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  1. Seems like a good way to practice for a multi crew battle!
  2. It is a tiger killer. But not the tiger we currently have. I had instances, when i shot a tiger at point blank from a 122 and the tiger was ok. Now add a couple of kilometers of distance to that and the 122 is worthless... Sadly.
  3. Stupor,sometimes ,when my tank or plane blows up,the game freezes. And the only way to finish it is to close the game down. Doesn't happen alot.Maybe once or twice a month. But i noticed a lot of players after being killed,the message appears about some data loss,and a few seconds later they're either kicked or leave the server. But i know exactly what you are saying.
  4. I agree. Communication is very important. So is the mission objectives. They are usually described in the briefing section of the mission,translated to English.
  5. No,not the first taste of frustration at all. The old buggy tanks frustrated players on both sides for quite a while. Unkillable rear end of T34 and unkillable side of the Pz3. Plus the Pz 3 has a far more inferior armor and armament,which doesn't stop it from destroying the red tanks with ease and absorb rounds like a sponge...Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that the Tiger keeps getting "tougher". To the point of ridiculousness...Perhaps its the rounds getting weaker.I don't know. Let's not bring up the "old" ,or how some people like to call them "free" tanks in this topic,please. Nothing is free. I hope the developers fix the Tiger's damage model soon.
  6. Same situation as the old Pz 3...I dont think we should compare these two issues.Old tanks are old buggy tanks,both T34 and Pz3.The recent "fix" of Tiger's armor was not called for.When i switched the radio frequency to the axis frequency and shot the Tiger at 90 degrees from less then a 100 meters 5 times - there were not even any damage reports!!!!This is insane!!!I know,I know....tracks,videos,bug reports blah blah blah.Could have at least told us about this '"fix".
  7. Next thing we know-we will be able to blow up tanks with the MGs and after that just by shooting a flare (red for allies,green for axis)
  8. I dont know if the developers weakened the weapons or made the Tiger indestructible,but it really kills the game play
  9. Yes he is 12 or so.We figured that out a long time ago.
  10. Reinstall the game or get a new keyboard
  11. The aiming is good now.Those,who whine -just want an arcade style of aiming i guess...
  12. Out of curiosity, how far do you sit from it? And is it curved?
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