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  1. Question about the Hurricane... I pre-ordered, but the IL2 Hurricane order is lacking in details. can someone on the development team tell me if it's coming with all 3 variants? 12 mgs? 4 20mm cannons? 2 40mm cannons? Or are we only getting one variant? Thanks.
  2. Wow.. the AI works great on my machine, high settings are a real workout for me, they actually kill me 50% of the time. Maybe I'm just a lousy pilot..even though I'm a real pilot in real life lol
  3. I don't have a problem with AI quick missions in VR. Put them on Ace and good luck.
  4. You're kidding right? There isn't any 109 that can turn with a Spit..
  5. My favorite mode is against AI in quick missions, and tonight I was pulling my hair out, must be something I'm doing wrong.. I decided to go up against a bunch of Spitfire Vbs, only to discover that Spit can out turn, out climb, out run, every German plane I have, I even have an easier time bringing down Mustangs. I also set the Spits to "novice"> After an hour of trying, I finally gave up, decided to go to bed. lol
  6. I don't care if it's period correct or not, I want to fly a Do17, even as a collector plane It would be nice if we could reach London in the Normandy map, then we could make some Blitz campaigns
  7. Are we going to be able to reach London on the Normandy map? If we could, it would be cool to create some Blitz scenerios or campaigns, great for bombing runs in say, an He111. Also can you give us the ability blend the primary 4 planes and secondary 4 planes into one 8 plane group?
  8. I missed it, I don't live on here, so enlighten me, what was the reason?
  9. I was thinking...I notice that you haven't offered any 4 engine bombers, is it an issue with the game engine? Also looking at the plane list for BoN, we already have a Ju88 variant, why not make a Do17 instead?
  10. Would be nice to add a FLYABLE B17, B24, Lancaster, and B25, for bomber raid battles
  11. imagine doing a Battle of Bulge scenario and plowing through the Ardennes in a tiger...
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