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  1. You two make a good team,LUZITANO!
  2. The spawn points and the flag need to be moved farther away from each other. Or at least have obstacles between.
  3. Try destroying the old Pz 3!Sometimes it can take 3to 4 shots in its side from point blank !!!!!! The T34 has to be shot in a right spot,where the vitals are.If you randomly pump it full of APCRs then it shouldn't die.Im not defending the old T34, I'm just saying it takes a bit of practice to figure out how to deal with a certain foe.
  4. So if you fail to destroy your enemy -it needs to be taken out by the server admin to accommodate you?Bravo!
  5. Sorry, but i won't advertise your so called realistic and historically correct empty server . A forum user asked about the tank servers.I suggested the EFront server.Then all of a sudden a bunch of haters swarmed in and started pouring feces on it,bragging about dead servers and glorifying gameplay against an AI...
  6. My name is also encircled red .Im not hiding anything. You can advertise as much as you want and can but it won't make your server popular like it used to be is what i meant to say . Proof? Or just a bunch of words again? Perhaps you joined the server when your comrades did all the work for you two hrs ago? Perhaps there was a secondary condition to win the map,like destroying the artillery positions? Read the mission description and the victory conditions once in a while.Its available for every map both in English and Russian.
  7. I personally play on EFront to have fun.Just like the rest.You can advertise as much as you can and judgedeath3 can lie about how the missions are rigged up for the red`s victory but server population and statistics show the real situation. Good luck!
  8. Efront has many players but that is mainly due to its manned by russian players from 1600-2300 swedish time and they have their own discord or teamspeak and have dedicated flyers and tankers only focusing on winning, even when there are no german players around. Encircled are either russian or russian speaking players.I might have missed a couple.But the point is both teams get equal opportunity. Why don`t you try playing for the red side a few times and see how "EASY" it is to win one of these russian biased missions?
  9. Night missions for tanks is kinda masochistic...And strong wind for the planes as well.It used to be so much fun!The old Lapino map!Ahhh...memories...
  10. I was there a month or so ago.Jumped in a Sherman,crossed the bridge,blew up a couple of tanks,a couple of AT guns,won the mission!Feels like there should be more bases to capture or something...Im sure people will go there when EFront will be down or something like that.
  11. AI shooting through hills and forests is a developer's problem, not the admin's. The artillery is supposed to be hidden,don't you think? So after about an hour of fighting for the base,we finally get to the flag and start capturing it.Then all of a sudden a player joins the server and spawns at this base,that's gonna be captured in a minute or two. That player gets killed cuz his spawn area is overrun by enemies. Common sense,no?
  12. The trees and bushes look different from your enemies perspective than they appear to you...Sometimes your tank blends in better,sometimes you stand out a bit.
  13. Bad publicity is better than no publicity... Try creating something worthy and then criticize others. And please,stop discouraging people from joining the EFront server. All of your statements are not legit.
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