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  1. My experience with Finnish goes like this: Usually the German rear bases contain the big cats, but only two per slot. That means two Tigers, Panthers and Ferdinands. When I reached the frontline with my trusty Porsche, there was only one Tiger left of out of all those heavies. and that one soon (5 mins) got deleted by sideshots from a flanking T-34. When the heavies are out of the fight they stay out of the fight. (could be wrong here correct me if needed) Also, shouldn't a SU152 just delete a Tiger, Panther from existence? The ballistics on that thing are not nearly
  2. That is easy to explain: If you have a coolant leak for an extended period of time, your radiators will drain. You can patch up the radiators, but your coolant won't be filled up in the field. That causes the engine to overheat much faster than usual. Most German engines tend to overheat at around 110 deg Celsius (check video at 0:45, yep thats almost overheated), the engine bay will start to smoke/steam white. If you continue to run the engine it will be damaged over time and stop working. With enough coolant lost even driving with reduced throttle is i
  3. The second picture are not Ostketten but Winterketten. There are a ton of modifications for German tracks btw: Here an example of a fully fitted out Ostketten tracklink:
  4. That's what I could understand: One rifle per 10 troops was a rahter drastic exception which occured only with either auxiliary troops like militia or troops which weren't riflemen, but rather truck drivers or artillery gunners. The Soviet Union also had the gear from ww1 still in storage when the invasion happened, so shortages were unlikely. If there were shortages it all came down to priortisation of which troops needed the rifles most and which could do without them for now. On the other hand there is the example of the Volkssturm which had to be largely armed by lo
  5. Sadly I can neither read cyrillic subtitles nor understand the language. Can you give me/us a summary? Well, the only thing I can make out is the anti soviet propaganda picture in the background of the thumbnail, but that's it.
  6. I could find these: m 100 500 1000 1500 V0 in m/s 5cm PzGrPatr : 67, 57, 44, 34 835 5cm PzGrPatr 39 : 69, 59, 48, 38 835 5cm PzgrPatr 40 : 130, 74, 0, 0 1180 5cm PzGrPatr 40/1: 121, 78, 44, 0 1130 Plate angled at 30 deg from the vertical or 60 deg form the horizontal (standard German testing conditions apply) Table was published in 12.12.1942 from the Waffenamt Then there is "WW2 Armor
  7. Since the Ferdinand's commander is almost completely blind frontally when all hatches are closed, he really could use additional optics. Right in front of the commander is a mounting bracket for scissors binoculars. Those would be a big help if added.
  8. The "not supported" part is new to me. I guess I bought the game later than you. Anyways, the steam version is capable of running the tank crew module for a long time now. The only thing you currently cannot do is buy the module via Steam. To be sure just start the steam version and check if tank crew banner (Clash at Prokhorovka) is listed in the main menu.
  9. I have (only) the steam version of the game with tank crew running for about two years now. Updates worked as exspected. Maybe I do not understand you correctly?
  10. Battle of France would be pretty nice, too. Fighting in a 38(t) or a Pz II against French Char B1...or French tanks in general. Maybe even the Poland campaign in a Pz I, a BT -7 or one of the Polish tanks.
  11. Seems my first engagement with Lofte was way worse than I thought. After meeting him in the woods 50m in front of me I tried to do a left flank with half our tanks while having the others push up into the woods to make the German unable to react. While flanking I was unpleasantly suprised by 4 IA tanks (initially I thought that must be Lofte and Judge cause It the time I was only able to see two) coming out of the woods which imidiately lead to the destruction of our two flanking tanks. Our other two tanks followed shortly after. In short: 1 vs 4 unexspectedly wen
  12. Actually electric drivetrains have increased torque. (Look at all our heavy mining equipment of today) And so does the Ferdinand. But it still has to few horsepower for the weight it carries. Additionally to being overloaded it has gasoline engines which produce max hp at high rpm only. The result is that the vehicle had to stay in medium to high rpm almost all the time which gave it bad fuel consumption.
  13. How about the tanks of Panzer-Abteilung (Fkl) 301, which were part of Kursk, too: Tigers equipped with guidance devices for Bogward IV explosive charge carriers. Your job? Blast your way through minefields or blow up strongpoints.
  14. At least those (Max and Emil ) were in use by a frontline unit. Two Maxes and two Emils were built and used. One of the Emils even made it to Stalingrad and got capured there. But I get your point. Lets see, what else do i want for Kursk: Sturmpanzer IV, since they operated in the same units as the Ferdinads at Kursk Some kind of mobile aa for both sides More Land Lease stuff, e.g. Churchills, Matildas, Valentines Stug, Any kind of Marder Recon tanks/vehicles, a Pz II or T-70 could fill that role for example
  15. The owner of the vehicle is the only one with the right to drive the vehicle. In your tank you can still be commander and drive the tank (like you would do when you play alone) while one of your friends is the gunner. As far as i can remember the tank's owner is the only one that can change crew positions freely. Anyone else cannot. None of your crew members needs tank crew to join you in your tank.
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