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  1. Out of curiosity, how far do you sit from it? And is it curved?
  2. Hello!Visit the Attention EFront server!You will forget about the imperfections of the terrain and other minor things when your'e in the midst of a battle,fighting enemy tanks and dodging bombs and rockets from the air)))
  3. There are already good and fair play servers for tankers out there which I play mostly on now due to I found Efront server way too russian biased. Never see anyone on those servers. Do you play there with your imaginary friends? No offense. And if you play alone, why even go online? There's some offline missions or the QMB.Why even post it here?
  4. Yeah.Offer this to the the other servers,lol! 1 life per Mission?!!! Its a game after all,dude! DON'T BE RIDICULOUS! Some weapons are locked for a reason...Google it.
  5. Oh, you mean Zommer?😉
  6. This particular map(mission) requires the aviation's support for the tankers.In the description it says about the additional artillery being transported toward the towns.If they aren't destroyed in time by aviation-it makes really difficult to come close to the capturing points.
  7. Perhaps it's the intensity of the attack, not the number of planes? Did you observe all 7 of them in the air?
  8. Nyet!!! Our tolerance is high!Da!
  9. It happened to me a few times some time ago.But im pretty sure it was an HE round from the AT gun.
  10. We swear a lot while using comms.Either calling each other names or the opponent. It helps to let out some steam.Better there than in a public chat...
  11. Don't all of the servers have that "rule"? It's more of a distraction ,when u hear and see those messages between the players cursing each other out... BTW LUZITANO ,you're not banned,are you?Because some individuals are trying to make a martyr out of you...Please let us know.
  12. I agree a100%!!! The server rules should be enforced. I wish the players could PM each other if they wanna say something. Instead, the game chat just gets polluted with crap! Here goes the last super secret of the Reds...We are doomed
  13. "rarity","lucky","overwhelming"....these kind of words shouldn't be used after that particular match,considering the balance of blue and red... Noone is perfect...We are all sinners...
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