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  1. Great mission I'm about half way through the campaign, played many replay mission to get better at it quite a tough one.
  2. Thank you I do appreciate your time and effort working these modifications, as I have no clue as how to do what you do. Grats
  3. Looks nice in shadows of trees. to bad many up above.
  4. great looking skins, really look nice even though I do not have sand. thanks
  5. These are amazing skins, much appreciated and will play and use all. Great talent you have. Thanks
  6. well another very high quality skin, looks great when in play. Thanks again.
  7. Just downloaded v0.9 today WoW. third mission in Campaign already. Lots of surrounding things going on makes for a fantastic event, (mine was longer due to two treads blown off). Can't thank you enough for this one. still at it.
  8. Thank you again for the update. looking forward to new conflicts.
  9. Sorry its not for you, seems your looking for a perfect game right out of the box. I have tried many different flight sims and other types. But for the money looks good to me.
  10. Thank you for the great skins, It makes the game just that much better.
  11. Well I was or still are a fly boy, but I must say I really enjoy this Tank Crew. Lots to do and work out. So far lots of mods and extras to add immersion. Haven't flown in IL2 for years but may go back. I to find it hard to interest my daily flyers as noted above.
  12. I like the new AK additions
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