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  1. i h8 not hving my 262, jokes a part a pair of p 51 with 150 can fight even a pair of 262s,they just need to be higher but theres not a lot of ppl willing to get high to wait for them to appear, spotting maybe doenst help also.
  2. here i am occuping a slot doing nothing cause i got to wait 8 min for take off or i get kicked lol
  3. Yeah, maybe the manuals says 5 min for the 47 and 10 for the 109 because they didnt want the pilots to run out of wep in one go i dont know maybe someone knows the reason for that, but if theres is proof of the 47 lasting that much in wep it should be like that.
  4. What i want to say is that theres a lot of factors in play in an engine, detonation and knocking are only the two most common but a piston engine at its maximum capabilities colud be destroyed in seconds this is what an engine testing looks like, in ww2 they did the same, from test like this comes the engine ratings. i let you here some more info http://www.theijes.com/papers/v5-i1/E0501030035.pdf there are lots out there oh i havent seen them, same engine we have in il?
  5. i think those ratings are from a fresh start, so you are in cruise mode then you go inte combat power, the engine is cool before, but if you come from a hot start (wep) it makes sense they cant hold the same, coming from wep with mw50/water injection its not the same that coming from wep without it since mw50/water injection helps cooling, should be detonation/knocking what kills this engines you listed. I dont think its a bug.
  6. I would say although both 605 dc and r 2800with similar mw50 or water injection comparing them has to be done carefully, the engines where tested and the numbers given in the manuals come from the testings they did. This numbers are always somehow conservatives, so they give the pilot the ability to not to worry that much if they had the engine in wep for some time longer than the manual says. If the p47 has a tank of water injection that could be enough for 15 mins that doenst means it could be 15 in wep, that means provided the engine culd hold those 15 mins in wep the water injection tank would be emptied, maybe it couldnt hold more than those 9 mins becasue stress on the cylinders, or the heads i dont know it should say in some documents, also if the water injection empties theres no more wep so no extra 5 mins. The dc engine was made with mw 50 + c3 in mind so the compresseion ratio and chamber volume is adapted to it as is the r 2800 to its fuel + water inj, but they are much different engines maybe the db 605 doesnt suffers that much from that stress. I will mention the benefits of mw 50 or water injection ( they are not the same composition but they are close ) - Cooling effect of the water in the intake and compression strokes - Methanol and etanol increases octne of the mixture - cooling effect in the power stroke, as the water turns into vapor it absorbs heat - water cant be compressed so its volume is subtracted from the combustion chamber making a higher effective compression ratio - Methanol and etanol are also fuel so they also burn - All this prevents Knocking and detonation unlike gm 1 in german aircraft or nitrous oxide in usa
  7. And once more i get the same answer someone got earlier, must be noobs. the server settings are a real problem in my opinion.
  8. I was talking about long range bombing, take into account reds get 2/3 of the map in no time, so i have tried to stop his tank column spawn or at least reduce it by bombing their depots. Frontline bombing is more suitable for 87, 88, 110, ok but for long range 111 or 88 are the real options, remember you have to heat the engines taxi and take off, get some altitude( at 3k over enemy territory you´re a sitting duck), and even if i want to be safer and avoid flak i need time, if server is one our into the map i just doesnt bother to try this. So 111 nearly useless.( what i want to say is that is not just climb, you need more than that) But the real question is who can enjoy knowing the outcome, even the red team, blues have some disvantages right now if nothing changes this will happend next time reds wins, blue must be full of noobs that doesnt know how to fly.
  9. I quitted a time ago from TAW, the soviet rape is real, and heres in my opinion why: 1.- 2 hours are not enough for slow climb rate german bombers 2.- first 2 maps dominated by fast climb rate/ max speed pe2s that i have tried to intercept many times with e7(wich cant catch them), F2 can but because they scape so fast the only way to shoot them is from the rear and the gunner WILL get you, i think this the real reason so much 109 downed by pe2 in the first maps the lack of speed leaves you with only one option if the damn pe2 is scaping. 3.- Soviet AA feels like snipers, ive felt like they´ve headshooted me at least 2 times, last one in a fast maneuvering f4 4.- Unrealistic planeset leaves germany hopeless. i just couldnt stand these facts more.
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