sports a 700hp 12 cylinder gasoline engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26cSk60Aj3Y
  9. Zay hello to mein Porsche! Two tracks, two two engines, two generators, two loaders and an L/71. What do you want more? (except speed) I am quite interested in the Ferdinand's driving experience, because it is gasoline-electric.
  10. Well, it depends on what you define as a crawl. You can expect 3,5 for 2500rpm and 4.1 for 3000rpm in reverse gear. When we drive the tiger down a slope ingame we are overreving the engine quite hard. Driving at 3000 rpm for a long time isn't good for the HL230 P45 at all. There is a potential thast the connecting rods may break. Staying at 2500 is more reasonable. According to Spielberger the Tiger can reach these speeds at 3000 rpm: 1 gear: 2.84 kp/h 2 gear: 4.34 kp/h 3 gear: 6,18 kp/h 4 gear: 9,17 kp/h 5 gear 14.1 kp/h 6 gear 20.9 kp/h 7 gear 30.5 kp/h 8 gear 45,4 kp/h
  11. The only problem is that if you would encouter 1 Tiger, then chances are high you will encounter more than one. Up to 15 at the same time is possible. Therfore Ratios are bad. Better make different missions with one or the other side having the advantage.
  12. Probably not. I for one think that the issue lies with the implementation of the vanilla T-34. The new one (forgot the name) reacts to sideshots from the 5cm really well compared to the old one. Meaning it catches fire very fast and can be immobilized more easily through engine shots. But I could be wrong on that.
  13. So Darkest Hour is still alive? Wow. Is it worth to reinstall it? I mean Red Orchestra was a brilliant, the Mod made it even better and I really liked the music. For the Panther, yes I would love to have a good gun combined with a smooth ride and decent armor, too. But I fear those final drives..... nd the rpm indendent turret drive which results in a whopping 6 degrees per second.
  14. Heh, that was me behind your tank (The Pz III with sideskirts in solid "dunkelgelb"). The T-34 ignored all shots to the tracks and turret. I tried everything, APCR APHE and even HE. And then he rammed me and kiled my engine completely.
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