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  1. I was just thinking, since all games are merged, could it be possible to merge the maps too, so you could fly from map to map, or on one big map? Of course it would require stretching each map a bit to add the cities of Moscow and Berlin, possibly London once Normandy is finished... just a concept I have kicking around in my head I agree,.. in the older versions of IL2, when parachuting into water, the pilot always ended up in a yellow rubber dinghy, I don't know why they discontinued that
  2. Thanks for the read on new DM, here's my 2 cents. As for the P47, I hope the DM is getting a serious look, because in the sim, it seems the P47 is much weaker to me, and can be killed much easier than in real life, where it is a beast, and with it's 12 cylinder wasp engine, I've read it can take a TON of damage, could even fly home with one or two cylinders shot off. And while I'm on the P47, I find it to be a dog in IL2, to the point that I rarely fly it, finding almost all opponents can outrun it. Now could I point out DM for Flying Circus, I just recently picked it up and am thoroughly enjoying it, although I'm really disappointed in the DM. It seems I can only bring down an enemy when I finally hit his engine. How about some good visuals with torn fabric being ripped up and shredded with bullet strikes? So far I've seen none of that. Maybe even landing gear half shot off and dangling when you hit the cross braces? Just my humble opinion. Thanks.
  3. One thing I discovered, is that IC Great Battles and Flying Circus are really designed for VR. I use a Samsung Odyssey myself. SOOooooo ... anyone without a VR headset..GET ONE!! You're missing out on 90% of the fun. see my above post
  4. I see all this chatter about Sea Dragons but I don't see a download link
  5. so where's the download? Download link? nice skin
  6. Yes, thank you, all good now, I was looking for the planes in "allies" duh...lol. I appreciate the help.
  7. That's what I thought. As soon as I start the game, I thought it should start updating, installing the Arras map and WW1 planes... but no, it just immediately goes to play and all I see is the WW2 stuff. Flying Circus has been out for awhile, that's why I'm confused as to what's going on, I sent a msg to tech support but haven't heard back yet, but thanks for your input.
  8. I have all IL2 except Normandy.. Today I bought Flying Circus, on the IL2 homepage, I can click on my "purchases" and see Flying Circus with the serial number, I click on it, then click download, and it downloads the game launcher, I get the message "checking files" then the Play button pops up, it doesn't update or download Flying Circus, What the heck?? So if I click on Play, I only see Great Battles planes and maps etc. Nothing of Flying Circus.
  9. Question... I already have the early version called "Rise of Flight" then IC Studios bought them, so before I spend my money, besides the addition of VR, ... are there any other major improvements? Thanks.
  10. Do you fly VR?.. it gives much better visibility inside all cockpits. It's like IL2 was really designed for VR.
  11. Question about the Hurricane... I pre-ordered, but the IL2 Hurricane order is lacking in details. can someone on the development team tell me if it's coming with all 3 variants? 12 mgs? 4 20mm cannons? 2 40mm cannons? Or are we only getting one variant? Thanks.
  12. Wow.. the AI works great on my machine, high settings are a real workout for me, they actually kill me 50% of the time. Maybe I'm just a lousy pilot..even though I'm a real pilot in real life lol
  13. I don't have a problem with AI quick missions in VR. Put them on Ace and good luck.
  14. You're kidding right? There isn't any 109 that can turn with a Spit..
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