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  1. Weren't the 20mm plates also face hardened? This should increase the performance against soviet shells with insufficient heat treating even more.
  2. I know that "we" can't see the circle. I played with you yesterday, remember? I am a frequent visitor of E-Front (if I have spare time). I think the problem comes from the circle overtraveling due to very high sensitivity, a lack of a hard stop in its travel and the fact that we cannot see the circle and over- or undercorrect our aim. If, lets say, the circle can only move in an area about 7 centimeters around the middle of the cross-hair, then even hard mouse pulls won't disorient you, like they do now.
  3. We need to make the new system's yellow circle unable to leave the screen. Instead of following a circle, the distance from the middle of the crosshair to the mouse could be used to define the traverse speed (far away = fast, close = slow). After a certain distance away from the crosshair it will not move any further away. What I am describing sounds a lot like mouse joy.
  4. I cannot stand the new system. Feels like my gunner had at least 3 liters of beer before going into battle It is especially disorienting, if you cannot see the yellow circle due to realism settings. Does anyone know how I bind my turret to a controller? Maybe it works better this way.
  5. You know what you need to build a rotating periscope? Ballbearings. Schweinfurt-Regensburg raid sends its regards. Btw the Germans seem to have dropped the idea of rotating periscopes with the early iterations of Panzer III and IV. I am curious why they did that. The gunner problem could have been fixed with the Ausf F, which hat the gunner optic mounted on the roof. If you increase the turret ring to reach into the sponson area, you loose ammo storage space.That could have been the killer argument. Panther was developed in almost under a year. Compare that to the project that lead to the Tiger, which started in 1938, or the Panzer IV. The amount of changes/bugfixes in the early versions is astonishing... The next development step of the Panzer III (a proofen and good design) with torsion bars and interleaved roadwheels was thrown under the bus for the Panther project . But what could they do. Panzer III could not take a 75mm gun without a major redesign. If yo have to completely redesign a tank you may be better of with starting from scratch.
  6. What do I do if the game switched to steam login? I have no enter button or password fields any more.
  7. http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000
  8. German tanks are still more or less tied to roads. Flanking with a machine, that does 20 kph is very timeconsuming. Doing wide flanks for capping the other team's base is out is out of question, since you yourself will be outflanked by the time you get there. Panzers (apart from Tigers) do not react well to sideshots at all, while T-34 lets you get away with it sometimes. (that is no citicism the damage model. Pazer IV is a driving ammo storage after all). On the other hand a T-34 crew should be soaked in diesel after the first side penetration. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - How do you like your new periscope? Great device, isn't it?
  9. What exactly on the Panther was third gen? Examples? Desperate attempt to stay competitive? Come one, it is normal to try to stay ahead of the enemies capabilities. Panther wasn't even that much more expensive compared to Panzer IV. Look, if you judge a tank of a mainly landbased military with no offshore colonies based on its ability to be transported around the world, you are doing something wrong. Panther, like any wartime vehicle was a compromise. The final drives are a great example of that. They new the final drives were not good enough, but the machines for producing better parts where already at their capacity limit. Same with the gearboxes. Tiger gearboxes were semiautomatic while Panther's where normal hand shifters, even if they knew that not having to concenrate on shifting would get the drivers mind free for more important tasks. Like positioning the tank. Who thinks the Panther is a uber tank is simply wrong. Who thinks the Panther is a worthless piece of scrap metal is wrong, too.
  10. I would like to participate in TC testing. I am very passionate about any German tanks of ww2 and have multiple books on that topic. Sadly I have no experience in testing.
  11. No, high speed is not the problem. Sudden sharp turns in third gear are (leads to final drive breakage). Or the fact that the HL230 tends to selfdistruct with RPMs over 3000.
  12. You got the second Tiger (mine, the one charging you through he woods), because I got overconfident in my turret face armor. You punched right through killing my gunner and I turned out to be a sitting duck. I could only try to angle and pray. Have you tried the lower sides right above the tacks? There is ammo right behind and only 60 mm of armor protecting it. Should be nice fireworks. You are right in stating that a Tiger, that knows where the enemy is, is almost unkillable, especially when using Mahlzeitpositions (angling the Tiger) . I for one have to say that I prefer the IV over the VI. Faster rate of fire, high road speed, high turret traverse. The only thing it lacks is armor.
  13. With two lenses you have way more awareness of space and distance, because we humans are built do operate with two eyes, not with one. That helps when trying to estimate ranges. The reason why both the early Panther and Tiger had stereoscopic sights for their gunners is exactly that. OK, my bad, these optics were used exactly the way you described. At least the German wikipedia states that. For dedicated rangefinders I was expecting something like the devices the flak used. But apparently a Scherenfernrohr is all you need. It may be not as accurate but it will get the job done.
  14. That's not a dedicated ragefinder, that is a scissors binocular. Normally these can be mounted inside the commander's cupola.
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