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  1. Had that happen a couple of times in the new T34. Cycling through all of the positions in the tank and returning to the main gun seemed to help...Weird.
  2. ......Usually the first wave of tanks perishes, trying to eliminate those AT guns.The aviation helps a lot,of course too.But i remember many times when there's that forgotten AT gun somewhere in the village kills you with one single shot...
  3. In T34 vertical aim was separated from the horizontal. Right now I'm unable to move my turret vertically if its in motion horizontally...I can only do so after the turret comes to a complete stop horizontally. Please fix it.And it's ridiculous that after the update we have to use our mouse's micro movements to aim😟.It feels like someone is standing outside your tank and jerking the main gun back and forth trying to make you seasick 🤢🤮
  4. That particular mission is the 1941.Not sure if that would look right...
  5. Here are some options: 1.Never underestimate Zommer. 2.Try to maneuver and hide your tank behind the buildings or under the trees. 3.Fall back to the next tank base. 4.Try to blast him out of the sky. 5.See #1.
  6. Well,look who's complaining about the crazy turrets now...Welcome to our world, fellas!What?Too much realism this time?
  7. Guys,for those of you who don't know,there's a new map in rotation. Tried it tonight and liked it.The new towns and objectives should bring a fresh batch of fun.Leave us your feedback please
  8. Some guys are taking it way too serious!!!
  9. Certain ammo types can be locked.Or the tanks can only be available at the rear bases...Or whatever our sick mind can come up with...But i don't think it will happen anyways. The blues are doing alright.
  10. You mean the quantity of them on the tank bases?
  11. Yeah,The Severskaya map is set up in the way that you can win completing any out of 3 tasks: capture Severskaya and hold it for 40 minutes, capture The tank base 1 or destroy the secondary target by planes...The reds weren't quick enough to intercept the blue plane this time. As for the issue with being kicked from the server. I myself got kicked multiple times. And when rejoined the game again (same mission and map) realized that not all of the players on the opposing team got kicked (((
  12. Well,seems like the BLUE team needs to make up their mind...TO RAM OR NOT TO RAM?💀THAT IS THE QUESTION!😆
  13. Guys,I'm not talking about the accidental ramming.But at the same time how can you tell if it was done on purpose or not?Besides, LLv34_Flanker said: "And if someone rams your tank, who cares? Both lose their points and stats, if those are sooo important to you. Respawn and play." So,him saying that makes me thing that whether its intentional or not,it's no big deal?Shut up and get a new tank?Or is it only when the RED gets rammed than it's alright?And for ramming the BLUE you'll get a ban?I will just follow the rules in the description of the mission...
  14. Copy that! Ramming is allowed on this server.Just wanted to make sure next time the blue player starts crying about it. Thanks. P.S. it's not allowed on EFront.
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