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  1. Yes. It's another issue that needs to be fixed ASAP! Almost every time the commander of T34 takes control of the turret and closes the hatch,the turret randomly moves 15° -30°- 45°. Why would there be any movement at all? Who moves it if the commander is the only one at that position. It would be the same if a pilot opened the cockpit and closed it-his flaps or landing gear would automatically started lowering. It needs to be posted in bug reports.
  2. Yeah,some cover is beneficial at spawn points. Otherwise the tanks are the sitting ducks for both enemy tanks and planes.
  3. No need to add more tigers and panthers. Those guys will burn through them in no time anyway. No matter what tanks are available on the map- they will grab a tiger after tiger and use it like a light tank lol. But it's up to you after all.
  4. If your gunner is dead that means his whole spot where he sits is messed up,also possibly the sights and other equipment are destroyed. So no, no crew member replacements.
  5. If they can't find them all at once( i hope there are means to do that) then the only way out is to make another map like Prokhorovka that is tanks friendly. Otherwise it's like gambling, every time you go off road.
  6. I know! We also call the mines. Ok. I can accept that if they are in the fields and steppes. But on the streets in towns and forests??!! C'mon. You keep running into those things if you're not on the road. Very realistic...
  7. I know!!! Maybe there is a way to do it. It is very annoying to say the least. It would be the same as having these things in the sky or on runways and the planes constantly crashed into them. It kills the gameplay at timesPerhaps if the developers pinpoint one of them,they could learn more about how to deal with similar issues...
  8. I really hope that this could be fixed eventually.Make the invisible objects visible or get rid of them.This one in particular is very easy to find and recreate by developers.
  9. Go to Key mapping:Service:Change ingame map mode.Try it.See what you think
  10. That minimap is pretty much worthless for the tankers. It's way too small.The O key is a better option
  11. Most definitely messed with those keys. Try keypad 5- itll return you to centered position. Hopefully no more astral bodies.
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