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  1. Well, it seems to be fixed for me... Unfortunately, it happened right at the time of the update, so I'm not sure. I checked my power saving options in W7, it seems PCI express power saving was set to off, I set it to balanced power savings and that seemed to increase it. We then had the update, before I got test it more thorougly. Now, I'm running at 40-60 fps, even on the ground. I'm now playing on Ultra and Vsync on. Whatever was done, it did the trick. Zettman, thanks so much for your time and effort. Truly much appreciated! S!
  2. Hi Zettman, This is the one where I start at 7k, stay there a while, slowly work my way down and initiate in combat. As you can see, my GPU usage remains low, as well as my framerate. I had a few buddies try it as well, they both reported a way more substantial use of their GPU. Both have ATI cards, one older and one newer. Anything you can see in this? The thing is, with other games it works perfectly, higher GPU% and FPS. 3DMark gets it done as well, to a full 98%. Any other questions, please ask.
  3. So, I've used CPU-z, intel software, anything I could find. It seems I either have the newest driver or something is wrong with that intel utility. Please, see my CPU stats below. I started at 7k and worked my way down to a fight of 1 on 1. The thing that stands out most, aside from the low FPS, is that my memory usage of my card is very low. It's a 3 GB card, yet it seems that the max it reached was 800 MB. Any clues or suggestions on how I can filter this issue out any further?
  4. After using MSI afterburner for a while, I noticed that IL2 BOS doesn't use my graphics card (GPU usage) to the fullest extent. The picture above is at high, I've also tried it with ultra and VSYNC on, only a minor difference. When using 3DMark, this goes up to 98% and stays there. To me this looks like IL2BoS isn't utilizing my graphics card to the fullest extent, therefore decreasing the FPS output dramatically. So, I would really like a statement from 1C Studios, if they're aware of this and if they're working on it. Of course, this can be done via PM too.
  5. I've tried it both near ground objects as well as in the middle of nowhere. Admittedly, it's a tad worse when I'm near ground objects. Dx12 sounds good, but that won't help me on the short run. If 1C/777 can't provide a resolution now, then myself and some other people would have to wait and sit it out. Would be a real pity of course.... Also, it's on any server so far.
  6. Upon further testing it seems that when in balanced, high or ultra, it all works well up in the sky. Yet, as soon as I get close to the ground, my fps starts dropping from 35 to 20. This is worst when I'm looking at an airfield and I see my fps drop to about 18. My guess would be that there is something in the ground textures that is eating up frames as the closer I get to the ground, the worse it gets. I didn't have this before the patch, though I did notice a difference between high and low altitudes back then. Still no solution, so if there's anyone with suggestions, I'm all ears!
  7. This all looks perfect to me, so I dare say this is not what's going wrong?
  8. A small update, whenever I look at the sky or the seat on my plane, so no ground is visible at all, the fps 40. As soon as I get a bit of ground in the mix it starts to drop and the more ground I se, the lower it gets up until 20 fps... I'm clueless, as my system should run this a lot more smoothly than it is...
  9. Hey everyone, I'm currently having this issue where I get an FPS of about 30-40 while playing offline. Yet, when I go on a server, I can't get my FPS above 20 at all and stays at that level somewhat steadily. It's never been great, but since the last update it's even worse. Just so you know: Vsync off High settings AA set to 4 All driver settings: depend on application or off. My system: Intel Core i5-3350P @ 3.1 GHz Radeon HD 7950 8 GB RAM Just installed newest drivers: 14.501.1003 A friend of mine has nearly the same setup, yet he's getting a higher FPS, even on ultra settings. Can anyone provide me with some suggestions? Thanks!
  10. I'm glad to see that there are more people who are reminiscing the old days, do note I'm 29 years old (physically at least). My hope for IL2 BoS is that we are once again brought back to 1 community. The comradery in those times was superb! I don't want another game to result in this small community splitting up again. DEVs, please make BoM an expansion pack. I think you've got a good thing going with BoS, continue on this path, keep the players in one community. It's so much more difficult to get a good group of people together, don't make it any harder for us!
  11. Am I surrounded by mindless drones or what? BoS just got released, and I'm not talking about all that early access schmaccess. You're now planning on releasing another game?! What about fixing and completing the one that you are currently working on first? Slowly, but gradually expand on the settings and the planes available. This, to me, looks like an attempt at DLC, making the customer pay more for less. The reason I find this to be a really bad idea, is because back in the day when IL2 was just IL2, up until the point it reached IL2 1946... it was about flying, it was about planes... it was about having fun. Now, you launch one game and already plan another one. Where is the coop mode? The mission builder mode? Where are the options where the players, not a select few, can influence what this game becomes?! I miss IL2 1946, before all the mods. We were one community, one large group of people who all wanted to fly and have fun. Now, we are IL2 CoD, IL2 BoS and next IL2 BoM. In effect, the community is being broken apart, reducing the amount of players per game and thus ruining great opportunities for those old school massive missions. We used to build these massive missions, work together and have 2 massive and focking amazing missions per night. A lot of people lived for that stuff. Now we have dogfighting servers... that's it... Please 1C Studios. Hear my voice, hear our voices. Help us help you make IL2 BoS great, complete and whole. Then I'll gladly hand you another bag or money, or even two, for any 'expansions' on this game. Make us one community again and make that community the biggest and best out there. We once were, we can be again.
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