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    damage on the tiger

    Guys, the developers can't help you by just reading your descriptions or watching a video.You need to share your record files in order to see what's going on.

    damage on the tiger

    I confirm.It is fixed. What in the world did you write this time?Accusations?

    Tank Crew

    In that particular mission on that particular map it makes sense. And it is just a simulator.So guys,please,relax

    Tank Crew

    What i meant to say was i am trying to get under the tree cover to be unseen from the sky.Not use it as an umbrella,which some blue players do by hiding behind the tree trunks and using the AP rounds that some how get through the tree and through the tank.Which is awesome!Whatever it takes,right.But then some guys just want their God modes for their tanks and victories only! One more thing about the spawn killing.If you are being spawn killed that means the enemy is capturing your base and you have lost it to them.Time to retreat to another one.Doesnt that make any sense at all?
  5. No intent to mock you at all.Wow.
  6. I look forward to a MP tank battle where we have tanks crewed 100% by human plyers.Especially paying all that money to be a radioman!Yay!What a joy it will be!

    Tank Crew

    Well...how come there are no 5-6 blue players doing the same???Who's fault is that that the blue team can't get together in teamspeak or discord and organize a descent attack plan on the red base for once??? We had four 110's bombarding us on one of the maps on EFront yesterday.And it was fun and challenging!You really had to hide under the trees and wait for the right moment ( either planes went to land or just were bombing or shooting someone else)to cross the open area to got to the next line of trees etc.But it only lasts for an hour or so.Then all of a sudden blue players start to leave...I guess its time to play the fortnite or whatever the hell they are doing on saturday night.Its pretty much the same time of a night as it is in Russia which is where most of the red players are from.There are a few blue seasoned tankers that never complain and kick ass at the same time.Dont give up on this server yet

    Tank Crew

    The developers changed the effect of the HE type of ammo on tiger.

    Tank Crew

    I'm so sorry that the spawn area is next to the flag which is supposed to be captured.

    need the T34 Gun an Fix?

    That's too bad.

    need the T34 Gun an Fix?

    Yep.They fixed it.Now i can kill a Tiger with one shot with an HE round instead of 2-3 shots.And you can kill a T34 with one shot if you aim at the right(or left) area.

    Just found out about TC today.

    It is usually empty at night since most of the players are from Europe.So if you hit it at about 20-21 you will see plenty of ppl.Especially the weekend

    Tank Crew

    Hi! Check out the Attention EFront server!!!Lotsa action, lotsa fun every day!!!

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    Good luck getting the whole tank crew in one tank and play it through the mission while being destroyed by the enemy tanks and the aerial forces....hope you have the patience. Cuz a lot of ppl quit after a couple of defeats...just saying. Its not your typical dogfight mission

    Any SP missions to DL?

    There is. It's a T-34 tank mission. If interested let me know,ill send you a link