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  1. Hello! I don't want to put things from other people but things that I made myself. I have a youtube channel (as many others) and usually at the end of the year I make a recopilation of every funny moment. Still I don't have the 2019 one, but I put you the 2018, that even I speak spanish, in this resume there are not so many talking, but good moment that you will understand. Thanks!
  2. I have tested the new update that made some changes in the VR aiming. I have to say that still is unplayable, as the air zoomed view is constantly moving because it receive the noise movement of our head. In the near distances that is ok, but looking at 2-3km is HORRIBLE!!! The sight has to be fixed even if we move our head in VR. Don't know if that can be done as for example freeze the tracking with Trackir pressing a key. Maybe in VR is not possible, I don't know, but right now it is unplayable in VR, if you want to enjoy the experience.
  3. going to pass this one. Too much battle over the channel already in a lot of simulators already. Was expecting something with more mountains or with carriers.
  4. Type of improvement: Allow to use Cooperative servers if you are stuck while taxing Explanation of Proposals: Create a Pushback function as it is in FSX so you press the key and the plane starts to go back as it where pushed by people Benefits: Stop the frustration of not beeing able to fly a mission with your friends in cooperative servers, if you make a mistake while taxing.
  5. I just disconnected from my group server after waiting for a mission to be done all the week because I was stuck while taxing. Something that in real life would be easily solved with a pushback from people in the airfield. We play our flights in cooperative mode and don't like the dogfight option. I cannot change that, so please, could you add a pushback feature as in FSX? Thanks.
  6. I see this line in the DD today: now you won't have to rotate your head when looking through the gunsight and rotating it using the mouse. It is good to see something is moving in VR with the gunsights, but still feel something odd about the sentence. Now, when I enter a gunsight in VR I don't have to rotate my head. The gunsight is in front of me, so if I want to aim a vehicle I use the mouse or joystick (with joy2key) to move the turret. The PROBLEM comes when any little movement I make with my head in VR (and tackir) makes imposible or very difficult to aim as the gunsight is moving constantly. In VR you can deactivate headtracking with a key, but in VR you CANNOT, so it is very important that the headtracking in VR is deactivated, even it produces some kind of nausea (because you move your head and you don't see any movement in VR)
  7. No devs comment? I don't know.. but I don't stand the aimming in VR and moving all the time. It has to be fixed. I know in IL2 guns it works good, but not in tanks, specially with VR.
  8. I don't know in your case, but as you can see in my video, I am IN first person view and the objects disappear with my Rift S
  9. And here what I talk about the Point 6:
  10. Here is what I talk about. I talk in spanish, but I think is clear watching the video. In VR:
  11. One thing I forgot but it is important to inmersion also: Make better ambient sounds. If you don't have any engine running you won't hear anything. wind, bugs noises, birds can be added. And inside the tanks I cannot hear almost explosions or gun fire outside. Also please implement dust particles when firing! did you see this video I made comparing SB4.0 with 4.1? incredible particles!! And here a video showing the problem of point 1and point 2:
  12. I love VR in IL2. I have 3 screens and trackir and once I tried the planes in VR I couldn't go back. With the tanks was a little odd at the beggining because nausea, but now I am ok with that. The problem comes for several issues I found in the release of the recent campaigns of Tank Crew, and I think this points would help the title a lot: GUNNER Position 1. The zoomed ainmed reticle in the gunner station need to be reworked. It has to be fixed independently where you are looking with the VR. That may produce nausea? maybe at the beggining, but I think that feature is of huge importance. With the zoomed aim reticle you are zoomed, and a little motion in the angle is a huge distance covered 2 or 3 km away from your tank. And VR MOVES and makes NOISE movements a lot, making almost imposible or a nightmare to aim. Even I would remove the option to zoom in that sight, as the optics are already zoomed in, but that is not the most important part. 2. Radio and mission instructions needs to be fixed in zoomed aim reticles. As those zoomed reticles they are zoomed in 3D (and moved with VR head position) the text (and menus also) of the radios and mission instructions appears zoomed in, making them very difficult to read. So I have to go to gunner normal view (out of sight) and read the instructions, loosing a great time to react to enemy lines. Please make them smaller text and more centered (would be nice to allow us to position the radio msg were we want as it was in IL2-CoD). That, or locate the voice to english all the russian and German speaking XDD 3. It is a shame to not use the 3D sights in the normal gunner positions (not the zoomed in aim sights view). They would be incredible to be used in VR just putting our eyes close to them. The reticle lines and numbers (which cannot be read as they appear as pixels), moves relative to the horizont. Maybe if you could use the colimated reticles system you use in the planes, that could be solved (and more resolution in the sight texture to see the numbers). For the imposibility to have a different FOV looking the normal space and through the reticle at the same time, you could magnet the view of VR to the 3D sight with a button or with proximity, and make the VRZoom button, zoom in as much as the reticle allow (of course all the 3D would be zoomed in, but as you are magnet to the reticle with the press of that button, then it doesn't matter to much). 4. In VR is a bit difficult to find keys, so I put everything to my joystick. In SteelBeast we move the vehicle turret with the joystick. More axis deflection, more speed in movement. BUT this cannot be done in tank crew, as to move the turret, with joystick, same movement will move the planes roll and pitch, as IL2 allows to use the same buttons-axis for lots of functions. I am using a program called Joy2key to move it, but at its lowest sensivity value, it is still very sensitive!! It is very dificult to aim a target that is 2-3km away (and with VR motion noise look more!!!). So I would like to see a "move turret left-right" and "move turret elevation" options in the key controls, that only do that function. And that allows to use the axis deflection to be more speed or slow in motion. COMMANDER Position 5. I still didn't try the orders of the commander, but saw a video with it. I think you can order the circle to point a target for the gunner, isn't it? In VR again, we have the difficulty to find where is our mouse located to grab it and point in the right direction. Maybe if you center the circle in VR and with the VRZoomed in, you press the button to select the target is closed to it, would be enough. Maybe that is already implemented so sorry for that. 6. Correct the disappearing of all vehicles (Enemies or not) that are not in the front of the tank. I suspect is a performance feature, that is good in the driver (if not with the head out), and gunner (again if not with the head out), but the commander needs to see all around!! Thanks in advance for reading and considering modifications for good of lovers of tanks.
  13. VR. Go commander and you have 3 or 4 tanks at your orders. IN F2 view you see them clearly there, behind you. In F1 VR, you go out (door open) and you look outside and the only you see is dust. Not only outside but inside also, looking through the lateral and rear windows. Not only your friendly thanks but any other vehicle.
  14. It is impossible to me to make good aims with the gunner gun sight in VR. The sight is moving constantly with noises and even you can look out of it. I don't know how to do this, but in VR it should be totally not moving. The tank is what it moves, or the turret but not the eye in relation of the sight. As said, in VR is a nightmare.
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