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  1. I wouldn't really think of our accents as being colourful, or unique, but my brother and I would love to send some recordings the dev's way, and be a part of IL-2 history! We have a mic setup, and good recording software for touch-ups. We're 20 and 23, and will sound the same as Americans from the North-West.
  2. I'm.... well, I'm obviously Canadian, but I'm from BC, so my accent won't really be any different from Americans in the northern states. I think I may be of use though, young fellows aren't terribly common in the combat flight sim world, and my brother has quite the snazzy mic, along with recording software to boot. If you need your novice pilot to sing as he plummets to the ground in a ball of fire, I'm also a decent baritone/bass. Would you want recordings already edited to sound like radio chatter, or just pure and unedited?
  3. It used to be that the P-40 retained full aileron control even with half of the opposite wing missing, so at the time, I just thought that the aircraft had a redundant controls or something. After some people complained it could still fly with half a wing missing, it was changed to handle like the rest of the aircraft in game under those circumstances. It'll be interesting to see what aircraft like the P-47 are like, given that we know what kind of damage they could sustain and remain airborne with.
  4. As you probably know from your time on the forum, the devs love evidence to back up claims, not 'feels' and opinions. Personally, what I think the problem is is a limitation of the damage modelling system. To most accurately model crashes between complete disintegration of the aircraft and soft belly landings, the game would need to implement soft-body physics. Implementing a feature like that would probably take up massive amounts of resources, if it's even possible in the first place. The more plausible way around this I think would be a 'catastrophic damage' state for aircraft, which would just be the basic fuselage, no tail, wings, or engines, blackened up and crumpled, with fuel tanks onboard (if actually containing fuel) bursting and catching fire/exploding. Warning, this video could be considered disturbing. The video shows one aircraft disintegrate in a high velocity, steep-angle crash, like already happens in game. The second aircraft to land is coming in at a high angle, but at a much lower speed. Even after it hits the ground there is still a recognizable fuselage, left in a similar state as what I described earlier.
  5. We actually don't mind. Well, apart from those in Toronto...
  6. I noticed some time ago that if I overstressed the Spitfire after taking a few shells to one wing, the damaged wing would seem to always give way first. Trying to replicate this effect in other aircraft, I found that for aircraft like the He-111 and Pe-2 (aircraft where I can easily use the dorsal gunner to damage a wing), don't seem to be able to suffer structural failure from over-g, regardless of damage, until the point at which the wing spars have been snapped and there's a highly visible crack in the wing. I've also heard that an over-g will cause cumulative damage in the game, but I've done plenty of testing with aircraft like the Fw-190-3, He-111 H-6, Pe-2 S.87, IL-2 1942, with full positive elevator trim, up to speeds at which the UI indicates my airspeed in red. I have yet to cause structural failure from over-g alone in those aircraft, even after deliberately damaging one wing. It'd be nice it there was some sort of program to test damage with. Has anyone else found ways to prove this mechanic exists?
  7. Nothing to do with the issue here, Panzerbar, but I must admit that your images look like artifacts from a particularly horrifying alternate history.
  8. Got a spare F5 key on hand? I seem to have worn mine out.
  9. I'm planning on either staying up late tonight to get a bit of time on it, or just getting up really early before work...
  10. Damn the dev team, they're going to owe me a new F5 key when this is all done with!
  11. I know that, the question about the wingtip loss is why it jams the ailerons of the opposite wing, there are pictures of various ww2 fighters returning home missing half a wing, from a TBF Avenger, A5M, and even a Fw-190. I know for a fact that the pilot of the A5M had his remaining control surfaces fully functional, in his account of the incident he recalls struggling with fatigue, keeping the stick all the way to the side to keep the aircraft level, and I'm guessing that the TBF and 190 pilots would have bailed/ditched a lot sooner if they were missing such a critical element of control.
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