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  1. I would be willing to pay up to $75 for a basic module with say 5-6 planes per side including 1 or 2 AI bombers(no heavies) and a few collector planes and just a single map of say Midway or Guadalcanal with the ability to take off and land on an aircraft carrier of course.From there they could follow the same recipe and bring a newer module every 6 months or so if possible and charge another $75 for that.A full blown Pacific Theater sim would be a huge undertaking in terms of time and money needed. As far as documentation about the japanese aircraft, this meaning that the flight models wouldnt be 100% accurate, I think this is something we would simply have to deal with, and I for one would rather have them like that than not having them at all. I support this sim and the decisions the team has taken up to this point, but I do believe the next step forward demands a move to the Pacific(if possible of course).
  2. I was hoping to see some news about the Pacific but seeing this move from the Business prespective it makes a lot of sense.Some of the planes are already there as well as other assets.I say let them flesh out the European theater some more and iron out kinks and add even more features to the overall sim ,so they can at some point direct all of their resources to the Pacific and beyond( Korea,Vietnam,etc.) I havent had the time to try Boddenplatte but Im definitely getting it and Normandy as soon as I can.This guys are doing a hell of a job with this platform, I think we should be grateful that the content is still coming our way.
  3. I said it around a month ago and got attacked for it.The pictures speak for themselves
  4. Theres going to be a 10 episode mini series of the air war over western Europe made by the same guys that did Band of Brothers and The Pacific which are both excellent, specially Band of Brothers.The new series would be focused on the Mighty Eighth.Im sure it wont disappoint.
  5. I was about to post this video on this forums right now.What a wonderful surprise I got My intention with this video was mostly to show the details of the art that aircombat is with the help of the slow motion.Such little details would be lost otherwise.
  6. And while I was talking specifically about the WIP 109 pictures, the final level of detail is already public, check the DCS Mustang.
  7. Wait for a public update, you dont have to believe me and Im not here to convince anyone as this is not promotion thread.The stuka cockpit did in fact look impressive and on par with Clod,I agree, but even the great cockpits of Clod are inferior to the ones on DCS.But hey, as I said Im not here to convince anyone, if you dont agree with me or dont believe me just ignore me, its just an opinion after all
  8. Didnt meant to start another flame war.But DCS cockpits CANT be beat right now and unless theres a new ww2 flight sim that I dont know of ,that wont change in the" near future"Im talking specifically about cockpits, so dont take my words out of context guys
  9. Trust me they look better than anything on the market or anything that will be on the market in the near future
  10. Now that it is almost certain that the 262 will be included the $40 pledge will increase its value.6 aircraft at DCS level for only $40 its a no brainer for me.
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