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  1. Cmon guys!You really didnt know about this thing?!Nothing new here.You just have to command your rear gunner to attack ground targets and fly low enough for him to spot.Same as attack the enemies from close,medium or far range.This option has been available for a long time.
  2. I sure hope that SU-152 will be a little more effective than SU-122
  3. Its been brought up to attention on the russian forum as well.No changes so far.The devs mentioned something about making this feature being able to beswitched off by server hosts or lowering the level of the AI to the lowest possible (not an option AT ALL!!!). Отключить ИИ танка в онлайне = вырубить роль командира танка. Такое если и делать, то только опцией сервера. Опять же вопрос. А со стрелками самолетов как при этом поступать? Пока вопросов больше, чем ответов. И да, возможно решением было бы игроковому наводчику самый низкий ИИ в онлайне давать.
  4. 30 players is max number there at the moment and on the weekends a lot of times there are almost 30 so i call it full dont use it if you dont like it?Are you serious?Im done arguing with you,like the rest of the people on this forum!Pointless to prove something to you(
  5. I'm aware of that.I was telling Stupor-mundi when i encountered it for the first time. And yes-it should be a feature that can be selected-unselected.It isn't the case right now therefore the online tanking part is dead.No matter which server it is-"arcade",thats always full or super duper not arcade,where horses or cows don't die from a tank shot but take out your engine when you try to run over them😄
  6. Yeah,we discovered that by switching to enemy radio channel. First we thought it was chatter from the pilots but soon we realized that the player controlled AI gunner was spotting and blowing us up.
  7. It has been going on for at least a couple of months. But it would only do it randomly once in a while. Usually by spawn or flag areas. I noticed it on Tigers and Pz4.Then i heard it on allied radio channel as well . There wasn't a for sure recipe how to activate it.Maybe conditions like outnumbered by enemy or something triggered it.Don't know.So it would work on one tank,then after taking another the AI would never take control till the end of the mission. You can also disable it by giving the command cease fire. NHK295M thinks it's no biggie. And that's normal to hear from someone who never plays on tank servers. This AI option should only be used offline! The AI can't see through most buildings and hills.Still sees well through vegetation .SO IT'S LIKE PLAYING WITH THE MARKERS TURNED ON! NO,THANK YOU!!!
  8. Yes i get the feedback from the crew. Tilde is the main commander's menu. Fs are assigned to different actions
  9. I pressed Tilda,F1,F2 from commander's position. Then switch to any position but commander's. And watch
  10. EFront switched to the old T34 and PZ3 temporarily because the new ones are able to let the AI take controll of the whole crew! Hopefully it gets fixed soon)
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