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  1. We need a map,where you have a blue and a red spawn. And then two or three neutral flags equally spaced from the spawn points. After flag's capture,it turns color but it doesn't become a spawn point. The original spawns remain for the rest of the mission. Whichever team captures all(most) flags-wins.
  2. I agree!!! Fixing a collision damage and effects would make things more believable. Especially if the devs implemented the speed factor at which you collide with an object.It would make more sense if your tank just stopped,even the engine shut off.But not half of the crew is dead and the entire TANK is ruined! They responded to this report once and said that it will be fixed,but not right away. So I'm gonna stay hopeful!πŸ˜ƒ
  3. I read his issue alright πŸ˜€. Usually the spawns are somewhat close to the road. So when you spawn- look around, you should be able to spot the road or the tree line along it. If not, then on the map you can see which direction the road is in relation to your spawn,start your engine, turn in the desired direction, start driving. You will hit the road if you stay on course. Sometimes you're next to a village or a town, which makes it even easier. Smoke helps a lot. I like when they put it on maps!
  4. I like how AI planes kick my ass if i either sit in the ambush for too long or not paying attention and not checking the skies once in a while. So here's a lesson. Don't sit in an ambush for too long! Cuz you've been spotted and you're gonna die!move,move,move.Even if you're one of them Blue players, who loves to sit in one spot in a tiger and spawn camp,then after all of the heavy tanks are gone-jumps in the plane and brings bombs to the last known enemy's location πŸ˜†.Then i don't feel bad at all.
  5. Temuri,let them practice offline for a month or two how to navigate the map without the GPS...Then,perhaps they can make 30 requests in one message! This is funny πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£... You open the map,zoom in or zoom out,depending on your situation. Close the map,look around yourself. Open the map again, look at it again....and so on...
  6. If you reduce the numbers of blue tanks-no blues will come to the server πŸ˜†. Its hard enough to keep them interested with tigers and panthers already.
  7. Sooo true!!! But you have to be aware of those sneaky AI bots! I look for them more than i look for a real player πŸ˜‚. Somehow they tend to kill you when least expected πŸ˜₯😣
  8. Definitely keep the planes on the server. Also reducing down from Ace is good. πŸ˜€ If you get killed by the AI tanks that means you're rushing in to the battle to fast or expose your vulnerable flanks. I've been killed by the AI through the building and trees. It doesn't feel good. But that means we gotta use more caution.
  9. I believe that the"arrow" on the map(GPS) helps new players to figure out where in the hell they are and where to go. I personally do fine without it and prefer no GPS for both tanking and flying. Also a lot not so new players do not go on servers that don't have the GPS. Is right or wrong, i don't know. Most of the AI does what it is supposed to but yeah,sometimes you see a sherman drive by a panther as if they were buddies πŸ˜†.Also you'll see a tiger ramming the wall of a building for an hour 🀣.
  10. Is there a link to registration somewhere? I must've missed it. Thanks.
  11. I have overlapping keys assigned for planes and tanks. No issues so far.
  12. What do you have assigned to WASD in plane controls?
  13. You can do it in SU 152. In SU 122 the gunner can leave the gun sight and stand up a little and see in front of him and to the side. Can't look back.
  14. They would say: "Bring it on!!! We ain't scared!"
  15. Do you want unlimited tigers and Ferdinand on every base? Maybe make all missions in an open field as well with no cover? And put the german base on top of the hill so you could snipe everyone at their spawns? πŸ˜†.C'mon! Grow up already!!! And use heavy tanks properly instead of burning them up in the first couple of minutes and then when none left leave the server...Communication plays big role in winning the map.
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