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  1. Should there be street signs and big banners on the trees,along with working street lights ?I guess a couple of AI civilians walking by, would be quite handy, in case we wanna stop them and ask for directions...
  2. 7.92 i believe. Unless some crafty Fritz took it off my Sherman and installed it on his Panzerkampfwagen.
  3. Was on the tank server tonight.In one of the battles got KILLED from a MG!No hatches were open.And the opponent wasnt facing me head on.This is ridiculous!
  4. Spawn area can be surrounded by trees- to cover from the planes, and indestructible objects like buildings and walls, or it could be in a lower spot around the hill or smth.
  5. i guess thats the only anti spawn vulching solution then
  6. We have to make an unofficial agreement that neither side rams the tanks! Cuz its happening on both sides. Then if ppl don't want to follow we'll ban them. Vote and ban them from the server. Because the tanks won't be able to capture the base with a bunch of AAA around it.
  7. If your tank can't move the battle is lost.The Tank is lost.
  8. Yeah,i guess the 5 minute wait isn't that horrible at all since its a tanking server.So if you wanna fly-then pay a fee
  9. The tank crews had a day off.Or perhaps were trying to shoot down countless BF 110,Henschels or rocket carrying FW190s. Or is it ok to have them in the sky but not the red planes?
  10. A lot has changed!HE rounds no longer kill with one shot.Tank armor is much tougher now. It's getting better all together
  11. I agree. The death penalty time should be longer than what it takes to RTB.But is it gonna be fair to the pilots that died dogfighting?Or is it possible to split these two instances?
  12. You can open your hatch and look around that way.There are no external views on MP servers.Jus saying.
  13. Hi KARAYA1.Can you still switch to the commander's position and look around after he is killed or is he disabled?
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