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  1. It would be nice if our talented video makers started making GUNCAM videos with the new damage model.It would be a great opportunity to see the new DM improvements and peculiarities with a variety of aircraft .Im sure the results are going to be way more dynamic and unexpected when compared to similar videos made before this patch.
  2. Happy BDay.The Forked Tail Devil sounds appealing
  3. I forgot to add, I never use the Gyro gunsight, only the static one and guesstimate my lead just like with any other aircraft.I think that helps in getting good with deflection.
  4. I see a lot of folks complaining about .50 cals not doing any damage and P51's being hard to shoot down and what not.Shooting at an aircraft is not enough to bring it down unless your aim is good and you concentrate the fire power on vital areas, just as it should be.That is the whole point of this DM overhaul.I am by no means a great shot but I can bring down a Mustang without too much trouble flying a 109 and better with a FW 190 provided my rounds hit home where they need to.With the 50 cals , yes it is not as easy as before to dispatch your adversary but again, you need to maximize the damage by getting close to your enemy, being in the correct range so your rounds converge and if possible have some deflection in your shots.When you are turning and burning with an enemy weaving around left and right it is hard to do all this, but thats what we see in the gun cam footage isnt it, lots of debris coming off, sparks everywhere and in time an engine failure/fire or loss of control with the plane going down or the pilot bailing out.Now if you hit all the checkmarks you can set a plane ablaze with a .5s burst and that to me is the biggest indication that this DM improvement is working as it should.
  5. My first impressions are definitely positive.I flew several quick dogfights against the AI with different aircraft and so far Im loving the improvements.Without getting into too much details, it just seems more dynamic and planes more robust(specially our beloved JUG!!!), it now takes good aiming and a bit more ammunition to down an airplane.Having said that, you can still get lucky and bring your enemy down with a lucky quick burst depending on where it hits.From what I could see most airplanes went down because control surfaces were either severed or simply blown off(going straight down or after a loss of control including a stall) or pilot got killed/incapacitated with the ocassional castastrophic engine failure.Im not sure if the visual FX got reworked or its just that we get to see them more often now but, there's a gratifying amount of debris coming off the airplanes when being shot at and the actual hits look amazing.Bravo to the whole team!!!!
  6. I would be willing to pay up to $75 for a basic module with say 5-6 planes per side including 1 or 2 AI bombers(no heavies) and a few collector planes and just a single map of say Midway or Guadalcanal with the ability to take off and land on an aircraft carrier of course.From there they could follow the same recipe and bring a newer module every 6 months or so if possible and charge another $75 for that.A full blown Pacific Theater sim would be a huge undertaking in terms of time and money needed. As far as documentation about the japanese aircraft, this meaning that the flight models wouldnt be 100% accurate, I think this is something we would simply have to deal with, and I for one would rather have them like that than not having them at all. I support this sim and the decisions the team has taken up to this point, but I do believe the next step forward demands a move to the Pacific(if possible of course).
  7. I was hoping to see some news about the Pacific but seeing this move from the Business prespective it makes a lot of sense.Some of the planes are already there as well as other assets.I say let them flesh out the European theater some more and iron out kinks and add even more features to the overall sim ,so they can at some point direct all of their resources to the Pacific and beyond( Korea,Vietnam,etc.) I havent had the time to try Boddenplatte but Im definitely getting it and Normandy as soon as I can.This guys are doing a hell of a job with this platform, I think we should be grateful that the content is still coming our way.
  8. I said it around a month ago and got attacked for it.The pictures speak for themselves
  9. Theres going to be a 10 episode mini series of the air war over western Europe made by the same guys that did Band of Brothers and The Pacific which are both excellent, specially Band of Brothers.The new series would be focused on the Mighty Eighth.Im sure it wont disappoint.
  10. I was about to post this video on this forums right now.What a wonderful surprise I got My intention with this video was mostly to show the details of the art that aircombat is with the help of the slow motion.Such little details would be lost otherwise.
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