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  1. Oh,. ok, thanks, I assumed it was Kozedub's La5 because that's what he flew for most of the war right up until Oct 1944, he only flew the La-7 for the last few months of the war. Everyone says Johnny Johnson was the allie's top ace with 38 victories, but they forget that Russia was an Ally and Kozedub had 62 victories, 2 of them were 109s over Berlin.
  2. I went to an airshow just outside Moscow (in the rain) and found Kozedub's La5fn
  3. I always preferred flying the Russian planes with grey camos over green.
  4. There were no yaks in the battle of Bodenplatte either, but we could do "What if" flights if we wanted, so what's your point?
  5. I agree, put all the pacific battles in a package, you missed the solomons, and the the Mariannes turkey shoot, with AI Kamakasis ... and the F4U Corsairs
  6. Post War maybe? I dunno.. Johnny Johnson had the same maple leaf on his Spitfire
  7. Looks like you'll be getting more of my money, but it would be nice if you added a cockpit to the B25 and made it flyable. Maybe they could add those into the modifications window
  8. Wow...I was waiting for this..even though you forgot the Maple leaf on the tail, I love it,..thank you!! Wait...are there 2 here?? Great job!!
  9. I have a Samsung Odyssey + WMR, and it runs off the Steam VR engine, and personally, I don't have a problem with Steam. My Odyssey runs like a dream on IL2 GB, literally no screen door to speak of, and I'm getting 40-50 fps on my lowly I7-3770, the scenery looks a bit misty but the cockpits are crystal clear. Rifts and Vives here in Canada are $600-700, but I've seen Odysseys going for $299. I missed that sale, still got mine for $399 CDN.
  10. Almost looks like my favorite RCAF P51
  11. your rude comment isn't worth my time....
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